28 Dec 2007


On 24 December Sky News confirmed that Pamela Fenn heard Madeleine crying for two hours whilst left alone on 2nd May, the night before she disappeared. Whilst their spokesman Clarence Mitchell has stated "so far as Kate and Gerry are concerned there was no tennis bag" neither he, nor the McCanns have sought to deny Pamela Fenn's claims and plainly Sky would not confirm this report which has been in the public domain for several months, if it were not true. I am therefore somewhat amused to see their drones on the Daily Express getting their heads together and then producing some synchronised posting seeking to deny this. Are they actually acting on the instructions of Clarence Mitchell or the McCanns given they do not bother to deny the truth or merely out of the goodness of their little hearts. By repeatedly getting their heads together (see Mandz below, " I got called away") they not only show how blatantly dishonest they are - they also continue to make themselves a laughing stock.

On the subject of being a laughing stock..... I note Mandz no longer likes the titles dreamed up by them to create divisiveness on the forum "anti-McCann" or "pro-McCann" she has, in her infinite wisdom, decided to go one better so that the terms have now become "anti-cretin" or "pro-cretin". Has no one had the heart to tell her that accordingly she seeks to support a couple of mad dogs or mentally retarded people! Now come, come Mandz, even I would not use such strong language to describe Kate and Gerry! YOU could help the PJ with their investigation! I am simply speechless!!!! I would love to see the PJ reading such remarks on the DE forum and watch them laugh till their tummies hurt....

Clearly. Mrs Fenn's evidence against the McCanns is utterly damning!

The diehard drones:

27.12.07, 7:39pm
Could you tell me how Mrs Fenn was apparently certain it was Madeleine crying and if anyone was, how could she be sure it was Madeleine and be able to distinguish between Madeleine's, Sean's and Amelie's cry.
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27.12.07, 7:39pm
How come you and Rosiepops managed to both reply to a post that I made over half an hour ago exactly at the same moment?Are you two psychic?• Posted by: DadTo3 • Report CommentI have been meaning to mention this for the past 20min however got called away! As for Psychic no I am not however I wish I was that way I could help the PJ with their investigation!
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27.12.07, 7:28pm
It was reported in a newspaper she allegedly said the child was crying then it was reported after that she was outraged by this as she said no such thing therefore went on record to say she heard NO CHILD CRY........As for being scared was she not burgled and tried to cling onto the man's legs as he went out the window? If true then she can be that scared can she....
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27.12.07, 7:27pm
I know what I read, she categorically states she did not hear Madeleine crying on that night or any other night.She also says she caught an intruder in her flat shortly before Madeleine was abducted.Her daughter also states that she saw a strange man lurking around on a couple of occasions outside the McCann's apartment and this would *seemingly* fit in with the *alleged* gr-any video that the PJ has *allegedly* sent off to the FBI for enhancements, which is supposed to show unusual male activity around that apartment.Not to mention that this would also fit in with the men seen by the nannies seen hanging around this apartment and this like all the above has been reported to the Portuguese police as well as to the manager of the MW complex.All these men seen hanging around this apartment have allegedly been officially reported, so unlike such a lot of information in this case can easily be verified,
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docmac said...

Yes Viv this synchronized posting has been going on for months. There are three distinct patterns:

1. They all arrive for work simultaneously (compulsory shifts).

2. They all go off for a cuppa, sorry I meant conference, together. I do stutter, forgive me.

3. The shift change. This was very easy to spot over Christmas when the more senior members of the team were given time off having achieved their posting targets. Chinadull and Gin & tonic shared the responsibility. They must still be resting as they have not posted since the others came back.

I just want to say something in direct response to the 3 posters mentioned above:

Rosiepips,judging by your personality I can't imagine that you have seen either 'unusual' or 'usual' male activity for many years lololol.

Christaballs you have the reasoning capabilities of a brick.

Blandz you are destroying my marriage. I wake up in the middle of the night laughing at you and your obviously apt avatar. My wife is one tolerant and compassionate lady so she is getting pissed off that I now laugh at stupid people. The only reason we are still together is that I have showed her some of your posts. Keep posting please, as I really love my wife and I need more evidence. Thanks.

ironside said...

hi felicity,,,what a night that was.....they seem to be coming frenzied .....like being with a pool of sharks....I wonder if this will turn into a "MADDIEGATE" It sure looks like it is heading that way.....This has become a cult like Kabulah....bracelets and brainwashing...cant imagine the chant though.....maybe something like....Kate and Gerry do not Bury.....Regarding the Uncle....it was reported this is only forum talk....that uncle peter was there....amongst the chatter a hairdresser...that good old hairdresser never misses a thing...has been saying that this Uncle passed gerry a brown envelope and said that he does not want to be involved with lies...this was in the tapas bar...could just be gossip but she is the same hairdresser that quoted mrs fenn....When reporters started asking questions about said uncle.....the family denied they were related...they then back tracked using the excuse that they have a large family and had forgotten his existance...Now this man is loaded...he has property in spain and malta and big connections in the states....as I say could just be forum gossip.....no smoke without fire I always say...

felicity said...

Hey Docmac and Ironside - my two favourite male posters - what fab posts! Doc you sent me into an uncontrollable girly fit of the titters again with your acid wit:-)

Gotta go out and eat cuz I am starving but will deal with you both later!

Love Viv x

ironside said...

Hi felicity now I seem to have the hang of posting....a couple of bits of useless info...Martin Brunt said that both Ruth Mccann and Gerry deny "there is a relationship" regarding app 5a..If someone could do a bit of digging and see if ruths late husband is a member of the clan..should not be difficult to find....if so why would they lie....It sounds to me a bit like when gerry was asked if he know murat...the "no comment"....Next there was someone registered living with the mccanns and left just before the fateful holiday.....

Robert Murat has a brother named richard who has a daughter called amelie ella murat ...born 2002 disrtrict...Mid Warwickshire...Robert Murats daughter is named sofia...it has been remarked that her and madeleine could be twins...

Tony Rickwood who is Phil's partner were making plans in june to go to turkey for a holiday ..odd thing is they enquired seperately....being as they live together ...even odder when you think it was les than a month since madeleine disappeared....it probably means nothing...just thoughts that somehow murat fits into this....

felicity said...

Hiya Doc

Loved your post! Clearly they are on varying shift - Chinadull and Gin & Tonic were particularly obnoxious over the christmas break! I have to laugh when you so repeatedly see "back in 30 mins" "going for tea" "going for a cuppa". ROFL 'oh I mean conference' - if the above is what they then produce one could question why they bother! I notice some of the antis have started making some of the apparently inane and pointless remarks for a joke. It is not subtle stuff is it!

Your comments on Rosiepips, Crystaball and Blandz ROTFLMAO Mate - so keep up the good work - I love a good laugh! In the sheer stupidity stakes I think it is almost tiebreaker for me in between Blandz and Maudlin7 - they are utterly pricelessly stupid - but very funny!

Luv ~Vivx

ironside said...

Hi again...I see the next stage is to question our mental state....have just posted something I found on the DM over to DE...one article from a doctor...the other how the mccanns are using the internet to push this new campaign...could explain the agression and below the belt insults...that are now coming forth.....have only really noticed it in the last few days...three of snowhites and her seven dwarfs have tried to have me banned in the last forty eight hours....I must be doing something right...at the moment its bash docmac time.....anyway had enough for today....did you see the way they abused my spanish friend....she wont do that again.....Am going out for a pint.....

docmac said...

Ironside, enjoy that pint, you deserve it mate. The way they tried to abuse Mercedes was frankly appalling. They resorted to the old 'she doesn't have a good command of English' routine. It is very tiresome. I don't post on that forum anything like as much as you do nowadays, but I want to reiterate that I read your posts with a combination of admiration and respect. All strength to you and your furry companions, as well as your friend Mercedes..

felicity said...

Hiya again Ironside - great to hear from you again!

I think they (the er .."pro-cretins") are like a diminutive group of sharks, swimming against the tide and most of their teeth have fallen out but still gasping for a crumb of comfort from their leader ...the hammerhead but she cannot find a crumb. How silly was that 52nd paedo story -eagerly they pounced but the next day it just floated out of reach...how desperate!

Is this uncle Peter a rich one in Malta - where all the original "sightings" strangely emanated from...Was the envelope stuffed with cash - reminds me of Hamilton and Al Fayed. Perhaps he will offer some fringe assistance but beyond that "Gerry you are on your own". Gerry does love money - all such people with his personality style do and he is truly a tenacious little terrier in pursuit of it - when at least when he is being superficially charming - otherwise perhaps I should say rottweiler to reflect his true self! The American media clearly were being manipulated - I noted the joint venture with Panorama! and that slimy PI who went there for a couple of weeks and determinedly told us he had it sussed "trust me she as abducted". I trust you not mate. The PJ and UK police have been working on it for 8 solid months and still do not have it sussed. Around the world, cases such as this seem to take about 3 years to investigate e.g. Joe O'Reilly - many interesting parallels which I am thinking of doing a separate post on:


Who was registered livng wtih the Mc just before they went on holiday? It will be interesting to see if there is a family connection re ownership of their hol apartment. Gerry does not plan quite as well as he thinks! I think the only thing with Murat is Gerry knew he was there in PDL and would be a good one to frame - or so he thought! What with witnesses as convincing as Jane Tanner. If there is more to the Murat connection that will be interesting. Sometimes we must all feel a bit naive trying to think what we accept and dont accept! To me ther is so much that is blatantly obvious - like those bruises on Kate and Maddie.. I dont worry about digging too deep but interested to read your work where you cleary have dug a lot deeper than me. Releasing Murat as an arguido even if they know he is innocent could cause PJ all sort of probs and keeping K&G guessing is an excellant strategy whilst they continue to demand the file "oh sure here you go". The arrogance of these two and their advisors - laws and procedures MUST all be changed for them - NOT! I dont know who tony rickwood and phil are forgive my ignorance

Phew long post answering your first two which I typed twice cuz Luke lost the first one when changing batts in my k board OH BUGGER

Will have a look at what else u and doc had to say now

Cheers both
Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya again Ironside

They are no problem to the DE personally are they - so no need to ban them! Do they seriously believe they can question the mental state of others given the tripe they write? I think it is weird the way they have so seriously abused me for months but then from just before christmas it just suddenly stops - curious! It is flattering to you and Doc that you frighten them so much - you two would flipping frighten me if I was on the wrong side of you! Will have to go and have a read - it is an amusing bit of sport.

How frustrating my site must be - we can say what we like and it would be me banning them if they tried to answer back with their pathetic vitriol. These little saddos are just like Gerry they have to be in control and go to pieces when they are not - I think that is what they are doing!

Keep up the great work Ironside.

Luv viv x

felicity said...

Hey Doc

Chivalry is not dead - they also laid into Ecolab in similar manner hence my post on here - that worked - I noted rosiepips being seriously polite to her. She knows she has to toe the line because I am watching her and whenever she feels like going into one of her vicious little racist rants - she gets the treatment on here and clearly from her ocmments does not like that at all. " I am not a racist". "I am not a bully" ummmmmmmmm

Gonna have a look at the DE

Catch you both later

Ironside - enjoy your pint!

Love viv z

CKH_fromDE said...

IRONSIDE: here's a link from the Mirror forum regarding Ruth McCann (owner Apt 5A) and any possible relationship with THE McCanns.