2 Jan 2008


On the more serious side the last post of 2007 concerning the extraordinary likeness between Murat and Payne was the most commented upon on my blog so far. Thanks to all of your for that !!! Thanks so much ECOLAB for finding me an even better picture - above. Maybe the interest is because this is so fundamental to what is going on. We, the general public, are simply outraged by the villification of an innocent man put in the frame by the McCann's friends from the very outset. The spin concerning Murat seemed to die down just a little for a month or so but now it is back in real earnest. Do Kate and Gerry McCann and Ludicrous really think we cannot figure out why? The story in the Daily Mail is quite extraordinary - Kate McCann thinks Murat has gone some explaining to do...I reported on here a few days back that 78% of commentators were against the McCanns on the Daily Mail. The response to this latest "story" is even worse. Out of all the comments so far, there is just one in favour of the McCanns. We keep telling them we are sick of hearing it - do they listen! So, from being 78% against a few days ago - it is now close to 100% - well done Clarence! Now just when are you going to shut up! Let us hope the DE story is correct and Murat will be cleared tomorrow - it is about time he was allowed to start re-building his life. Gerry picked a good time to start back to full-time employment today didn't he? Again, that certainly does nothing to convince me! If there was anyone hanging around that night - we can see who it was! I hope the McCanns and their friends are suffering the anticipation of the extensive questioning they are about to face - including you, Mr Payne.
Never mind whether she is one of Kate's aunties - judging by her latest avitar - is she trying to tell us she is Madame Cynthia Payne - even she may be insulted!! Do the frequent changes of avitar betray a certain insecurity....a failure to have the courage of one's apparent convictions...perhaps?

I especially loved the bit "THE MCCANNS WOULD HAVE GROUNDS TO SUE THEIR BACKSIDES OFF" Has Rosiepips been finishing off all the Christmas booze prior to writing this little pearler!!

Keep up the satire Alsabella - Rosiepips never fails to disappoint!

Love Vivxxx



02.01.08, 1:40am
QUICKFINGERS02.01.08, 1:31amI really wish I could feel as confident as you do about the Pj but I do not, I don't think they have anything at all on the McCann's, in fact I don't think they have a clue what happened on May 3rd and can find no way out of this at all.I think they had hoped that after making the parents arguidos and casting doubts and leaking stories to the press to blacken the McCann's names and then allowing them to leave the country, that they would just go completely quiet and this case would just fade away. But they did not bargain on the parents keeping this pressure up.This case will never be closed unless someone finds Madeleine because her parents are never going to let this drop, so it will never have closure.I will also be very surprised if the PJ release Murat from this status on the 3rd, there is too many witnesses casting doubt on his story. Can you imagine the outcry if they release him in the wake of these eye witness accounts and it later transpires that he had something to do with this? The McCann's would have grounds to sue their backsides off!• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report CommentHahahahahahahahahahaThe McCanns have grounds to sue the police for letting someone that is no longer a suspect go?? I think someone tried some funny pills last night....IF the police releases R Murat is because they believe they have no evidence to hold him.IF they do not, it can mean 2 things. One, they will not release anyone until they have the full story.Two, they have more evidence than we know.Evidence, Rosiepops, not codswallop made up by media spin doctors and journalists with no research skills.As for the PJ wanting this case to die down, you are in for a rude awakening. The PJ WILL NOT let this case die down. The McCanns have done NOTHING FOR MADELEINE SINCE RETURNING TO THE UK, as far as I am concerned. THEY HAVE BEEN SIMPLY WORRIED ABOUT SAVING THEIR BACKSIDES. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.About Madeleine? This has not been about Madeleine since they were named arguidos. And everyone knows that, even you.So save us the "we will sue" theories.- they only work in suit-happy countries. They do not scare the PJ nor will they influence their decisions.Whomever is involved in Madeleine's disapparence WILL be caught out. Have no doubt. Even if it does take the full 15 years.Justice for Madeleine. SHE IS THE IMPORTANT ONE.
• Posted by: alsabelIa


Ecolab said...

got you another one , Viv.

Happy new near


ratonthebeam said...

Cynthia Payne! Hahahaha!!!! Is she a relative of David and Fiona then? Hahahaha!!!! What a laugh!

Seriously. That photo. WOW. Confusing the two is a mistake that ANYONE could make. Especially as there have been pictures of Robert Murat plastered all over the papers for months, but practically none of David Payne.

I am also toying with the theory that Clarence is actually a double agsent and also in the pay of the PJ to actually WRECK the McCanns public image, in the hope of getting them to crack. It's the only explanation I can think of. NOBODY could be that incompetent, surely!

Anonymous said...

Forgot this one. Maybee even better



Anonymous said...

the last link wount work proberly
This is better



felicity said...

Hiya Rat

Good to hear from you! I have flagged up the possibility of Clarence being a double agent before - so great minds think alike.

It is all a bit sus really. He was sent out in the early stages by the government and then much later on when they were clearly under suspicion suddenly gives up his job with the government to represent them full-time. Also he took on a job that no one else wanted - no doubt because it was so obvious the McCanns were guilty.

Looking at it from the other point of view though it would be a very odd thing for the government to do - to actually place this man close to them to try and get incriminating evidence. He is probably just a bombastic character who is not going to give up the job he is being paid to do and shut up /stop manipulating the media - I really enjoy Doctor~Doom the American journalist's posts on this in the DE.

I have met characters like this before - no matter how many times it is clearly demonstrated to them that their actions and behaviour are disastrous they still persist in the view they can outsmart others and win - in the end. This is always a disastrous strategy that just gets people deeper and deeper into the quicksand. I think he has a similar character to Gerry an air of infallibility - over inflated sense of self - complete unwillingness to face reality and accept the strategy is just not going to work. As we appear to be just on the cusp of Murat being released as an arguido it really does seem like sheer desperation. The consequences of that, if it does happen, will be dire for the McCanns with no-one else to attempt to pin the blame on and I think the press will really do some big spreads on it. The report by Sky News on Chris Eve seemed to be a precursor to that. I am sure the media know an awful lot more than they are reporting and have the releases of information carefully planned.

Eco - thanks but I dont think we need any clearer pic than the last one you gave me - in the dark - how could anyone separate these two! They actually look like they could be brothers - but God dont want to start no more theories!

Great to hear from you both.

I wonder if you could send Muse, 2345 and Dove a link to get here?

Viv x

Anonymous said...

You can see from the above picture how easy it would be for someone to mistake Murat for Payne or use Murat's likeness. Put a side profile of my husband up there and he could be mistaken for either of the two. So glad we were not on holiday there!

felicity said...


Poor you if your husband looks just like that - divorce him! LOL

What an odd observation for you to make...

I can post full frontals if you like - they are just as similar!

Viv x

dylan said...

Does Rosipoops have a speech impediment?

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Gary Wyatt said...

hi gang great pic great likeness ,i also think gez mccann has a resemblence to ian huntley. can anybody connect the two pics.? also i have a blog which i am trying to connect to all you hard working people. http://gtmw67.blogspot.com .just going back to the pic i wonder if they are really related and this is unknown.im sure they both had connections to exeter . or is it just the sightings of morat were actually of payne lurking around .

Gary Wyatt said...

hi gang great pic great likeness ,i also think gez mccann has a resemblence to ian huntley. can anybody connect the two pics.? also i have a blog which i am trying to connect to all you hard working people. http://gtmw67.blogspot.com .just going back to the pic i wonder if they are really related and this is unknown.im sure they both had connections to exeter . or is it just the sightings of morat were actually of payne lurking around .

viv said...

Hello Rabia

I have only just noticed your post as I generally only look at the most up to date thread, but would be happy to answer any questions you may have if you email me at



viv said...

Hello Gary

Again, I only just noticed your post through checking my email, can you comment on the most uptodate thread so that we notice you.

It is strange but I think you have a point, Gerry does have a basic similarity to Ian Huntley, but I am sure this is just coincidence. Gerry is of Irish origin, I do not know about Huntley.

Look forward to hearing from you again,

Viv x