28 Jan 2008


Clearly nothing is done without a reason and none of us have failed to notice the concerted effort to try and get forums shut down - I wont say any more on that! Let us stick to the point - when are we going to get Justice for Maddie?

So I have been wondering what is the sudden sense of urgency. The only reason I can think of is that Eurojust are fast-tracking the Portuguese request for legal assistance in progressing this case. What the Portuguese particularly need assistance on (that I know about!) is one - seisure of Kate's diary and two UK police assistance to interview witnesses /suspects in the UK.

As the Portuguese Police already have a photocopy of Kate's diary there can be only one reason for wanting the original. They would need this to tender in evidence in a prosecution. Therefore it seems obvious to me the prosecution file of evidence is now being prepared to commence a prosecution and the date when Kate and Gerry actually get charged draws nearer - but could still be several months away because there is so much further work to be done.

Decisions will need to be taken on who else is to be charged and evidence against them procured. We know that in Portuguese law there is a step that is taken prior to actually charging someone - they are warned they are a suspect rather than a witness by being made an arguido - to ensure they have their human rights protected - the fundamental right to be treated fairly when suspected of crime. This is essential because it can mean loss of liberty by imprisonment - sometimes for many years and all the attendant loss of home, income, reputation that that brings.

Who are the two most obvious people that could have their status raised to arguido? In my view that would have to be JT and RB. The McCann machine has publically put out in the media of late that they do not consider Murat is involved in the abduction of their daughter - but who framed him for this and got him arguido status. Jane Tanner changed her original story to not only describe him but say he was walking in the direction of Murat villa. Realising she was in serious trouble for this, she went on Panorama and emphatically stated she was not trying to blame Murat and a photofit was issued showing the suspect with long hair, rather than short. It seems to me that in her case the police have overwhelming evidence that she has lied by trying to frame Murat and then when realising how much trouble she is in - attempted to extricate herself. The amount of time wasting, expense and frustration of the real enquiry into the McCanns by her false evidence is inestimable but there will, in my view, be a hefty criminal sanction for her behaviour.

Why did she do this? We know that this couple (JT&OB) are the ones who are really close to the McCanns - we heard JT was even present at the birth of Maddie because Gerry was not! We also know that they stayed in the apartment right next door. My own theory is that when Maddie was seriously injured perhaps the OB's heard the melee (and Mrs Fenn heard quite a bit on 2 and 3 May) or perhaps they were called by K or G. Either way, this, I believe, is how JT and OB were drawn into this terrible set of events. Out of some misguided sense of loyalty and immediately being made accessories - Gerry? I will not dwell on OB other than to say his involvement in cleaning up and disposal of little Maddie's body seems clear. A waiter is certain that the tall man was hardly at the table all night. His excuse for not being is totally incapable of belief i.e his daughter was vomiting - he changed the sheets and left her alone again. No change of sheets requested.. No, I am afraid, I do not accept even the worst of parents would do this, let alone a doctor. Take the parent who pops back home from the pub just to see if the little ones are OK finds one is ill and vomiting - changes the sheets and goes back to the pub - absolutely unbelievable! I think Docmac's view is that he never went back to the table at all. I think he did - just before 10 and this was Kate's signal to go and make the grim discovery.

So, to get back to the point of this post - why the sudden rush to wreck public discussion? Well, we know the strategy is to convince the public the McCanns are innocent - or at the very least, raise considerable doubts as to their guilt and gradually, bit by bit, bring the abduction theory back into the press. Clarence has succeeded in this mission - take a look at the papers! My own view as to why they are doing this - does not seem to get much notice taken but I will continue to say it! The McCann machine know for a fact they are going to be prosecuted. The Fund Directors will not allow them to overtly use the money to pay for solicitors- the public backlash would be too damaging. We hear nothing any more of Mr Branson and his millions or should I say billions! What right minded businessman who cares about continuing to trade in profit is going to foot the bill for a very expensive defence of the McCanns - what would this do to his reputation? Only £100,00o for the defence fighting fund was in the pot at the outset - that will have gone. We hear nothing of the McCanns continuing to instruct the top London lawyers - only Mr Smethurst and this would not be costing his boss very much! I believe Clarence has manipulated the media into reporting on abduction theories and his next step is to close down public discussion - I know he has mighty high aspirations - that do not necessarily succeed but this is his plan. Let's face it folks, there is no real news on the genuine investigation being conducted by PJ and Leicestershire Police is there ? The only "news" we are getting is what the McCanns are putting there from the quack "investigators". However, I predict there will be some very damaging and genuine news for the McCanns in the very near future. The PJ will arrive, question OB and JT and make them arguidos. Prior to the happening Clarence wants the press all in his favour and the public right to reply - silenced! Then they will bleat on about breaches of the McCanns human rights, failures of the police to even bother to investigate all these creepy man they are currently harassing with the aim of convincing us they are being treated very unfairly and actually do need countless millions to fight the unfair behaviour against them and get back to the business of finding the real criminals who have little Maddie.





Dogmad said...

Hi Viv
Very interesting theories put forward - we wait to see if they are untouchable or not!

felicity said...

Thanks Dogmad

I will not say I can be precisely accurate because I have no "in" with the PJ or Leics Police but I know what I can see with my own eyes and do not hesitate to use my education!

Justice will prevail, in the end.

Oh and gosh what a rapid response - I literally just posted and there you were - THANKS AGAIN!

Luv Viv

Anonymous said...

Viv, I can see the point you are making that ROB returned to the table at 10pm....but isn't the tapas 1` saying that he did,t return at all, which accounted for the delay in calling the GNR.

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Excellent post, you have summed everything up that is happening exactly as it is. Well Team Mccann can try and stop free speech but they never will thanks to your blog and others Viv.
Its nice to be able to post on here and read interesting posts instead of all the bitchy comments on the DE, it has gone awful particularly at night. Lizzy 20.29pm

docmac said...

I agree with anon, Viv. Gerry started sending and receiving text messages at the table before 10pm remember. They also needed that window in which to attempt to trash any possible remaining evidence. After they had cleaned up so 'well' they needed a lot of foreign DNA to be deposited. I believe ROB let Gerry know that the timing would be OK at around 10pm. I know of at least one very important witness who supports this version of events. Excellent appraisal by you.

felicity said...

Hey Doc

Would I argue with you man!

You could well and knowing you, probably are, quite right. Your point re the texts is powerful - this was how he and Gerry were keeping in touch and Gerry got one "coasts clear".

Luv Viv

Lizzie, this forum will continue to run and be a safe and sensible haven for people who genuinely want to discuss the issues rather than take part in Team McCann spin and nastiness. Anyone tries that one here - they will be out - fast!

Love viv xxx

Irina said...

Hello Viv and everyone!
Thank you for interesting post.
I think your theory is quite right.
The fact that there are no obvious actions from PJ at the moment indicates that events go as they should: papers are processed and necessary preparations have been arranged.
I also think that politically it is a right time: Gordon and Branson had a time to come to agreement on the issue - they do not need another political scandal.

I also think that it is not only Clarence machine that is at work now, but a cloud making machine with the task of disorientation of McCanns.
Though I am concern about the change of tone of 24horas last 3 months. Did any of Portuguese posters notice that change?

Atardi said...

Hey Docmac,

Alles goed?


Good luck tomorrow.


Irina said...

Hi again,
What do you think about the theory, which has been on Mirror forum putting the time of death at the day before - 2d of May?

I thought it was very plausible.

felicity said...

Hiya Irina

You make a powerful point there - Branson and Brown have been holding hands lately - and they are not going to be on the side of a couple of child abusers who could ruin them, now are they! Well I mean ruin Brown, what would it take to ruin Mr Branson - a hurricane when he is in a balloon perhaps - no less.. and I think he has somewhat given way to increasing age.. sorry I digress! Even Mr Branson would reason the McCanns are bad for business!

I recall one of my Portuguese colleagues, I think Alsabella, pointing out to me some time back that 24 Horas are actually closely linked with right wing media in the States and not capable of belief - because manipulation and spin - well that is the home of it - I think! The pro-McCann stance does seem to have gone in the States though really - the American public are clearly very much against the McCanns and the media are surely savvy enough to realise you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

Great to hear from you with your astute views as ever.

Luv Viv x

felicity said...


That is so kind of you.

Luv Viv
and just for once remembering my own rule 21.40!

docmac said...

Atardi, alles goed dankie en jy? Of moet ek se dank u wel en jij? Ongelukkig kan ek nie vanaand laat bly nie, want ek moet baie vroeg opstaan vir die hospitaal se maandelikse vergadering more oggend. Ten minste is daar gewoonlik 'n lekker ontbyt om te geniet terwyl almal nonsens praat. Ons sal weer binnekort praat. Tot dan tot ziens.

docmac said...

Viv it's almost 12 here and I have to be up at 5.30. See you tomorrow!

felicity said...

Hi Irina

I do think it can be ruled out - from what I gather the major commotion Mrs Fenn heard was late at night on the 2nd when Kate was apparently loud and out of control. Maybe she was getting some of her bruises or maybe she was upset about something much worse. Also the corpse smell in the apartment.

I keep an open mind as to precisely when.

Luv Viv x

felicity said...


I am always so grateful for your support but know you do a really fantastic job caring for babies and that and your family life comes first as it should do.

Have a good rest.

Luv Viv x

felicity said...


there should be a not in my last post to you

meaning death on the 2nd can NOT be ruled out. Sometimes mind goes better that old fingers.

Luv Viv x

Atardi said...


Zeg gewoon jij.

Vergadering! Boring. I hate that also.

Ik heb het morgen om 14.15 tot ............17.30?

Jij hebt tenminste een ontbijt. Ik alleen koffie.

Slaap lekker.

Tot morgen

Irina said...

Thank you Viv,
I did not know about 24Horas. But the recent statement that PJ are considering abduction theory again is very odd. As odd were all their recent publications.

I have sent an e-mail to Eurojust with the question if the papers were passed to UK and to which authority. Do not hope for reply, but we will see.

felicity said...

Hiya Irina

Even in the silly story in the Daily Express they emphasise PJ remain convinced McCann caused her accidental death and disposed of the body - and they are not exactly anti McCann are they given the tripe about all these Portuguese men they are hounding - mind you probably not so much they believe the guff they write - just they like to have a McCann headline beause it sells their papers and get people on line - which pleases their advertisers! Money money money - what else do they care about! Little Maddie - I dont think so! Good job we do!!

Viv xx

keesha said...

from keesha to Viv/Felicity/
29 Jan 4.40am
Regarding Clarrie's manipulation of the media. What is the point in gaining public sympathy in the UK?

Surely the arguidos will be facing 3 Portuguese judges in Portugal?

felicity said...


I find your comment quite extraordinary - Maddie comes from the UK - Leics police are investigating her parents in addition to the Portuguese Police and all the ugly spun press is in the UK compliments of her parents and their spindoctor. The UK has jurisdiction to prosecute the parents for homicide as do the Portuguese. At this stage there is no certainty in which jurisdiction the McCanns will face justice but face it they must and this site will continue to support that. If this is sometimes half hearted attempt to stop the public in the UK from expressing their views and right to freedom of speech to oppose spun press- I feel it is a miserable failure.


sez said...

you know this book gerry bought 'no stone unturned' did he buy this and take on holiday or buy it in america on his world tour. if bought in america on his silly tour how would he have the mind set to read it... your daughter is supposed to be missing so you think i will buy a book on how forensics evolved incase you have an hour or so to sit and relax and read it!! surely your mind would be in no state to read a thing... if it was bought and taken on holiday then it raises even more questions. i am reading the book my self all be it very slowly as i have children to look after so i read it in the bath. he could of learnt alot about covering up a crime scene from that book.. just a thought..

felicity said...

Hi Sez thanks for your interesting comments. As far as I know the book was bought in the States but we clearly cannot be certain about this. The PJ searched their belongings whilst they were out in August and found many incriminating items - books and Kate's diary. If, Gerry actually took such a book on holiday with him the implication is serious....I just cannot understand why, when asked whether he knew Mr Murat, he looked so angry and aggressive and refused to answer, dragging Kate off. It seems likely as a result of interest in the labour party these two had met before. PDL was specially picked as the right place to go - Mr Murat was there. He clearly did not assist in disposal of the body as I originally thought because they worked so hard to frame him and we have seen repeated and systematic attempts by their supporters to do so, which continues, e.g. on the Daily Express forum. So the inference I draw from that it is that Mr Murat, sadly for him was the perfect patsie and Maddie's death may have been planned. I just do not think this possibility can be excluded. There are other factors that flag this up as a possibility and Gerry is more certainly a cunning, manipulative plotter, with a high degree of aggression that he has great difficulty concealing - hence the pic at the top of my blog - which I am sure he is furious someone took. We also saw him bounce off a television set when asked a question he did not like - Gerry's need to control is overwhelming. So many times I have noticed his aggressive personality style.

I read earlier somewhere, maybe on the DE blog (which can be great during the day before the bullies come out at night) - that so many facets of this crime and the behaviour of the parents are identical to the killing of Jon Bennett ?? - not sure if have name right. I can imagine Gerry being a very industrious person, sitting on his computer many many hours plotting and scheming. This all continues to lead me back to him - but I have just acknowledged on the other current thread Kate is deeply troubling and clearly cannot be ruled out either. However in her case I really do not think it would have been a planned killing - more a moment of pure rage with a child she is not well bonded to as her diary and comments illustrate .."she cried 18hours a day" "she shrieked for my attention" - these were bizarre comments to make. I think it is likely that Kate has a drink problem as a coping mechanism for her life with a very controlling and aggressive husband and also a mental health problem - such women do snap when under pressure with catastrophic consequences for their poor children - the more easy for her to snap when she lacks empathy and feels Maddie was a demanding little nuisance.

Viv x

Claudia said...
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felicity said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent challenge to the imposter calling itself 'Claudia'. This kind of obvious trolling deserves to be cut dead in its tracks. Thank you, Viv.

felicity said...

Hiya Anon - I finally figured out how to delete comments - so fired away including my reply - let us not go there!

Luv viv x