30 Dec 2007



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35 ANTI MCCANN 10 PRO MCCANN (Including one who has two comments included) the remainder their view could not be discerned from their comment
So just 22% are Pro McCann and 78% against - a terrible indictment against the McCanns in the Daily Mail which has, unarguably, been one of the most Pro-McCann papers of all! Also a terrible indictment on the media campaign they have conducted…Rather than convince people of their innocence we have actually seen people turn progressively more and more against them.
A)Maybe if they answer the unanswered questions and did not flee Portugal they might know why they were made arguidos.- Topcat, England
A)I hope they have stopped paying £1000s to the private detective who confidently announced that he would have Maddy home for Christmas!- Gary S, Weybridge
A)The McCanns think they may have to wait six months to find out WHY they were made arguidos? Wasn't it because the BRITISH cadaver dogs detected the scent of a corpse in the boot of their car, and in the apartment? And that there are large inconsistences in the Tapas 9 statements? And didn't the McCanns REFUSE to answer police questions?- Linda, Bearwood. West Midlands
A)The McCanns arguido status does not prevent them from searching for their daughter. The police would have limited jurisdiction if, as they allege, Madeleine had been taken out of the country. I don't understand how it can be the fault of the police that they aren't looking for Madeleine when the McCanns are lucky enough to have the fund to rely on (how many others with missing children have been so lucky?).The McCanns seem content to chuck dirt at others meanwhile Clarence Mitchell is on hand to make snide comments and rushed excuses for them.- Mrs Mclean, London
(A)Why did Clarence Mitchell leave a £70,000 a year job with the Labour Party for a short-term appointment as spokesman for the McCanns?- Alan Pascoe, Tadley, United Kingdom
(P)Why were they made suspects? Because the amateur Portugese police were under pressure to get a result and the McCanns were an easy target. Trouble was the world was watching so they couldn't beat a confession out of the McCanns like they have done in previous similar cases. But then they had an army of ignorant people like you Topcat, ready to back them up and condemn the McCanns on the flimsiest of evidence. One day all you anti-McCann vultures will have to eat your words.- Ian, Benfleet, UK
(A)We must not forget that the McCanns are suspects in the disappearance/possible murder of a child. It was very unhelpful that they fled Portugal and initiated a media-circus, particularly all the emotional Christmas spin. Be brave McCanns, return to Portugal and answer the questions of the police.- Thomas, Glasgow, UK
(A)Maybe all the people they've threatened with legal action in the last six months (without actually going ahead with even a single lawsuit) will know how they feel.- Dave Armstrong, Leeds, UK
(A)They should never ever be cleared as arguido until someone else is arrested and convicted. Which will never happen. You caused this mess, McCanns. Don't expect us to sympathize. Our concern is for Maddie and your twins.- Tomm, NYC
(P)These people are INNOCENT! If it was MY child I would do the same (given their money). I would cling on to false hope! Sorry, It's obvious Maddy is gone forever. Kate, why don't you ask Ben Needham's mum? It might ease your suffering. Most of us out here know you are INNOCENT! But we also know that Maddy is NOT coming home! Ben's mum was not given the publicity and help that you have, though.- Sandie, Lancashire
(N)I really wish Kate would go to the sales and get a different coat/jacket or whatever, that beige anorak does her no favours at all.- Suzy, Staffordshire
(A)And so it goes on and on and on and on.Answer the questions, that should do the trick.- Jill, Leicestershire, England
(P)The PJ will string out the arguido status as long as possible because they know they do not have enough evidence to press charges and they also know that they have no leads. Their reputation is at steak because they committed many mistakes at the start of the investigation and this is precisely why they have no credible leads. So it suits them to publicly claim that they think the parents are involved in an "accidental killing". If the PJ had hard evidence against the McCanns they would have been arrested by now afterall it has been eight months.- M, UK
(P)Topcat, if you know the questions asked then do enlighten the rest of us! Otherwise keep your thoughts to yourself until you actually have answers to this sad sorry affair!- Alison, Salisbury Wiltshire
(N)I think it is all there in the first three comments.- Can, Brigg, N.Lincs.
(A)Yes, Gerry S. Weybridge, Christmas has come and gone and those big mouth detectives have failed to make good on their boast that Madeleine would be home by Christmas. Time to fire them!- Susan, Avon, Ct. USA
(A)If I can see why they have been made suspects then surely they can. That's what they have hired top lawyers and a spin doctor for!- Paul, England
(A)The only question is: why didn't they take care of their children?- Chris Downing, Yorkshire
(A)Groan! 'DJ Shifty' another wild goose chase, as predicted. Sooner the McCanns are questioned again the better, they need to co-operate fully this time! Are we heading for an Easter appeal now?- Sharon, Essex UK
(A)Of course they are suspects they are the two last people to see her alive. I suggest you have a look at our Australian newspapers such as The Age, The Australian, and The Sydney Herald and find out how well laid out and newsworthy they are.- Maureen Rae, NSW Australia
(A)Well the barman story has been discredited and is, once again, an old story rehashed by the M3 agency to grab the headlines.- Rita, Cologne Germany
(A)When will the McCanns stop hiding behind Clarence Mitchell and start "speaking freely" to the Portuguese police about the 100 questions?- Ed, San Francisco, U.S.A.
(A)If they are so intent on finding her then why don't they cooperate with the police in Portugal? Surely if they don't want to be classed as suspect they would do everything to prove to the contrary.- Annie, Hitchin
(A)I can't take any more of this soap opera. It is no longer about a lost child. It is the saga of the publicity-hungry parents.- Peter West, Puntous, France
(A)"We are told it is responsible parenting" -By whom? The Wests?- Marian Hunter, New Zealand
(A)A few unanswered questions might just bring this to a swifter conclusion. Heaven save us from another six months of this publicity hungry pair.- Olderbird, Northants
(P)"This is an exceptionally high-profile case and it is the country's image which is at stake."They've already trashed whatever image there was.- Kim, Sweden
(A)Yes, the tag of "suspect" must be getting in the way of numerous US and UK interviews, book deals, film deals, magazine articles etc.What a nuisance, eh?- Annie, England
(A)"So they can talk freely about the case"?God help us.(A)We have been saturated with this drivel from the McCann camp for seven months now - and they want to talk freely?- Lin, Scarborough England
(A)The McCanns should not have to question the reasons why they are suspects, it was their neglect in leaving children alone that led to the disappearance. If they had used the available childcare then Madeleine would not be missing.- S Fletcher, UK
(A)Home for Christmas? Poor Madeleine.- Billy J Walker, Yorkshire
(P)Sandie of Lancashire: "These people are INNOCENT!"What facts do you base your statement on? You know as much/as little as the rest of us. The same as Clarence Mitchell. The same as the whole McCann family put together. And, if you like, the same as the Portuguese police at the moment.Absolutely nothing.- Lizzy, Surrey
(A)Answer the questions.- Safc, Sunderland
(P)Has anyone thought that they were given the Arguido status as the PJ knew they were planning to go home that week (they had not kept it secret) and the PJ were worried about them talking about the case once they were back in the UK? The Arguido status is just a way for the PJ to get them to keep their mouths shut. Look at the bigger picture people. They were allowed home because there was not enough evidence against themm to stop them - they did not FLEE anywhere.- Aj, UK
(N)Six months. For goodness' sake, give it a rest!- Roger, Brighton
(N)Shouldnt Metodo 3 find all these answers? after all they are paid by the McCanns to do their job, the PJ is working with the portuguese tax money!- Maria Margarida, Brussels
(A)Alison, Salisbury and Ian, Benfleet - why do you attack Topcat's comments? Nowhere does he(she) state that he(she) knows what the questions are. And the McCanns did leave Portugal of their own volition. The McCanns have to understand that they will be suspects as they are the last known people to have contact with Madeleine. Even their army of supporters must see that. If they are innocent then it is just part of the process of elimination.- Alf, Northampton - England
Portugual's image certainly is at stake - if the police don't own up to making a big mistake in making the family suspects the country will be tarnished far longer by this shameful cover-up.- Cathy, Kendal, England
(P)Please people don't you think the McCanns are suffering enough without this constant sniping. Of course they don't want Madeleine forgotton which is why they are constantly in the news.- Janet, Poole
(P)The McCanns and their friends cooperated fully with the police. There are no "missing hours", no "unanswwered questions", no "blood in the car", no "corpse in a dead dog" etc. - it was all rubbish put about in the summer by a corrupt officer who tried to frame Kate and was then sacked. The delay in revealing the "evidence" against the McCanns is easily explained - there isn't any. If there were the police wouldn't be hanging onto prolonged secrecy to cover it up.- Cathy, Kendal, England
(N)I'm sorry we can't find her - but who ever is responsible for Maddie's disappearance surely did a nice job in hiding her. May they rot in their personal hell or step forward and speak.- Vasco-Gouveia, Lisbon - PT
(P)Kate and Gerry, like you I would never give up. If she were mine, nothing would stop me. Ignore the morons you get in these rooms, they are sad people that have no lives, keep shouting from the highest trees I would, and never never never give up, stay in the news - keep Maddie a current affair, remind everyone, everyday you can never let it rest, never.- Mike, Gold Coast, Australia
(A)Somebody tell this awful couple that only three things cannot be hidden... the sun, the moon and the truth. Justice is coming for Maddie.- Tony Quinlan, Essex
(A)Cathy from Kendal obviously works for the Portuguese police and has full inside information on all aspects of this case to be quite so adamant. No one knows the facts for sure, but we all know the McCanns were negligent and the sole reason that Madeleine went missing. So stop blaming everyone else. The buck stops there with Team McCann.- Pam, UK
(A)The facts remain the same. There are many questions still unanswered, inconsistencies in too many areas. M3 did NOT deliver by Xmas as they stated they would. That they knew who had Madeleine and where! - Sassy, Spain
(A)Dear me Cathy, from Kendal. Do you believe the moon is made of cheese too?- Harry Shearer, Harrow, London
(N)Afraid of the country being tarnished?! It already is.- Barbara, UK
(A)McCanns - just book an EasyJet flight back to Portugal asap, and answer the PJ's questions, for goodness' sake!- Anne, Nofolk, UK
(A)Annie, England I think you are spot on. The public has lost sympathy with this couple, when they lost sight of the search for the child, in favour of a grandiose publicity machine, of their own creation. If the McCanns wanted to keep out of the limelight they could have done, but no. You cannot play the media both ways.I agree, the "arguido term" should never be lifted, until they can prove their innocence. - Clarence, Oakham
(A)Of course the McCanns are the main suspects - there is, as yet, nothing to connect Murat or the paedo (alleged) with the crime, whereas the McCanns left their daughter unattended (allegedly), were the last people to see her, and will not answer some important questions, because any question will now be important and why suddenly leave Portugal after declaring their intentions to never leave without Maddie?- Mo, Spain
(N)AJ - very interesting point - I had not thought of that! You are possibly spot on!- Tom, Lancs
(A)I'm older, so forgive me, I can't help but think of my mother's stern advice - never leave your children alone. That was at home. She never bothered to mention a foreign country. Everybody in the world knows that the McCanns want their baby back, just like god knows how many other babies, but they do themselves no favours with this "outside the law" crusade. It only creates suspicion.- Ed, Scotland
(N)When you say the country is tarnished Barbra, I assume you mean UK?- Vic, Portugal
(N) Praying for Maddy.- Michelle Yeldham, Merseyside=504749&in_page_id=1770&in_page_id=1770&ct=5&expand=true#StartComments

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