9 Jan 2008


Good Grief - how cheeky are McCann lawyers - they will go back and answer questions if their arguido status is lifted - dream on! and the friends dont want to be helpful either - this is not what Clarence has been telling us is it?
"What would really help is for the arguido status to be lifted and then a wave of sympathy would lead to more money coming in." - a source close to the McCann, quoted by Daily Mail.

You want to bet???? We wont be paying to watch the film or buying the book either!!

So the rogatory letters procedure could delay matters by a further three months.

Esther McVey and other board members announced they want to resign - RATS LEAVING A SINKING SHIP

Hogan International have not been hired to find Madeleine - they are to look for "holes" in the prosecution case against the McCanns - no surprise there then! This is what they are spending the Find Maddie Fund on....


Full post from Gazeta Digital:

Portuguese Police consider that they have enough evidence to charge the McCann and some of their friends, without the need of a new round of inquiries to the Tapas Group. However, it was suggested that the process of sending rogatory letters could achieve a better result, with the cooperation of British authorities, after the McCann and some of their friends rejected a suggestion from Polícia Judiciária to go back to Portugal and submit to another questioning.

The suggestion was transmitted through Leicester Police but the McCann legal team put as a condition to accept it that the status of formal suspect of Gerry and Kate should be lifted, first. Portuguese police justified the suggestion as a faster way of going forward with the investigation, avoiding a complex and bureaucratic process for a new questioning to take place in UK, with rogatory letters to the Home Office.But informal messages sent from the British Government to Lisbon stated clearly that the best way to get a full cooperation from British Police, while charging the McCann, would be to follow a more time-consuming process, in order to guarantee that it would take, at least three months to achieve it, as Gordon Brown fight for political survival can have him facing elections early than expected.

Today it was revealed that Esther McVey, one of the managers of the fund to help find Madeleine, resigned to concentrate on her role as a Conservative parliamentary candidate. Other members of the board have announced the intention to resign, but were requested to wait until contacts to replace them were finished. Around 75 % of the donations have been spent in payments to several private companies and other advisers and experts that have been helping the McCann to manage the Media campaign about Madeleine’s disappearance.With almost no donations since the parents were named formal suspects, the fund is dwindling fast and the McCann are negotiating agreements for a movie and a book. At the same time, a new private detectives company – Hogan International - was hired, with a specific mission: to review all the police investigation and try to find “weak links”. Hogan International will also replace Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives company, at the end of their contract.
Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis


alsabella said...


Hi there! When you get a chance check gazeta digital for the latest news on London's involvement in this case.

felicity said...

Hiya Alsabella

I just copied this from Gazeta is there more!

Good to hear from you.

Luv Viv x

eureka said...

Hi Viv,
I fail to see what this informal British government message can achieve. Creating a delay of charges wouldn't give more time for the Mcs to prepare their case. I imagine their team will get all the time they need anyway before court, and even Mr Hogan would presumably continue an attempt to develop more witness tricks after charges were brought. Perhaps it is simply the truth that the longer three month protocol would make the arrangement watertight. I don't know. I would think that politicaly, public opinion favours charges now and it would be in the PMs interest to speedily facilitate them now. T do think that as Docmac hinted, the PJ have a good witness in JW and one Tapas turned Queen's evidence too, making things more watertight.
Hooray Justice for Maddy!

The publicity surrounding the film/not film is a desperate spoiler to distract from all the really bad news for them, and even that seems to have backfired against them too.

Ironside said...

Hi Alsabella...Can you confirm this news from the well respected
ex PJ Moita Flores....are the results back...is the DNA Maddies..

I want you to say yes at the same time I want you to say no....just put me out of my misery...Best wishes your friend Ironside.

docmac said...

Hi Ironside

I don't know if you ever saw my reply to you on the 'Rats leaving a sinking ship' article?

felicity said...

Hiya Eureka, Ironside and Doc -
good to hear from you all again!

I dont think the British government are doing anything to cause delay or would have any reason to. I think they just want to see the best prepared case against the McCanns there can possibly be. Further interviews putting all the evidence to the McCanns and their friends and flagging up all the inconsistencies will certainly not do the prosecution case any harm. It may well provide further lines of investigation and will enable counsel preparing the prosecution case to prepare the best line of attack working on all those lies and inconsistencies. I think we just have to assume there never will be a body to make the job any easier. None of us are so naive as to think there is such an overwhelming case against them that any prosecution would just be a formality. They have clearly done as much as they could to damage the trail of evidence against them, right from the very outset. But it does seem there are some very credible and damaging witnesses for the prosecution that will flag up the lies they tell and leave them with a lot of explaining to do. I cannot believe for example that the police will have failed to notice the bruising to Kate's face and arms. How are they going to explain this or the evidence of Mrs Fenn and other neighbours? Why was Kate heard screaming out of control on two separate occasions - on the evening of 2 May and again in September following her interrogation. What evidence have the police dug up about their backgrounds and Gerry's conduct towards her - I think it will be about painting a very clear picture for the judges in Portugal or jury in the UK. Different approaches would be adopted though - more florid accounts are used for juries which judges would not put up with.

WE have even heard that O'Brien and Tanner want to correct their statements, in addition to the Tapas 1 - if this is the case then I think Kate and Gerry have really had it! If I was advising Tanner and O'Brien I would certainly be advising this to mitigate sentencing.

I think it is strange that we hear nothing of the London lawyers being involved. This could be due to funding problems but could also be because they know the McCanns are guilty. They have a reputation to maintain and cannot allow a client to plead not guilty if they know this is not true and so they may have refused to act for them. I do not think Mr Smethurst seems so worried about his professional ethics and standards of behaviour. I think it is likely that it was him that was present at the meeting between them all at the end of November which ethically was a very unwise thing to do.

As far as the DNA evidence is concerned I believe we can certainly accept this is correct. Many highly reputable news sources e.g. Channel 4 News and the Telegraph etc were reporting this back in September - I believe what may have happened now is that third conclusive test has been completed confirming the results. As I have said before this evidence is more indicative than certain and would not stand alone. It seems clear to me it will not need to. The McCanns situation is dire IMO whether the trial is held here or in Portugal.

Luv Viv x

ratonthebeam said...

09.01.08, 8:21pm

lets see if it gets removed this time...

the mccanns are guilty

they know where madelaine is buried

gezza got his inpiration for his elaborately staged defence from watching the

"kidnapping of elizabeth smart" footage & details of which, shown between 2003 - 2006


updated & shown last week on ch4 dispatches...



& WHY?

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hope4truth said...


Hello glad to see you back on the Dx it is exausting and I really dont know why I bother. But I refuse to be bullied off of it but Team McCann...

I cant think of much to say on there now to be honest but I have never in my life have I seen such blatend denial in any case.

Anyhow take care talk soon

felicity said...

Hiya Rat and Hope

Good to see you are still brave enough to keep up the battle but I do think Rosie is a lost cause - she will keep up the silly lies and pretence because she is close family.

Bit tired Rat but I got a feeling you were mentioning about other places DNA convictions on one thread - here is an extract from a post on the DNA thread that I put on:

Going to bed now night night all!

Luv Viv x

The FSS themselves say:

More recently the FSS has been called in to carry out DNA LCN testing in international cases, where standard DNA testing has failed to get a result.

They then go on to give some examples:

International cases
Anna Lindh murder - Swedish authorities requested the help of the FSS to carry out DNA LCN profiling on a knife used in the murder of Swedish Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh, in 2003. The testing on the knife handle was successful and a mixed DNA profile was obtained. Part of the profile matched Anna Lindh herself (as she had bled) and the remaining part matched that of suspect Mijailo Mijailovic. This result provided extremely strong evidence of association between Miljailovic and the weapon. Mijailovic was later convicted of stabbing Ms Lindh to death and jailed for life. This case demonstrates the efficacy of using LCN to detect the DNA of an individual who may have held an implement such as a weapon.
Helen Nilsson and Jannika Ekblad murders - a semen sample retained on a microscope slide for nearly 15 years was sent to the FSS in 2003 from Sweden. The sample came from the body of a 10 year-old girl, Helen Nilsson, killed in 1989. The FSS used DNA LCN to obtain a full DNA profile, and police then asked possible suspects to give DNA samples. There was a match against Ulf Olsson. The following year the FSS carried out further DNA LCN analysis, this time on semen from Jannica Ekblad, killed in August 1989, and again a profile was obtained that matched Olsson. Olsson was convicted of the murders in April 2005. These cases also incorporated the use of the specialist sperm recovery technique called LMD (Laser Microdissection).
Palmerston North New Zealand - rape. New Zealand authorities called in the FSS after DNA tests failed to get a sufficient result from samples from a victim in a rape case. The FSS carried out LCN testing on extracts from two swabs with a low sperm score, which produced a full DNA profile and a partial one respectively. These both matched the suspect in the case. Joseph Lepper was found guilty of rape and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. This was the first time LCN evidence had been heard in the NZ judicial system and the technique went through a full voire dire. An appeal in October 2005 was dismissed.

To see the full fact sheet go to