8 Jan 2008


Thanks Ned on the Daily Express this did make me laugh!

Cheers Viv :-)

08.01.08, 12:15am
You put the DNA in,You take the DNA out,In, out, in, out,You shake it all about,You make them all aguidos, and they leggit home,thats what its all about.........................Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hokey kokey kokeyOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hokey kokey kokeyOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hokey kokey kokeyGet more donations, blah, blah blah!!!!!!!!!
• Posted by: nedd07


wed said...

Making fun of someone else's misery...Please try and remember a little girl is involved here. Nasty!!

felicity said...

Have a look at Gerry McCann's face at the top of my blog - now that is what I call nasty! Taking the mick out of him is just what he deserves !...and will continue to get

Viv x

wed said...

True, I agree but I still feel there isn't enough hard evidence and too much speculation. All I know is that two parents for whatever reasons have lost their daughter, and though I don't like them at all, I won't pile the abuse until there is an official statement from the PJ confirming they did it. Bullying is not my thing.

felicity said...

But there is an official statement that blood in the hire car and in the apartment is Madeleine's and the PJ continue to pursue Gerry and Kate as the prime suspects - how official do you need it to be?