8 Dec 2007


Interesting and thought provoking post from Penelope considering the possibility of murder:

07.12.07, 2:16pm
I scrolled back and saw that Quickfingers asked the question as to why the PJ would want the McCann's telephone records BEFORE as well as after Madeline went missing.Lots of theories have been discussed on this forum but I am about to hypothesise the unspeakable ..perhaps it was murder?- There is a rumour that Madeline's DNA matches her mother's and the twins but not Gerry's. Perhaps there was a mix up in the IVF clinic, perhaps she is the result of an affair. - Gerry has been quoted as saying, talking about life after Madeline's disappearance "we have our own family now" (or words to that effect). - It seems Murat was known to O'Brien & JT- DId Gerry & Kate deliberately chose to be outside the UK jurisdiction to commit the crime? Portugal is known for being sleepy - that is where Fergie Duchess of York conducted her at least one extra marital affair.- Did G&K chose to be in this foreign location on a holiday surrounded by cose friends who would act as alibis?- Did they deliberately leave the children all alone each night so as to set a "plausable" scene for an abduction?On the official Find Madeline site, there is a black & white family photograph which speaks volumes. Gerry has his arm around one twin, Kate her arm around the other, and Madeline is slightly to the side, not in physical contact with any of her family, hugging her knees with her legs. She is "out on a limb" in this photo. The odd one out in the family, the black sheep? G&K don't seem to be hugely distressed without her. Their lives being " not as happy" without Madeline. Even the laughing and joking and tennis and sunbathing in teh aftermath. A QC friend says that his murder clients always seem to be calm, not distressed. The reason for this is as they have planned it out, they have rationalised everything before the event, and sometimes admit to a sense of relief after the murder is done. A child psychaitrist who says htat children are harmed by parents all the time, and she has seen several cases of possible murder. Its accepted amongst pediatricians that about 15% of all cot deaths are murder. I'm not saying that the Mccanns did murder her, but its not beyond the realms of possibility.
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