7 Dec 2007


According to some stupid author in a Portuguese rag by a Portuguese journalist Manuel Catarino, Madeleine and the twins were never in that apartment. Oh ok those photos of Madeleine were all figments and so is the video footage of the twins?If the twins were never in that apartment how come all this *alleged* DNA has been found in the block flooring, on the walls and on the curtains? How come if Madelene wasn't there her DNA has supposedly been found in the tyre well of this hire car?Ye Gods what the hell next?Despicable odious man you are Manuel Catarino, I hope you spend your money you have earned off of the back of a missing 4 year old little girl wisely, it may be the last you ever earn before your credibility is shot to pieces.This is what the vilification of the McCann's is now sinking to, just when you think it cannot get any worse - it does.
• Posted by: Rosiepops

Every time you do it Rosie, I will be reporting it - so stop getting so upset about being called a RACIST - any criticisms of the Daily Express for writing a book "off the back of a missing four year old". NO I DIDNT THINK SO! I suggest you go and buy a few thousand copies - just to help the McCanns along with their "fighting fund" because you are not much cop are you? There again anyone with a normal personality would not want to "gt them off" would they?


docmac said...

I wonder if Rosiepops thinks that Manuel is a Muslim name and that most Portuguese are Muslims. Did you see her posts on the Gillian Gibbons articles? Hate, hate, hate. That's all I see from him/her. I say him/her because of what I read on Alroy's profile. The profile seems to fit Rosie better than her own 'gentle gardener' and 'nature lover' image. Anything or anyone not 'British' is repulsive and obnoxious. Probably a paedophile, serial killer or a bomber too. Hate, hate, hate. It makes me ill to be honest.

felicity said...

Hi Docmac just had real difficulty opening the link to respond - had to shut everything down and start again to get it to work.

In fact I did post Rosie's sickening racist rant about Sudanese people on here but then on reflection thought that it was so repulsive and unlawful that I should remove it and have done. Clearly many people can be deeply offended by her comments. Perhaps the only way to stop her vile attacks on other races is to continue to expose her for what she is. I genuinely am a keen gardener and wildlife lover although the problems with my ankles have curtailed a lot of that. For he/her to attempt to suggest she has a similar, humanitarian personnae is deeply insulting. I note she continues to lift my phrases as well - most recent "credibility shot to pieces". I write it and a few days later it appears in one of her posts. Ordinarily I would take it as a compliment but not on this occasion!

I am afraid I continue to find her ill-disguised real views just as revolting as you do. With this person seeking to "defend" the McCanns with her extreme preaching of hate it is little wonder that their standing in the UK has plummeted so dramatically from September when they were welcomed back into the village of Rothley. Now Rothley residents are saying what they really think. If they were oginally misled then so were millions of others - that is no shame. The shame would be to continue to "support" these two!

ratonthebeam said...


Here's another one making a quick buck off the back of a missing four year old, it must be catching.


felicity said...

Thanks Ratonthebeam - the cashing in mentality seems to know no bounds in some!


Cláudia said...

Olá, minha amiga! Boa noite!
In fact, Rosiepops is something else. She apparently takes offense when she is called a racist or a xenophobe, but she can't avoid showing her true colours when she gets angry. And it is cristal clear!

felicity said...

Hiya Claudia

I am going to undertake a "textbook unseen exam" and translate

Hello, my friend, Good Night!

Was I right or was I right????

I know what a nasty old tosser...

well I can say what I flippin like now cant I? Why waste eloquent words on that....

Can you give me "I know what a nasty old tosser" in Portuguese - just so that I can give it her in stereo?


Cláudia said...

There's a wonderful sense of freedom here! I just love it. I can write innocent things in Portuguese and there is no report button to hit! :-)
Did you notice that Maureen is on call tonight? lolol

felicity said...

ola, minha amiga! FREEDOM

Have not been checking DE much but will go and have a look - their stories are not too bad though!

Know how to wind her up

Will look for your email..

Laters minha amiga

felicity said...

07.12.07, 12:55pm

07.12.07, 12:34pm

Gina M, you are a 'man' after my own heart, sorry I guess you are a woman, and you are absolutely right, I am 77 years of age, I have fought may a good battle in my time and believe all us Brits should stick together, and why not, the Irish do, the Scots do, and so do the Welsh, what we need is a bit more Patriotism with the Brit's, we are being down-trodden by EU rules and rgulations and now look at the mess we are in with all the immigrants flooding in and using up our hard earned resources! But then, the next thing they will all be clamouring on the forum to call me 'racist', that's how free speech went out of the window!

Well you said it Alroy - great bedfellow for Rosie arnt you - funny how racists always like to say "well I am just exercising my right to free speech" I think you will find there is no right to discriminate - see Article 14 ECHR. Are your BNP subs up to date?

Anonymous said...

Rosiepops......The book translates that the apartment looked too clean and tidy, not consistent with children holidaying there. Not that they was never there.

felicity said...

Thanks Anon - Rosiepops has earned a reputation for distorting the truth!!