26 Jan 2008

Hey Docmac "Assasin" a dumbo on the DE says you are not a Doctor!

I wondered if you would care to reply to this -attempts were made by various posters to point out to him the correct terms are cerebral fluid or cerebrospinal but he knows best..."loss of body fluid after death" does not quite state what goes on does it! ..he does not have the brain to differentiate between the two different types of fluids that were reportedly found - one in the apartment and the other in the hire car he has them all mixed up! A spontaneous loss of er cerebral fluid sounds really frightening to me!!

I see you have been the star turn on the DE for the last few days and when they are not talking about you they are confidently insisting I am there (and far worse, of course) - in Laz's case it sounds like wishful thinking!

It does make an amusing read though... How weird that neither of us are on the DE but they never stop talking about us - seems we upset the McNasties ...which is nice!

As they are obviously intently reading my "crap blog" I am sure you can explain one more time in your own words, rather than the "assasin's". Some assasinator! Still at least he admits he replies to himself LOL ...BARK! yap yap yap yap....(!) I see Rosie was doing that at 3 am - old habits die hard...but Alsabella stayed to keep her and her imaginary friend company - Bless you, Alsabella darling, you are so charitable! ooooops must remember to put all my commas in because according lightning brain mum21 that is a dead give away for me...God they are so paranoid - the PJs really giving them a little dose of the jitters..

Luv Viv x

PS What do you think about the McCanns entering into a £1M Dutch auction for an interview with Barbara or Oprah? My own thoughts are probably unprintable but perhaps I could just say they are obviously determined to get that "defence fighting fund" one way or another !

The suggestion they dont talk about it because of their status is laughable - when did they ever shut up ...lurking predator waiting to seise the window of opportunity - oh yes Gerry that must have been you!

SASSY/BEDREST25.01.08, 10:09pmi was being humorous sassy:-)bedrest. yep. In a reply to myself...i was discussing the loss of body fluid after death with another poster, we were talking about normal body fluid after death at the time.docmac came in and said it was cerebro fluid, not normal, there is no proof it is cerebro fluid they found been released to date, we only know it is body fluids, but he said that couldnt come from the nose and he also suggested cerebro fluid could only come from trauna blow, and i think he states elsewhere a couple of post operative things - incorrect, cerebro fluid loss can happen spontaneously. albeit the most common causes are from trauma and post surgery etc• Posted by: assasin


Sebastian said...

What's this got to do with Maddie?

felicity said...

are you for real?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, real ly bonkers.

ratonthebeam said...

I think the McScamms SHOULD go on Oprah. Then maybe she could ask the the 40 questions that the PJ couldn't get answers to!

Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with the DX site this am......unable to click on comments/profile

ratonthebeam said...

The DX site has been down since 8:30 this morning - it's now 10:22 and still down! Main header on the DM is Barbara Walters and Oprah competing to give the McCanns £1m. Tomorrow, Clarence will be saying that "nothing is definite, it's just an idea and we're not going to do it after all". Of course that's only AFTER seeing the public outcry, Gawd these people are so bloody transparent!

dogrose said...

can't think why a program in USA will help a child missing in Europe, but if it would surely they would do it for free. as always its about the money.
Is this just spin to cover a bigger story?


SueB said...

Looks like Oprah won't be partaking, according to an article on


'A spokeswoman for Harpo Productions, which produces the Oprah Winfrey Show, said: "While we've been in contact with the McCann family representatives, we are in no way involved in a bidding war.

"The Oprah Winfrey Show does not pay for news interviews." '

LittleGreyCell said...


Hi everyone,

I was on the site yesterday when Docmac was the 'flavour of the day'. (Glad to be there to give them a piece of my mind, too, especially since I've not had the time to be around much this week).

I used to think They were rottweilers, but I now believe they're some sort of rare crossbreed with sheep (Sheepweilers? Woollyrotts?): one of them his exposes his fangs and the rest of them gambol over and
dribble saliva in unison.(McRotties?)

If only there was some ultimate use for them, like a nice woolly jumper, or perhaps a tasty roast...

Do you think Kate and Gerry would contemplate being interviewed by the PJ if they were offering a million quid?

dolores said...

Usa would give them a hard time, they do not condone child neglect.
I wish they would go on Oprah, she would give them their twopence worth.And PJ will be adding more to the charges they have already accumulated.Bring it Mc Cann's.

2345 said...

12.25 p.m.

Good afternoon all trusted DX forum commentators. Web Team have made today's 3 articles inaccessible, along with access via Homepage and past posts. They've been ordered to prevent public response. Today's PR is a rescue package designed to rectify further damage to McCanns reputation by badly misjudged PR over previous days. I saw comments last night ripping docmac to pieces and look forward to reading his post after I've signed in. Forensics in Jane Hill's reports have really got them rattled in DX Web Team.

dolores said...

BBC.News....C.M.said ''no truth in bidding war,G&K will not be doing any sit-down interviewing whilst remaining arguido's,nor has any money for any such interview ever been discussed in any shape or form.''
Oprah spokeswoman said''In no way are we involved in a bidding war.''

So once more folks, public opinion is going against them. Who on earth is going to tell them in their team, to just button it!!

SueB said...

Latest... posted 14.25pm

'Maddie lies here'
It is in these idyllic surrounds on the Portuguese coast that Danie Krugel believes Madeleine McCann is buried. Glynnis Underhill reports...

'Former South African police superintendent Danie Krugel is haunted by the muddy pink and white child's blanket he found at the site in Praia da Luz in Portugal where he believes the body of Madeleine McCann is hidden.

Now, due to his frustration at the lack of progress in the case, the ex-cop - dubbed "The Locator" as a result of his high rate of success in tracing missing people in SA - has broken his silence about the results of his search for Madeleine last year and revealed a map of the area where he believes she is buried...'


SueB said...

Even a poor guy in Gibralter is under the spotlight...


Ironside said...

There are several different types of fluids present in the body at the time a person dies, including blood, synovial fluid in the joints, urine in the bladder, mucus in the lungs or other parts of the body, cerebrospinal fluid, even ocular fluid in the eyes. After death, these fluids begin to break down rapidly as putrefaction and decay occur. Several weeks after death, say three weeks, the length of time that Madeleine McCann had been dead before her parents hired the Renault Scenic, the primary types of "corpse fluids" that would be found in a body would be two: sera, the liquid part of the blood, which would contain white blood cells that could be a source of DNA (somewhat surprisingly, mature red blood cells lack a nucleus and therefore do not contain DNA); and an exudate from the lungs that occurs after a person dies and may be frothy or bloody-looking and would also contain cells that could be a source of nuclear DNA.

Although either of these two "corpse fluids" could be a source of nuclear DNA, the DNA could be degraded due to heat, exposure to sunlight or cleaning fluids, or merely the passage of time.

We have read in press reports both that "corpse fluids" were found on a piece of carpeting in the Renault Scenic, and that a sample of blood determined to be Madeleine's was also found there. At this point we are prisoners of the press, as with so many other things in this case, and do not know which (if either) is correct. SirPrize has written, and I wholeheartedly agree, that any blood found in the boot of the Scenic would have been there as the result of transfer from an item that was bled on whilst Madeleine was alive or very shortly after her death. For example, if Madeleine had died of some injury that caused her to bleed and her body had been wrapped in a towel or sheet, and that item had then been transported in the Scenic, blood could have been transferred to the boot of the car. Her body would not still have been xxxxxxxx 20 days after she died.

The "corpse fluids" mentioned above could also have been transferred to the Scenic in this manner, or directly from Madeleine's body. Any post-mortem fluids, however, would be likely to occur in smaller quantity than blood from a xxxxxxxx wound serious enough to kill a child. Therefore, as SirPrize has pointed out, the presence of either blood or corpse fluids in the Scenic would not require that Madeleine's body itself had been transported in the car; she could have been buried or disposed of someplace and items that had been in contact with her bloody or dead body could have been carried in the car at some point.

Everyone seems to be posting here....Docmac this is for you...I remember months back you suggested that it was cleaning materials in the car and not madeleine...

This post is from 3Arguidos...Author BEACHY

Your opinion would be much appreciated

Ironside said...

New sighting of maddie in chile...did I spell that correctly?..She sure gets around without a passport....

Ironside said...


This is awful....but thought you should see it

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Have you heard from Docmac is he okay? I have read his post on the 3 Arguidos and I do Believe him, he is a genuine guy and I have a lot for repect for him. I think he was deeply saddened by the news he had received and had to sign off. I hope he is okay as know he has not been well.
I hope also that your son is feeling a lot better now. Lizzy

Anonymous said...

Lizzy it wasn't docmac himself that posted on 3a ..it was taken from here.

Yes I really hope he is feeling a little better.

quackmac hello sassyperkins said...

Hello all

I am fine thanks. I have read back on the DX forum now and seen what people have had to say. I saw that I have been ridiculed by most of the pro Mclecters and their various alter egos.

I see too that I have been misquoted on posts I made concerning CSF and how it exits the body. Marssasinman, if you read this any child born with a 'spontaneous' CSF leak due to severe spinal or cranial congenital abnormality will be dead very soon without urgent correction. Any other spontaneous leaks are so rare you should not trouble with them. I've been in the profession for many years now and I've never seen this. Additionally I never said CSF does not leak out of the nose. After a base of skull fracture it does, you idiot. You, like your friends Mandz and Maureen, lack reading skills.

I was attacked for some apparent lack of knowledge about simple old aspirin too. I think it was Claudia who said she was suffering with flu and I had advised her to take 2 aspirin and go to bed. Queen bee herself butted in with her 'superior' Wikiknowledge and said that I had no access to Claudia's medical history and implored her to seek better medical advice as aspirin is really dangerous. My reply was that Claudia was intelligent enough to read the package insert (and she agreed). LOLOLOL.

Jeepers, RosieMarples must be pissed off. I don't even post and I get 10 times the attention she does. What a bloody laugh these people are. Nothing to contribute except slagging off those with real information.

In case anyone from the DX wants to pick up this post and add to the 1000+ posts dedicated to me over the last 48 hours, you are welcome. Just do not edit out the last statement, which is

Her remains, in whatever form, are in or around the region of PDL.

lizzy said...

Hi Docmac,
Glad to see your well and also note you saw the Pro's comments on the DE, they are pathetic, nobody with any sense would believe them, they are trying to criticise you as they know you know the truth re the people they seek to defend. I hope that the Mccanns get what they ruly deserve for their actions. Do you think that they will? Lizzy

lizzy said...

Hi Docmac,
Have posted your post on the DE, hope that is okay,that will shut them up as it shows clearly to all posters how wrong they all are. And how you do not what you are talking about and are a Doctor.Hope to see you on here soon .Take care Lizzy

lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Hope you don't mind me psoting Docmacs comment on the De he said it was okay in his post but wish I had checked with you whether or not you minded. If I have doen the wrong thing am sorry.
Please feel free to tell me if I did. Lizzy

lizzy said...

Hi Docmac
Sorry am a terrible typer I meant to say that you do know what you are talking about and are a Doctor. Lizzy

docmac said...

Hi Lizzy

No problem with that. I am dismayed at the external interference in this case. Law is not my forte at all. Can't help you there.

ratonthebeam said...

Doc! You reading this? Thank God you are okay! We have all been so worried about you!

Take no notice of the DX trolls. They keep saying your info is rubbish and then they keep copying and pasting it over and over. What's that about? Myself and lots of others have been sticking up for you on the DX and 3As.

Hang on in there mate, our prayers are with you. God bless XXX

posted by rat 18:41

dr_val said...

Evening DocMac

Nice to see you're syill posting. We're missing the expert medical opinion - although, the appropriately named, Assassin rather fancies her chances. Posted this, on DX, in response to Ecolab's comments on here:
"Have just been reading your thoughts, on another forum, about some pictures of Maddie. Regarding this one:


I also think the marks around her right wrist could be from a restraint (eg in bed)? She has been described as hyperactive and known to sleep-walk?"

Keep well, BW

docmac said...

Ta Rat, nice to see you. I'm just not sure what to post any longer.

I loved your post about not being a green-eyed monster by the way, that was great! I have always been accused of being jealous of Gerry myself. I am also much better off than him, not only financially, but in my personal life too. All strength to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I dismay at the sort of human nature we see displayed on these forums. the so called "anonymity" the internet gives people seems to be a green light for nastiness and rudeness that would never be seen in the "real" world.

In my opinion good debate does not involve personal attacks.

dogrose said...

sorry hit post too soon.
glad to see you around Docmac. dont let the barstewards get you down.

docmac said...

Hi Dr_Val

I've not 'chatted' with you in a while! I can not possibly comment further on possible prior abuse on here, though there appears to be quite a bit of photographic evidence.

Hope you are well and that you are keeping that heavy machinery under control :-)

Atardi said...

Hallo Docmac,

Thank God you are ok.


Ironside said...

Hi Docmac...What a disgusting bunch of creeps.. I presume..Miss Marples has become tired of her knitting and become an assassin..
I have asked you before...and I shall ask you to please think about posting on the3Arguidos....you are known there and very well respected.....
There are so many questions only you can answer ...Your posts were always so interesting and informative....Alsabella posts there ....make an arrangement one evening and we can all post on the same thread...
Not forcing you...I know you are very down....just think about it....It is a forum where everyone is respected there are no insults or abuse....You would be welcomed with open arms.....
My best wishes to you and your family....

Ecolab said...

I just picked this one up....very interesting


• Posted by: buddha • Report Comment

20:10 (DK time)

docmac said...

Thanks Atardi, I believe you are in the Netherlands. Tell me how much of the following you understand :-)

Ek hoop dat jy wel voel. Met my gaan dit alles goed. Daar is baie mense op die DE forum wat my siek maak, maar ek mag miskien binnekort weer daar begin skryf alhoewel ek onder aanval sal kom. Die mense kan nie verstaan wat die werklikheid is nie. Vir hulle het ek min tyd. Dom, dom, dom.


docmac said...


I have been reading 3arguidos and will post when a topic is relevant. Thanks mate.

Dylan said...

Guys and ladies,

I really need your help. I've dropped the 05 as I don't need it to distinguish on this site. (there not being any other dylans makes it obsolete!)

I met up with some old friends today in a pub that i haven't visited in a while, although it is local.
One of them was a woman called ruth who i have been trying to avoid as she drinks in a pub in norwich and i feel she draws me in to drinking and is a very bad influence on me. Nevertheless, i try to be kind to everyone and although i avoid her most times i find i can't just ignore her because it's not the way i am.

anyway, i was discussing with a friend the maddie case, the friend agreed with me, but after she had finished her cigarette, i was left with ruth and the barmaid who i thought was really nice. They asked me to carry on discussing and i told them, in no uncertain terms, what i felt to be wrong. Ie; the Mcs leaving their children alone.

The two of them gave me absolute and utter vitriol for accusing the mcs of leaving the children alone. They became very angry and said that i know nothing about the case and that i should feel sorry for the Mcs because they had lost a daughter.

I feel ashamed, raped of my beliefs and very, very upset that the two of them (that have no children of their own) attacked me in such a violent way. I feel sick, ashamed and stupid for clinging to my belief that they were wrong to leave their children. I spoke to my husband who has always refused to engage in a discussion on this case, and he said, "i am totally on your side. I didn't know that this is how you felt but i have been disgusted for some time as to them leaving thier children". Thank god i now know he feels the same.

It seems that even if you put the facts to these people, they still refuse to accept any wrong on the Mcs side. I feel so sad, i feel that poor little madeleine has been betrayed by these people and i don't know how to cope.

This is why i never post on de because i can't take bullying.

Please, somebody, tell me i'm not evil for chosing to disbelieve a couple of parents who did something i would never, ever, in my wildest dreams, chose to do to my lovely, eccentric, human, little, defenseless, wonderfull children. I feel defeated and worthless.

x 20.45

docmac said...


A drunk and a barmaid from Norwich made you feel bad? Go with your gut. Ignore them, you are right. You may even find that they post on the DE forum, wouldn't surprise me ;-)

PS stay away from Ruth, she sounds like she has a very bad influence on you.

All the best

Atardi said...


Alles goed? Met mij wel.

Ik word ook ziek van die mensen daar. Ze willen niet dat de waarheid/werkelijkheid naar voren komt.

En jij bent zooooooooooo bedreigend voor hun. Je maakt hun bang omdat jij meer weet.

Aanvallen en geen argumenten. Dat is heel gemakkelijk.

Ik wil dat Madeleine een stem heeft. En jij bent heel belangrijk voor de waarheid.

Blijf schrijven.

Ga zo door.


docmac said...


Ek stem heeltemaal saam. Die jong, onskuldige meisie sal altyd in my geheues bly en wat ook al met haar ouers gaan gebeur het hulle verdien. Dieselfde vir die aaklige mense wat die ouers nog steeds ondersteun.

Ek gaan gou vir 'n paar ure slaap. Miskien is ek later terug maar as dit nie so is nie sal ek jou more sien.

Alles van die beste.

Dylan said...

Docmac, thank you!

I'm angry but feeling a little calmer!
It was burns night yesterday and i'm cooking veggie haggis tonight complete with neeps and tatties! I've checked that my 14yr old daughter is safe with her boyfriend tonight, i've rung his parents and they have given me the number of the twins that she will be staying with. I phoned them and they said that they will be there all evening. I called HIS parents to let them know that they will both be safe and sound. His parents thanked me because they were worried too! Call me over-protective, but i would rather be safe than sorry! How dare 2 women accuse me of being horrible to the Mcs when they, god help them, don't have children themselves?!

I have never forgiven myself for momentarily leaving my pushchair, complete with laura, in tescos!!!

And you're right. I'm not a drunk. I have a worthy opinion and i don't need a local pub to justify my existence on this planet. In fact, i hope to do a PhD after this to try to save this planet!!

:-( x Dillie

Dylan said...

PS - well done for sticking up for yourself!! A skill i need to learn for myself!!!

docmac said...


Good for you. If your PhD involves global warming etc, just don't tell those of us who live in SA to stop cooking our meat on an open fire ;-). Anything else is fine.

Gotta go, see you tomorrow maybe.

Dylan said...

I'm still waiting to mash my neeps and tatties! Would that be Afrikaans? Is it any relation to Deutsch? My son speeks German ( he was born in germany) but i have a vague notion that afrikaans is related to flemish which is totally unrelated!
Dil x

felicity said...

Hiya Dillie

I am sorry to hear about your upsetting experience in the local. I suspect that those posters on the DE are either McCann family and friends or if not, young childless people. I say this because of the total lack of empathy for Madeleine that they demonstrate. You have come up against who seem to believe the media hype and also have a lack of empathy. The McCanns themselves admit leaving their children alone. Any decent person would accep that is very wrong - not just breaking the law but demonstrating parents who are abusive and uncaring.

I would avoid these two in future and hang on to your beliefs - they are shared by millions and good luck with your PhD.

Luv Viv x

Dylan said...

I'm sure that a small bunch of SAs cooking meat on an open fire would have as little impact on global sea surface temperatures as a bunch of Norfolkmen trying to watch liverpool win a football match on a very wide screen. - let's face it, it doesn't happen that often!!!! Sweet dreams.

Dillie x

felicity said...

Dr Val

Great to hear from you - I always really enjoyed a chat with you on the DE. I have studied the mark on Maddie's wrist and could only think it was some sort of burn e.g. sun or holding under scalding tap. I had not thought of what you suggest but would explain why Kate and Co could be so adamant the poor little mite had not wandered off. I have said before the thought of what Maddie endured is very upsetting. I noted all the bruises to her legs as well on the tennis balls pic when you blow it up - they look far more than accidental.

Doc does post on here - so you can keep up to date with his views!

Luv Viv x

felicity said...


Great to hear from you all.

I guess that is the problem - in order to pay the McCanns such a vast sum they would want free reign to vigorously interview the McCanns on their attitudes and conduct. We already know what a couple of control freaks Clarence and Gerry are. I think they want to have their cake and eat it! The Spanish interview was so regimented and unnatural...

Knowing full well the McCanns are going to be prosecuted, I am convinced the real wish for lots of hard cash is for the defence they wish to mount against those inevitable charges. Hiring experts from the States etc on DNA/ Dogs would be extremely expensive, not to mention the lawyers. Clarence is desperately struggling for a way around their arguido status to get all this cash - he has suggested it should be lifted and of course that has got short shrift.

Clarence has suggested they could do a film/doc/interview on the lack of an amber alert system in Europe/ their experience. This is not what Oprah and Barbara want or the general public. In fact suggesting that Maddie cannot be found for the lack of an amber alert system is repugnant. I hope they stop casting around money grabbing - it is only causes the public more disgust. They can have their say in court where they belong and forget their money grabbing schemes please - it is a further insult to little Maddie that they just will not stop trying to cash in, in this way - after they caused her death. Dreadful!

Viv x

felicity said...

LGC - LOL their supporters are like little lambs to the slaughter - that is true - pretty soon after everything they have written they will be very glad they remain anon!

2345 - Great to hear from you also! I really admire many of the posts you make. I see you are highlighting the injuries to Kate clearly visible on 4 May. Now we know this is very relevant and needs to be emphasised - good for you! I see, currently, some of the "Pros" on the DE are acknowledging these injuries and one even accepts Maddie was dead behind the sofa - are we being prepared for a major breakthrough? Is Kate finally seeing reason and about to speak out - Let us hope so! She could take some years off her sentence!

Ecolab/Dogrose and Atardi - great to see you also and I know you are pleased to hear from our lovely Doc - as I always am. He is a fantastic man!

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Sorry all - the time on my last post is 21.42!
Viv x

Atardi said...


Zij zal ook altijd in mijn geheugen blijven. Daarom schrijf ik ook omdat het mij heel veel pijn doet.
Ik heb ook 3 kinderen. Ik vind het zo erg dat de ouders zo arrogant zijn. En de mensen die de ouders ondersteunen terwijl zij de waarheid weten, dat is nog tragischer.

Slaap lekker en maak je niet druk om die medewerkers van de ouders.

Je bent een goed mens.


docmac said...


Afrikaans yeah. Derived directly from Dutch but of course related to all the Germanic languages. I can read Nederlands, Deutch, Vlaams and a couple of the Scandinavian languages pretty well, Dutch and Flemish being the easiest. My Afrikaans is pretty good as I moved here when I was 8.

I must say I'm surprised that there are not that many widescreen TVs in Norfolk lolololol!! 5-2 against the minnows tonight, but it was not live here, nor in England as far as I know.

Really off now, see you soon.

Cláudia said...

Those people are disgusting. They make my stomach sick. A filthy piece of garbage is more valuable then they are.
Did you all notice how they were losing yet yesterday? They also know there is only one truth. They just don't want to admit it!

docmac said...

Dankie Atardi

Ek het self vier kinders en miskien nog een op pad.

Ek hoop jy slaap ook baie lekker, asook jou wonderlike familie.

Goeie nag, tot weersiens.


Atardi said...


Thank you for the next sentence:" I feel so sad, i feel that poor little madeleine has been betrayed by these people and i don't know how to cope."

Madeleine being betrayed. That's why I'm here and on the DX also.

You really are a nice person.


Sorry about other languages than English.


Dylan said...

Thanks a mil viv.
I really feel like i have crossed rosiepops in the flesh today and it has left a very nasty taste in my mouth.

Honestly, i think i may well post on de now as it can't be any worse that these two made me feel today.

Love to all and sleep well,

mad mum that thinks children are worth looking after. x Night all x

Atardi said...

Goedenavond Docmac,

Dat is echt leuk, vier kinderen.

Ik kan ook veel talen lezen/volgen door Dutch/English en Spanish.

I think Viv is too broad minded to get us banned!

Tot ziens.

felicity said...

Ola Claudia my lovely..

mad English woman here... Now watch yourself Doc!!

From my little perusals of their performances om the DE I would say they are losing it every day Claudia - but yes when they spend most of their time laying into me and Doc it does not exactly help does it!

Hey - I am broadminded I did not even ban Sebastien - isnt that normally spelt Sebastian - spelling does seem to be a recurring problem for some - even their own name LOLOLOLOOOOOOL

I dont understand Dutch so if you want to talk about me fill your boots!

Viv x


hope4truth said...


Dont let the people you were with today make you feel bad. Even people I have spoken to (and there are not many) who think she was taken all slate the parents for leaving the children alone.

Even the Pros say "dont keep on about the neglect we know it was wrong but move on"..

My children are 12 and 14 and last night I had my nieces to stay (11 and 14) and tonight my girls were staying at their house. My husband and I (oh I sound like the Queen) were out for dinner when I got a call saying my youngest was not feeling well and wanted to come home. We were having a really nice evening (we dont go out on our own very often) but we missed desert and went and picked her up brought her home and after a cuddle put her to bed now she is asleep upstairs my eldest is at my Sister in Laws and we are watching Lee Evans eating Heros (as we did not have desert well thats my excuse) and even though we are not out we are happy to know she is safe and happy to be in her own bed.

What the McCanns did that night was selfish and if she was taken it was their fault they left their children alone to choke, drown, electorcute themselves, wander off or face a predator. For them to say it was OK shows them for what they are instead of admitting they were wrong they tried to pretend they are the victims.

There is one victim and that is Madeleine. If my child were to go missing sod me concentrate on her if you want to blame me it would be no worse than the blame I would be putting on myself even though I would never leave them alone when something bad happends we blame ourselves... If only I had, If only I had not, but not the McCanns it everyone elses fault.

Stay away from these people if they make you feel bad from your posts here you sound really nice dont let anyone think your opinion is wrong. None of us here want to be right we would all love Madeleine to come home.

If that were to happen though thanks to the McCanns selfishenes she would not be the happy carefree little girl she was when they left her to meet their pals...


felicity said...

Hey Dylan

Why not have a little spar with them on the DE - I mean it is not like you can lose it it - what with the McCanns being prime suspects and the PJs coming to get them LOL

Enjoy yourself!

Luv Viv x (another loving parent who would do anything for my kids and am always there when they need me even now they are 28, 32, 34!)

Cláudia said...

Hi, dear Viv.
Some of those people defend child neglectors like they were heroes and a few are even fans of child abusers and convicted child murderers. Could it get worse? Disgusting.

Atardi said...

Hallo Viv,

It's Dutch and South African.

Yes Viv/Claudia they are losing the debate.

I would love to talk about you but you are already being discussed on the DX.

Viv, can you spell my name right?

Love you.

felicity said...

Hope4 - your 22.26 post - fantastic, eloquent - spoken from the heart. Bless You! We do love little Maddie and are not ashamed to say so!


I entirely agree - Rosie has spoken of how all these dreadful people are going to be let out of prison - thank God she is wrong - but it does show the level of her distorted thinking that she would go these lengths to support the McCanns - instead she associates them with murderers amd child abusers in prison - who would like to get out and get away with it! We know a couple who need to get in..

Carry on Rosie...

Luv ya loads
Viv xxxx

felicity said...

Hiya Atardi

Forgive my ignorance re Dutch and South African you and Doc are speaking in!

Are they talking about me on the DE again - why How Very Dare They! Maybe I should go and have a read - maybe I learn something!

Luv you too Viv xxxx


Dylan said...

Thank you atardi. I can't express how much it means to me to have people who i can converse with that not only know where i'm comming from but can share my feelings too. It's a luxury to have this freedom of speech in the uk, and without viv, i fear we would be in the dark no matter what the government would have us believe (& i'm a labour voter myself!)

It's really, really important that we are not supressed because our convictions are contrary to the popular opinion.

My experiences tonight with the two horrible, yet educated, women, has made me even more fervent in the pursuit (spelling?) of truth.

I thank my lucky stars that i am a mainly, stupid, ignorant woman (i don't know the states of america!)but the little i do know, as a decent human being, is that you don't leave your kids on their own. My kids have grown up happy, healthy and are showing no signs of being parentally repressed!! & they know if they ever need help with thier homework, i'm here to have a go!

My eldest wants to be a doctor. He's taking all of the sciences and maths a - level. I can't promise him i can help with all of it, but i'll do my very best!

What unites us all here, is the fact that, no matter what class you are (and i come from a very working class familly), we all share a common belief and that is that Madeleine and the Twins were abandoned. I for one, cannot condone that and it is the refusal of the pros such as rosiepops that leaves us repeatedly gobsmacked.

I feel like a bad person today and surely, that's not right. If it weren't for our viv, i'd have dissolved in my own guilty tears by now.

Thanks again and fight for what you believe. We all need you.

a very emotional dillie x

Dylan said...

Take it all in your very capable stride and as a complement.

You are the new HN51 pandemic of public disgust against cruelty of chilren and long may your mutations reign!!!


hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

I just dont get it? The pros go on about if it were your child you would do the same and all I can think is if it were my child I would be listening to the police searching everywhere and following the advice of any expert who told me what to do and what not to do. Also I would answer every question put to me and if I did not have an answer would say I dont know....

If the PJ had just wanted to "fit them up" they would have charged them with child neglect a charge they could not deny.

Just looked at the DX and on a clear day is taking a lot of flack from assasin who is aparently going to shut your blog down. What did you ever do to them?

Strange thing I think I know who assasin is as she has been on under lots of diffrent names and when she used to post around Christmas she was an anti or maybe I have the wrong person or she now has evidence to say she was taken and has switched sides very strange posts though the person I think it was seemed inteligent???


dolores said...

Hi Viv
I don't know what was happening this afternoon on DE.Myself,2345ecolab,janda,pertefergie had posts removed for legal reasons,none of the posts were offensive it was a quiet debate.many posts were removed.
I see ecolab and 2345 can still post, but I was banned.I was very surprised, as I never said anything at the time of banning that was out of order.
I wrote a letter to DE complaining about this saying that posters who have racial hatred and smearing of PJ, baiting and insults towards other posters are never removed,when they should be.I also said I have been insulted many times and ignored it,and so on....I had a letter back 3 hours ago apologising saying it was a mistake,but so far the ban is still there. Unbelievable and very odd.Not that I will lose sleep over it,it's just very strange.

Dylan said...

Hope, thank you. I knew i could rely on you guys. What would rosiepops make of us eh? ;-)
I think it's lovely that you help with neices and nephews etc. I have a very cosy dream when i can't sleep, it's when i have a very small house (which i do, 3 up 3 down) just bursting at the seams with kids and pets!! Works much better than a dull economics script! Thanks again, you help. x

Viv - are those your measurements? If so you are a very luck girl!!! I've put on way too much weight recently!

Feel much better now. Still too scared for the de but at least i still have faith in my humble convictions.

dillie x

Dylan said...

You are right to doubt. Over the last few days, assassin was an anti. I've been very surprised to see the turncoat tactics here that assassin has been accused of. I've checked back on de and it is sadly true that assassin is now a pro.

Mystefying. What's going on?

Dillie x 11.25pm

hope4truth said...


Hope you are ok if those people you were with earlier were friends they would have listend to your opnion then given theirs you would have agreed to disagree and moved on to another subject.. Same thing when talking about religon and politcs if people try to batter you down they are not freinds and just like to be the big I am and make people feel bad. Dont give them another thought (but I would be boiling Grrrrrr LOL cant take my own advice)...

Yes I thought assasin was an anti and then she switched and is saying some very strange things. The person I am thinking of had the same web address as her and was most definatly not buying what the McCanns are selling she was really nice to me when one sad poster made me ill (I laugh at that now talk about make me paranoid and stronger why that poster upset me is beyond me it was just strange at the time) but the poster I think it is did make a comment about me being nice and she was not or somethng strange like that all very odd...

Glad you are still here...


Atardi said...

Hallo Dylan,

I share your feelings.
But maybe you have to see is this way.

1. Most people who have children, when they heard/read about Madeleine in may thought that the little poor child was abducted. And didn't even think that the parents would be suspects. On the DX you can "read" this people. That's the people you met today.
They still hang on on 3 may 2007. And don't want any information to disturb their thoughts.

2. Than you have people of the same category, they read and have a mind of themselves. They have doubts about the parents of Madeleine.

3.There are also people who ignore everything and are against the truth about Madeleine. They will do anything to disturb comments about the truth. The anti Madeleine. They never mention Madeleine in their comments.

4. At least there are really ignorant people who think that doctors couldn't be capable to do this.

As an educater I have met all those people.

Atardi said...


You have been banned?


felicity said...

Hiya Hope4, Dillie and Dolores

Not been around for a bit because I have just been reading the DE and recording some of the abusive posts directed at me. Assasin and the 17 other previous names he has posted under is Alroy/Doby etc. I have no doubt about that and the MAN is quite mad. He is not going to shut my blog down so dont worry about that!

Dolores - how typical that someone as sweet as you gets banned and yet they let this maniac just keep posting! Words fail me! Stay on here my lovely.

I am reading all your posts and they are great

Love to you all and I am still around

Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hopetruth said...


If it is who I think it is I really believe it is a woman or did at Christmas and most def an anti???

She was banned I think for using the same tone with an anti then came back as other people still having a go...

Maybe she is supposed to confuse us it is very strange????

docmac said...

Hope you can call 'it' Reina, Blackdaisies, Assasin, whatever you like. It still comes from the same office.

felicity said...

Hey Doc Hiya

I always feel calm and safe whenever you are around :-)

Luv ya
Viv xxxxxx

hope4truth said...

Hello Doc

Yes I guess it does but unless they are using this other persons website to make it look like it is them then the person I am thinking about was so pasionate against the McCanns it is really strange that they have switched and are having a go at on a clear day...

Maybe I am to trusing in human nature but the person I think this is has had a personality transplant or is a nutter who likes to stir???

Or Both....

dolores said...

Atardi, Yes I was, and I never posted anything today worthy of this.When you see what's been going on DE tonight, I don't know how some get away with it.I have never been abusive to anyone, but had plenty from 2 others which I ignore.
Never mind, I will survive, Ihave lovely frieds here.

Viv Thanks for you kind words, I have a feeling either something is going on there, or it was a gremlin.
A big hug goes to you :)

felicity said...

Just throwing my two pennuth in - Gee /Marsman has variously been an anti and a pro..

Viv x

felicity said...


Thank you for my big bug - I need it at the moment - it has shook me up that someone could threaten me and display such hatred.

Viv x

docmac said...

Hello Hope

But the peripheral ID's do that all the time. Remember Marsman in all his guises? He jumped ship regularly. It's all about baiting, grooming and deception. It's nicer not posting sometimes as it gives one time to note these anomalies.

Got up to have a quick cold drink and am off to bed again. It's steaming here.

By the way, hello Dolores!

rat op onderlegger said...

waarom spreken wij alles nu in Vlaams?! ik ben verward! Het's moeilyk om voor te tvloeien!

Lekker slapen, alles!

bij rat uitgeschrijvt op zondag 00:29

hope4truth said...

Good night Doc

This is all beyond me a little girl is missing and people are playing games...

Very sad will watch the forum for a while and see who is who (never been paranoid before LOL)

Take care

hope4truth said...


I dont know where all this has come from with assasin it is very strange...

Are you on the 3 amigos???


hope4truth said...


Oh god it is late I ment 3 arguidos LOL


felicity said...

Profile of assasin on DE gives link to Muse's webpage - I recall she got banned from the DE..

About me: Main interests: people, people,people and their growth, relationships,abuse,childcare & development, theology, human psyche, crime, debate, web design,. creativity, writing time consumed with a very large family and my current website and next one to come. both aimed to give people a space to have voice and place to call their own. http;//thoughtsfromamuse.com

ratonthebeam said...

petefergie had a post removed from the DX! Now this IS weird....it was in reply to a post of mine, which is still there.

green eyed monsters, lol!
Published: Saturday January 26,2008 by ratonthebeam
To be fair, this old chestnut hasn't been trotted out for quite a while! But every time things start getting uncomfortable for the McSpamms, some Pro spins this one out....

You Are All Jealous Of The McCanns!

Well here's some news for you, hun...

MY husband earns more than Gerry.
I earn more than Kate.
My boobs are bigger than Kates. A LOT bigger.
My husband is a loving husband and father, not a neanderthal who doesn't let me speak up for myself, or abandon his children to go to the pub.
The only reason we don't have a new 4x4 in the drive is because we don't need one. Either for use, or to impress the neighbours.
I have more degrees and education than Kate.
My husband is better educated and qualified than Gerry.
We've been on equally as nice holidays.
We live in an equally as nice house.

However OUR family is still intact- we have NEVER lost any children thanks to our own selfishness and greed.

WE still have people's respect.

WE are not official suspects in a criminal investigation.

Green eyed monsters? I don't think so.
Then petefergie said, if my boobs were bigger than Kate's, could I please provide evidence or a link to prove it.

And THAT was the post that got removed!!!!

And my reply is still there too, which was to the effect that sadly the DX does not let you put photos in your posts, or I would have been only too happy to verify my claim!

WTF is going on over there? What on earth did poor Dolores do to get banned?!

posted by rat 00:42

felicity said...

Hiya I am not posting on 3 arguidos although did register - maybe this site is enough for me!

Viv x

PS Surely Muse would not give herself away like this!

What is being written clearly does amount to a criminal offence!

If it is her she must be completely nuts!

hope4truth said...

Hi Viv

I hope it is not her the posts she left were for Madeleine she really seemed to care about her. Although she gave some of the pros a tough time and that is why she was banned when she came back she was still having a go...

maybe someone is cloneing her by adding her websites or maybe I should not trust people :o(

I asked about the 3 arguidos as I was going to mail you as I did not want to say who I thought it was in case I was wrong...

felicity said...

Hiya RAT

ROFL oh and PS next time you going somewhere nice can I come!

I know Dolores of all people - she just would never write anything in the very least bit offensive - it is insane!

Cant they stop people from keep on registering over and over again as Assasin claims to have done 17 times!

Viv x

docmac said...

Just saw Rat's post as I finished up.


'rat op onderlegger' sounds pretty damn amusing when translated to English verbatim as I'm sure you will agree ;-) I'm sure your husband will have a good chuckle.

Lekker slaap, Rat en almal.

felicity said...

Hiya Hope4

It is quite possible they just copied her interests and webpage but some of the posts recently on DE do sound really like her....projection is a term that people would only really understand if they actually studied psychology as it seems clear she has...certainly not the sort of comments we got from Gee/Mars!

Very weird - I cannot think my little blog would piss her off either surely - I dont care how many there are out there or how much bigger or better they are!

Luv Viv x

dolores said...

Docmac, Hello Isee you are on your way back to bed and those sheep....Sleep well and safe

Viv, They are incensed with jealousy about your own blog and it's success.Not leaving aside your intelligence on subjects they think they know about.And they are left with egg on their face, when they are put straight, and that goes for Docmac also, he puts them in their place on a subject they know nothing about and it hurts their ego.I think that is the crux of all their unwarrented hatred and jealousy.
The fact that we all care deeply for Madeleine and they hardly give her a thought speaks volumes they ate only there to disrupt.

I am sending you another hug as You said I sent you a big bug,lol lol...

felicity said...

Hiya again Doc

I had an op on the leg!

Viv xxx

hope4truth said...


Dont let it worry you god knows what is going on...

I like your blog and will keep posting...

I send you a big BUG so you can throw it at all the nasty people that keep having a go at you even though you are not there...

You must be doing something right to worry them so much???

See you tomorrow x


Atardi said...


You also speak "Vlaams"' But it doesn't matter i can understand you.

Dolores i'm looking forward to read you on the DX.

I have an aunt with the same name, we call her "Tanchi Doya".


dolores said...

Rat on the beam
I got banned around the same time today something equally innocent.and the post removed.

Ecolab said...

Sometimes it is very easy to mingle with Nicknames.

Magic ~ Maqic
(2 different nicks/persons)

Assasin ~ assasin ~ assasin.~ asassin ~ Asassin
(5 different nicks/persons)

Depends of the htlm codes allowed in the writing - program and the spelling.

So we might not be talking about the same person?

Another thing : The banning - Is that a banning of the name or is it a banning of the ip adress?....and for how long is the name banned and can another person take a banned nick after a while?

felicity said...

Hiya again Dolores darling

Thanks for those very kind explanations as to why thy behave like they do. I like to think Doc and I are helpful in relation to the things we something know about. Doc and I get helped by everyone else - that is the nice thing about forums - information sharing. There is nothing nice about the DE though - it is pure hell and we are both well off out of there! I cannot understand why Doc or me would make anyone jealous!

I am accepting your lovely big hugs and sending you loads back!

Luv ya loads darling
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dolores said...

I don't know if I will get back on DE.I will miss quite a few people there that I spoke to and had respect for if I don't.
'Tanchi Doya' does that mean aunt?

Atardi said...



Tanchi means aunt.

lizzy said...

Sorry to hear you have been banned by the DE, but I wouldn't be too downhearted if I was you. I have been on and off there tonight and barely made a comment, the amount of bitch nasty comments from the pros were unbelievable.
Its like attack attack attack for no reason.
I think it is a shame as it used to be such a good site but its gone down a lot, think the paid posters must have been told to get nasty or should I say nastier. I think Vivs here is a really good one everyone is pleasant and wanting to share info.There are quite a few from DE on here as well as the 3 Arguidos. Lizzy

felicity said...

Hiya Dolores

I do understand the sense of loss with all the nice people on the DE - that is exactly how I felt - it is very unfair. Remember what Felicity did :-)

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Thanks for that Lizzie - this is how a forum should be! And yes, I am extremely lucky to have brought some lovely people with me. Some more of my old favourites appeared today - it is really great!

Luv Viv x

dolores said...

Hi Lizzy,I am not really that downhearted to be honest, more like, disapointed in DE that they allow whats going on hour after hour and night after night there,
the most dreadful things I've read actually.
My parents raised me and my 5 siblings up not only with much love and care and manners,but to have respect for ourselves respect for others I am glad I don't know people like that in my life.

dolores said...

Hi Lizzy,I am not really that downhearted to be honest, more like, disapointed in DE that they allow whats going on hour after hour and night after night there,
the most dreadful things I've read actually.
My parents raised me and my 5 siblings up not only with much love and care and manners,but to have respect for ourselves respect for others I am glad I don't know people like that in my life.

dolores said...

Viv, You know it's like a warm comforting, friendly fire on here cosy, and surrounded by loving caring people, and you made it happen, something to oh so proud of.
love ya loads

felicity said...

Thanks darling - making people feel safe and happy is a really nice thing to do that pleases me a lot.

Nite Nite
Luv ya loads
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

felicity said...


Luv the real Viv..tee hee.....(!)


27.01.08, 12:05am

Ive never suggested anything of the sort nor have I used poems ect. I like several other posters who are anti cretin here have deep respect for her memory.

But I'm also a realist that her parents are responsible of that I'm quite convinced and will be until the PJ say otherwise.

That other posters wish to discuss how Madeleine's body was disposed of is perhaps understandable given what is known of similar cases.

I find your posts where instead of an accidental death you drift of into fantasy about Madeleine coming to harm at the hands of a pedophile/ abductor more disturbing and nauseating.

Madeleine deserved better than some story designed to make her neglectful parents the object of compassion- Madeleine was the victim not them.

• Posted by: onaclearday

felicity said...

and you too Claudia ROTFLMAO Viv xxx

Sometimes it can be amusing reading the Daily Express Forum!

27.01.08, 12:04am

What's the difference between the Find Madeleine Campaign and CSI?
One is an over-the-top, money-spinning work of fiction possibly based on a real crime, and everyone knows what CSI is.

Oh, it's just a joke, of course.

• Posted by: Claudia79

felicity said...


Firstly, that old chestnut let's not go over old ground. Trouble is if the PJ are still saying it was "accidental" then the fact of Maddie being left alone is part and parcel of the offence of manslaughter - so that makes it kind of difficult to just forget about it. Whilst I for one think it was more serious than that - on this scenario Maddie met some dreadful accident whilst left alone.

The rest of the comments really do defy logic. Yes we are the same people who say they hurt Maddie and they should not have left their children alone.

And, apparently it was perfectly OK to leave all three of them alone on the first five nights and perfectly OK for them to leave the twins with dead Maddie on the final night.

And, these McCann apologists on the DE have the brass neck to say I am "sick"!

Viv x

27.01.08, 9:02am

We have all known since day 1 that Maddie and her siblings should not have been left alone in that apartment.

What is the point in covering old ground?

What I fail to understand is that the people who are convinced Maddie was hurt by her parents are the same people saying she should not have been left alone.

If she had already died - then why not?

Can't have it both ways.

• Posted by: languedoc

lizzy said...

I agree the level of nastiness on the DE should merit closure in my opinion. Decent posters are bullied night after night by dobywalah assassin, and janegt, how the DE can condone this I have no idea. I to know noone like these people off the forum, thank god. They have no respect for fellow posters and are bullies.

SueB said...

Hi Viv,

I've blown up the tennis photo in photoshop and see the bruise on her wrist and the remnants of one on her right knee. I also see a lot of eczema (or similar), the poor mite appears to be covered in it. I don't know what to make of it all. Thirty years ago when my friend and I took our sons to play school, I was asked by the staff if my friend ever hit her son because he always had bruises on his legs. I was stunned and I felt sick! I said absolutely NO WAY, but he was hyper and was always screeching about and tumbling. I always called him 'Billy Whizz' after the comic book character! The staff seemed happy with my explanation, they never took it any further and I never told my friend. But looking back I'm glad they asked, it shows they were doing their job. Quite often it's the quiet ones who have something to hide - such as that scumbag foster mother Eunice Spry. What I'd like to do to her is unprintable!!
From the Daily Mail:



felicity said...

Hiya Lizzie

I have done a letter of complaint to the DE containing several pages of posts from last night over a period of several hours Assasin, Mum 21, Rosie, Sassy etc abusing me and onaclearday who they wrongly insist is me. Whether they will finally do something is another matter, but I do not see why anyone should have to put up with this abusive bullying - I have never seen such a personality disordered little bunch of morons before either - it is quite unbelievable - they are like a bunch of hounds frenzied at a kill!

Viv x

felicity said...

Morning Sue

I just read about Eunice Spry - I hope she rots in hell, the vile sadistic creature.

There are a lot of bruises on Maddie's legs I though but the one above the knee looks the worst and the least likely to have been done accidentally. Dr Val suggested the red mark to just above her wrist could have been from using a restraint. The whole of her arm looks very red and sore - like you say excema or I thought perhaps untreated sunburn with no attempt at protection. She just looks forlorn somehow - kind of hunched bless her.

It just breaks your heart that children suffer like this and other adults do not get to find out and the children dont get the chance to tell someone. I wish there was someting positive I could do to try and change this. It is unbearable to think of helpless little children suffering like this. Gold Bless Poor Little Maddie.

Viv x

felicity said...

By the way Sue who does Constance Spry put you in mind of > someone I have heard far too much of..


lizzy said...

Hi Viv,
Well I hope something is done following your letter of complaint to the DE,it is disgusting that they are allowed to get away with attacking individuals like yourself and others night after night and nothing happen. I do think that maybe the DE should be closed down also as proper debate seems to have disappeared completely and it is just a battleground particularly at night. Do let us know hwo you get on with the DE. Lizzy

dr_val said...

Hi Viv

Miss the intelligent interchanges on DX, but you have a very "homely" site here :-)

Also came across this photo taken 9th May, which shows an interesting mark on Kate's chest:


May 11th - covered up:

May 19th - ? remnants + small, old bruise over outer third of left clavicle:


May 31st - ? bruise back of right arm:

Comments welcome!

felicity said...

Hiya Lizzie

Well I have not received a response to date but will let you know if I do!

As for getting the forum shut down - the attacks have been so bad again over the last three or four days it makes you wonder if that is what they are trying to do. It is a shame really there are probably only about four people that spoil it for everyone else and if they want to continue to have their say they better learn how to behave a bit better.

Dr Val - I really miss my chats with you it is great you have come here. It is homely and friendly isnt it - we all know each other and dont have to put up with the nasties!

I am going to have a look at your pic links and will come back to you. Thanks for providing all those - still the researcher as I christened you - goes with the job I reckon!

Luv Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya again Dr Val

Thanks for those pics showing Kate's injuries - have put a fresh post up so I can show the actual injuries on here with a few comments

Viv :-)

SueB said...

H again Viv, just called by before I log off. I've put the tennis photo here for you:


See if you think it's an eczema-type condition. I also think she has patches of it on her face, chin, lip, and fingertips etc.

Do you know when it was taken, was it the beginning of their holiday? I ask because in the last photo:


It appears to have cleared up. If it is a skin condition could the sun act so quickly?

I don't know what to think about the cause of the bruises, could the one on her wrist be from a nip? Maybe one of the twins nipped her? Something my daughter was always doing to her older brother, she was a nightmare! Would an abuser not try to cover any marks up so they couldn't be seen?

2345 said...

Dolores - Hello ... spending time familiarizing myself here as a newcomer. Seems you were banned a day or two before me by DX - reason given based on lies - accused me of ignoring warnings "time and time again" despite the fact none were issued !!! I told Web Team that their need to silence me was the biggest compliment received over and above compliments paid by so many genuine DE commentators.

My instincts tell me recent bannings are DE tactics used to 'oust' like minded commentators who fully support the Police in this case. Littlegreycell received unwarranted 'warning' today. One by one our group members will be silenced; this will just leave the keyboard monkeys.

Clarence was clearly rattled by DX reporting 2 or 3 weeks ago that of the 60,000 forum comments, 75% supported the Police. The remaining 25% are the weird bunch with nothing to say bar personal attack. In real terms and in the real world support for the McCanns is little more than zero.

DX cannot be seen repeating DM methods of forum closure. Same aim, different tactics - pick off the genuine one by one - until the only ones left in the Forum are the 'banana chompers'- doubtless paid peanuts!!

DE made claims they couldn't substantiate when I was banned; I have absolutely no doubt the same applies to you. The increase in psychological bullying and the increase in ever changing names are being used to 'cleanse' the Forum of Police supporters.

I always enjoyed your posts and was incensed you were treated as badly as me. It's a compliment !!