18 Dec 2007


...nice to see you suddenly pop p again by the way!

"I have said for a long while now that if the PJ have no evidence on which to bring charges against the McCann's now, barring something extraordinary cropping up, it is unlikely that they will get anything now and I was shouted down on here Rosiepops 6.15 Daly Expres Forum"

Do you go through life with blinkers on - never even hearing the UK news? Murder cases are NEVER closed and good suspects are NEVER taken out of police files on them. Have you not heard of two recent cases where we got them 15 years later? But after just 8 months you want the McCanns to be cleared. Tough luck lady that is never going to happen!

Kind Regards to you

Viv x


felicity said...


18.12.07, 6:27pm

Can anyone tell me please:

Why the McCanns Arguidos Status cannot be removed because if the P.J. do just that, then the McCanns would HAVE to answer the questions that the P.J. have insisted and accused them of not answering !

I have asked this several times on here now and no one has answered the question !

• Posted by: Maureen7

and she wonders why no one can be bothered to answer her ROFL!

If the PJ did try pulling an illegal stunt like that it would be nice to read what her and Rosiepops would have to say about it! Still I suppose they can always dream - that would get the case against them thrown out by any self-respecting Judge!

Viv x

docmac said...

Hi Viv

There does seem to have been a dramatic upsurge in anxiety among many of the McCann supporters on that forum lately. The lifting of their arguido status has become a mantra, alongside renewed and suddenly much more frequent attacks on the so-called inept PJ and the British dogs. Why are they so worried? They claim the PJ have absolutely no evidence to present.

I saw your last post on the rather garrulous 'new' poster. I have yet to see so many thousands of words produced in such a short time from any new forum member and I consider this very suspicious. There have been a few other 'new, troops answering the rallying call too. If I read very carefully I think I have 'met' all of them before. Desperation (and even fear) is creeping in and I am more convinced than ever that instructions are coming from McCann HQ.

felicity said...

Absolutely entirely agree with your last post Doc!

Well said.

The PJ will be hear, I predict, early in the New Year, which gives them a great deal to fear!

If you cant do the time, dont do the crime. Nothing can bring our little Angel back but that does not mean they are going to get away with it or their disgraceful disposal of her little body.

Kind regards
viv x

alsabella said...


The PJ cannot lift the McCanns status if they consider them to be involved in the dissappaerance of Madeleine. This is not like magical chairs in which you sit and stand. Once arguido, you are arguido until the end. The PJ cannot lift the status and then name them again arguidos. This would be considered baggering and would allow the "pro-McCanners" a field day talking about police unresolve and incompetance.
Besides even IF it were possible, the minute the PJ lifted the status, and the McCanns did not want to answer the questions, they would have their lawyer requesting the arguido status again, to allow them this privilege!

felicity said...

Ola, Alsabella, minha querider amiga

Thanks very much for confirming the legal position in Portugal. Here we would be talking about "bad faith" by the police and "abuse of process".

When our police have behaved in this way, regrettably the case against the suspect is mercilessly thrown out by UK judges, regardless of how guilty the suspect may be. I am sure it exactly the same in Portugal and the PJ know exactly what they are doing, and will certainly not be listening to any "advice" from the likes of Maureen and Rosiepops. In fact I think it would make them laugh "till their tummies hurt". Forgive me using that one again but it is one of my favourites from Claudia - also I believe you may have used it as well.

There is a big difference between educated PJs with degrees and some who just like to pontificate!

minha amiga
Luv Viv xxxxxxx

josiepublic said...

Well Maureen is perplexed and I can see why if she too thought that once the McCanns got back to UK they could force the PJ to lift their status before charging them. Poor Maureen I was tempted to ask why she didn't think they could answer questions before the status was lifted but I didn't have the heart besides she was too busy putting words in Alsabella's mouth- I thought she might go into meltdown- how you took this abuse night after night(and Claudia & Alsabella continue to) I cant imagine but Claudia continues to make me smile- her humour is delightful. Well Viv Darling after Xmas it is then - I continue to sneak back to the forum and my daughter who has been busy is starting to notice- dinner was late! LOL , Love Plainwaters XXXXX

felicity said...

Hiya darling

how lovely to hear from you again. Sometimes I think Maureen i8s just Rosie pretending to be really thick to demonstrate that all types, even if they are not the sharpest tool in the box do actually believe in the McCanns. Other tines I just think Maureen is actually a really nasty old lady - harassing and haranguing people with her file and precious little else apart from here worshipping Rosie who she was so desperate to talk to she even posted her email address LOL. Then there is Old Hippy who tries to keep telling us she is a lovely kind person but frequently uses the most offensive and aggressive language to people.

In relation to Claudia and Alsabella - I think it is a mark of ther intellect and integrity that in spite of the vicious, racist attacks they continue to remain calm and keep posting. Like you and a number of others on the forum who are pro-Madeleine in terms of intellect you are clearly streets ahead. The only one of them that seems to have a brain is Rosie, but it is an evil brain and one that chooses to keep on telling silly, demonstrable lies - just like Gerry McCann - sure there is a very close connection here!

I am in a better place now and clearly still a real thorn in their sides - which is nice!

We have both Christmas and afer Christmas to really look forward to. If you find Claudia's email address on here you can email her and then she will email me to get in direct touch. I love you to bits and that would be great. I think it would be dangerous for me to publish my email address but obviously Claudia is out of harm;s way.

Luv you loads darling and always a great joy to read you on the DE and hear from you on here. You are excellant and so of course are Alsabella, Claudia, Docmac, Rat and many more - keep letting them have the truth!

Justice for Little Maddie
You cant excuse the inexcusable
Gerry McCann is a particularly nasty piece of work!

Loads a love

Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx