4 Dec 2007


Hope you dont mind me copying YOUR POST from the DE Mamajean = it is an excellant post about the desperate sadness of this case. You clearly have done a lot of research and your posts are always insightful, compassionate and informative. THANKS

03.12.07, 10:55pm
I do sympathise with you and realise that you want to keep an open mind and you seem to be very affected by what is said on this forum but I have to say that I have read as much as I can find about this case and I believe the pj know that the day before Madeleine went missing the parents were dining at a place called chaplins, which was a few minutes walk away and had to be called at 11.45pm by MW staff as their children were cying.. The staff at MW had had complaints from other people prior to this about the Mc children crying at night. On the 3rd May it seems to have been proved that a baby sitter was organised and then cancelled at 6pm. It is not easy to know exactly what happened that evening but I am sure the pj now have a very good idea. What is apparent is that these parents were in the habit leaving heir children either in the creche or alone in the appartment at night. You might also think that people on holiday often take jewelry, cameras or other expensive items so why would you leave an appartment unlocked and with children sleeping. Many many questions.There is a campaign to malign the portuguese police and I am very sorry about this because I believe they are very efficient and will eventually bring this to a conclusion.
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docmac said...

Imagine something had happened to one of the twins and Maddie had set off to find them in the dark. What chance would an almost 4 year old have of finding Chaplins under these conditions? There was also a suggestion that they may have eaten in Lagos one evening. That is 5km away.

Regarding the towel. It could be significant if one of the following had occurred:
1. They were in the barn at night (it was disused and probably had no lights, not that they would have wanted to use the lights anyway). They would also not want to attract too much attention by flashing a torch around either. Or maybe the torch batteries died? If any of these were true and there were a few 'articles' to get rid of one might not have been missed.
2. They were in danger of being disturbed or had some other reason to have to leave suddenly.

Can't stop now, have a nice day!

felicity said...

Hi Docmac I am afraid I just cannot get my head around two doctors behaving in such an appalling way towards their children, even when other holiday makers had complained about them. This is why I have always said that regardless of what happened to Maddie - she is gone and they are responsible for that. They have demonstrated they are simply not fit to be responsible for little children. It does relly annoy me that lower class parents would, quite properly, have had the twins renoved from their "care" and yet these two "doctors" have been allowed to keep babies that they have shown such callous disregard for.

Wherever they went, it is clearly not reasonable to have expected little Maddie to be able to find them.

Regarding the towel, I am very suspicious this is only reported in the Daily Express! I believe some of the more bizarre claims are actually put forward to support the parents and discredit the PJ - e.g. the claim they are "swingers" which has not emanated from the PJ at all. If you read the DE article it does not actually say the PJ are currently saying anything about a towel...Disinformation and confusion...

We will have to wait and see!

You have a nice day too and thanks for posting.

Kind Regards