23 Jan 2008


Miss you my friend - notice you are not on the DE either - please drop in and say hi - just to let me know you are OK. Remember - there are no bannings here!

Luv Viv xxxxxxxxx


Ecolab said...

Hi VIV...and everybody.
I`m right here.

I`m at your blog every day, reading and thinking: That I have to go to the libery and look in the newspapers for May the 4..5?. There was that picture and story.Frontpage of "Ekstra Bladet" or "BT". It was a picture of this man hurrying entering a plane in the early morning hours of May the 4` away from The whole scenery i Portugal!
I have always thought it has to be the missing Tapas 10 - John Brown, the brother of Gordon Brown. I know for sure the picture exist!

Right now I`m studying Italian pretty intence (Thank God i know some Latin and German!)

I am waiting for the PJ to take action soon.
NO-One believe the Spinning McCann. They spun themselves into the point of "No Return", and the spin can only get more tight!
They will be suffocating soon - Their choking had started!
I do not know, who they still think they fool? They are still trying to turn the kaleidoscope(Reality), but less and less are fooled. Right now, people around them are just polite, they say nothing BUT they do think!

BACK to work: " Molti appartamenti dei palazzi vecchi sono grandi, con molto spazio. Per esempio questo, al terzo piano."......

See you hun. Be nice. I`ll be back


Anonymous said...

Very interesting....keep up the research.

ratonthebeam said...


The creepy, spooky ghost of Barry Gibb has been hanging round the holiday village, scaring away innocent tourists and demanding money for charity.

Cue several daft plots by Freddie, none of which actually work.

Velma comes up with a cunning plan using the beguiling Daphne as the bait.

After a frantic chase involving the Spooky Ghost, Shaggy and Scooby, our intrepid heroes manage to catch the aforesaid Spooky Ghost...

Freddie: Now let's see who the Ghost Of Barry Gibb REALLY is....

(rips head off, to gasps of "oooh! ahhh!")

All: It's Jose the Waiter!

Daphne: But WHY?

Jose: Detective Marco paid me to do it!

All: But WHY?

Velma: Well, it's obvious. Detective Marco's contract was about to run out, and if they didn't keep getting paid, they would have to move out of their fancy new offices. He saw an easy way to keep his contract, and his money, by getting Jose to dress up as the Ghost of Barry Gibb to scare tourists!

Marco (snarling a la Gerry): And I would have gotton away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you MEDDLING DX FORUM POSTERS....

Scooby: Scooby-dooby-doo! Keela, do you fancy coming back to my place for some "Scooby Snacks?"

ratonthebeam said...

Hi Ecolab I see you're back on the DX!

ratonthebeam said...

...on second thoughts, given as the Gruesome Twosome are involved here, maybe it should have been Scooby Doo and the Mystery of the Screaming HeeBeeGeeBee.....

Ecolab said...

The skin far too pale!

The skin of Madeleine is far too pale on the Pool - photo compared to the skin of her father and her little sister. . . .

Just another thing, that tells me, that the photo of Madeleine is taken at another day! At the beginning of the Holiday. Later cut & paste!


"Off to my Italian teacher for a couple of lessons."


felicity said...

Hiya Ecolab

Great to know you are OK and good luck with the Italian.

That would be rather sensational if the tenth person was Gordon Brown's brother. I flipping hope not otherwise there certainly will be some conspiracies going on! It is very strange the way there has been such a complete cover up of the 10th person - if there actually was one.

Interesting point about Maddie looking too pale on that photo - certainly on the tennis balls pic her arm looks badly burned by the sun or something. I did think though that it has been confirmed by the creche staff she was last seen that day at 6 pm- maybe this is wrong.

There is a report Mrs Fenn heard Kate being very loud and out of control on the 2nd May - I think after they got called back from Chaplins = it is not inconceivable Maddie died that night but I do think it is unlikely. There is a further report in the Daily Exprss that Mrs Fenn also heard Maddie cry out on the evening of 3 May - I clearly remember reading this because it made me cry when people pointed it out to me on the DE.

Good to hear from you and hope you can find time to drop in - your thoughts and quite scientific observations are always interesting.

Luv viv x

Dolores said...

Ciao Ecolab,
Come sieto? Boun conoscerli sia ancora con noi.Bouna fortuna con il vostro Italiano. :)

felicity said...

Well that is very impressive Dolores - but I dont understand a word of it LOL - no matter this is an International forum and other languages are welcome here and there!

I do now have a small smattering of Portuguese compliments of Claudia, Athena and Alsabella but other than that schoolgirl French which was a real long time ago!

Luv Viv x

dolores said...

Boungiorno Signora Viv :)
My family going back generations are Italian, my mum and dad were born in Italy, Frosinone. My husband is also Italian.
What I was asking Ecolab how he was and wishing him luck in his Italian lessons.And that it was good to know he was still with us.

felicity said...

Hiya Dolores

You sound like a lovely family - forgive my ignorance.

It must be lovely to be bilingual and Italian is a beautiful language to hear even if I dont understand.

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Ecolab

I think the uncouth comment to you about the drawings on your DE avitar are symptomatic of the McCann disease. It looks to me like your drawings were done by little children and so represent little Maddie or a little child you love - they would not relate to this - would they? It is always about her self serving parents interests - there is just nothing pro child about this miserable lot or how low they will stoop to attack and insult. Let them keep it up - it only serves to reinforce to the public their unpleasant character.

Viv x

24.01.08, 3:20pm

Cant for the life of me see what you see in these pictures

• Posted by: riglia

Ecolab said...

My Avitar!

My Avitar is a drawing by me of my elder brother(3 years older than I).
I made it at the age 2 years 7 months. For many years the drawing was much bigger. You could see his arms - round cirklehands with 5 fingers. His legs went far down and ended i circles(feet). He was "pissing" and the urin was poring out - a hole lake continuing at the back of the paper.My mother wrote my name, age and what I called the drawing at the back of the paper.

As a young medicalstudent, I showed this drawing to my psykologi teacher at Universe. She never gave it back. I forgot her name.

Suddenly one day last year, I found the drawing again at a homepage! An Artist specialicing in making "childrens art/drawings" . This was supposed to be his first drawing!

I think, My brothers big innocent eyes and the artists chock about the sight and horror(the urine)is a Very Strong Signal and rather provokative too. I think, it is captured on the very spot. `Pitch perfect´ so to speek.
I do`nt care about their attacks and insults. They do`nt know, what I know!

felicity said...

Hiya Ecolab

So I guessed correctly the drawing was done by a young child significant to you - it was actually aged 2 years 7 months. Funny how none of those McNasties even thought of that - they scan their petty little brains trying to think of something to attack. You read them well and have the right attitude. I have to say their continuing attacks on me do upset me. I always find it hard to understand why people have to be so nasty, but hear they fight to keep their Lord and Lady out of jail - what at waste of their nastiness - they will all finish up eating their words.

What area of medicine do you practice in now? If I am asking too many questions dont worry about an answer.

Luv Viv x