12 Dec 2007

Here I am

You asked for me, minha amiga, and here I am.
Anything you need. Madeleine deserves it all. Sooner or later, justice will be done.
Sweet Madeleine, some of us will never forget you, darling. May God bless you!


felicity said...

Ola! Minha Amiga Claudia

Our new blog author!! - what a great asset you asset you are my friend! No longer must I shoulder the awesome task of being the only one to make posts on this blog!

I will certainly join you in saying we will never forget our little darling and we will keep looking forward to the day when Justice will be done and

May God Bless and Protect her from all evil.

Thanks new my lovely new lady blogger!!

now where is the flipping bloke oh - he has posted - I will answer him pronto!

minha querider amiga
Viv z

felicity said...

sorry there was a lot of rubbish errors in that post - I am quite worn out with me first trip into the big city for weeks to get flash new hairdo today, Lovely flaterring chap as well - he said the silver tones in my blond hair looked like an expensive colour treatment LOLOOL- I dont know! the things they will say to get you to come back and part with another load a cash eh! ~ still it is nice to be cosseted!

Viv x

docmac said...

Boa noite minha querida amiga. Como estas?

How the hell do you do this? I am quite tired after some physical activity and am going to bed very soon.

Ate a proxima! Tchau.

Cláudia said...

Well, my friend, I'm impressed with your Portuguese! Is that interest or is it the influence of the many Portuguese in SA? :-)


I'm sure your hair is just lovely. With or without a new hairdo! :-)

felicity said...

Ola meu amigos Claudia e Docmac
(textbook unseen hum hummmmm)

and dont start giving me that feminine masculines stuff docy LOL

cL - hair is a lot lovelier now! Might go and get me eyelashes tinted next week - what a siren eh!

Doc as a trusted mate you got a similar invite - get off the nest and check you box man! You may get erosion you know...

Oh dear always get worse as the night rolls on - still like to give my best mates something to chat about LOOOOLLLLOL on the floor - just for you doc..

Vivicitously yours
meu amigos!

Cláudia said...

Olá, minha amiga!:-)
Have the eyelashes dyed? There's something I never thought about! :-)

Dorme bem, minha amiga. Até amanhã. Abraços e beijinhos!

felicity said...

Ola minha querida amiga!

Yes and the look even more fantastic and sexy on someone who is only 28 with a lovely sunkissed complexion!

I am going to translate by way of a test:

Sleep well my friend until tomorrow hugs and kisses.

Sound teaching methods!

Luv ya loads
Nite Nite
Boa Noite
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

felicity said...

Hey docmac

What are you doing? Oh well maybe you should not say!

Ate amanha
Minha Amigo!

Viv x