30 Dec 2007


Why this Christmas message

Right time to say thanks to everyone who has been supporting them particularly their friends in Portugal who they still have...

Appeal to abductor

Lastly appeal direct to Madeleine just in case she should hear this message

Police may choose to come back to interview them or their friends

Nothing massively significant from private detectives

They are still official suspects - simply means of interest to the police and can assist with their enquiries

They didn’t do anything to harm their daughter

Our relationship has got better with the Portuguese police a new officer has taken over

Want to work towards Kate and Gerry being eliminated

http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/HTMLTemplate?tf=/ctv/mar/video/new_player.html&cf=ctv/mar/ctv.cfg&hub=World&video_link_high=mms://ctvbroadcast.ctv.ca/video/2007/12/22/ctvvideologger2_500kbps_2007_12_22_1198372429.wmv&video_link_low=mms://ctvbroadcast.ctv.ca/video/2007/12/22/ctvvideologger2_218kbps_2007_12_22_1198370264.wmv&clip_start=00:00:58.85&clip_end=00:03:31.54&clip_caption=CTV Newsnet: Norah Paul, Madeleine's great aunt&clip_id=ctvnews.20071222.00227000-00227617-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071222&slug=missing_girl_071222&archive=CTVNews
http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/HTMLTemplate?tf=/ctv/mar/video/new_player.html&cf=ctv/mar/ctv.cfg&hub=World&video_link_high=mms://ctvbroadcast.ctv.ca/video/2007/12/22/ctvvideologger2_500kbps_2007_12_22_1198372429.wmv&video_link_low=mms://ctvbroadcast.ctv.ca/video/2007/12/22/ctvvideologger2_218kbps_2007_12_22_1198370264.wmv&clip_start=00:00:58.85&clip_end=00:03:31.54&clip_caption=CTV Newsnet: Norah Paul, Madeleine's great aunt&clip_id=ctvnews.20071222.00227000-00227617-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071222&slug=missing_girl_071222&archive=CTVNews


dolores said...

Hi Viv,I hope you are well.It was my birthday yesterday,hubby took me out to dinner.and it was so nice,to forget about this sad scenario for a while.
They make me so angry with their arrogence and 'there catch me if you can'attitude.I see Murrat's mother has challenged these two sisters to go to Portugal and speak to PJ.If the've got the balls.I thought you might like too see this video again,to watch the facial expressions and responces when asked probing questions.


dolores said...

The web address again as I boobed:)


dolores said...


Ithink I had to much champagne last night.
Luv xxxx

Ironside said...

Hi Viv...I am now posting on the three arguidos..Docmac has a lot of respect there....Have had some replies to my request on spinal fluid if you wish to see replies pop over and have a look...This is a fabulous forum decent people..who will debate with you...a lot of respect for each others opinion...You are known also post something...look forward to seeing you there...Take care...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ironside from mercedes

CKH_from_DEforum said...

Hey guys, Happy (Early) New Year. I see that you’ve unmasked our dear little Rosie -- boo-hoo, her cover is blown: too bad, so sad, bye-bye!!

I see that Ecolab has found a lot more photographic evidence of physical abuse toward Kate and Maddie. I know you’ve tossed about the possibility that perhaps Madeleine was a twin, but I wanted to bring your attention to the current theory-de-jour on the Mirror forum, which is that Maddie is/was a human clone. Yeah, I know that sounds nuking-futs, but apparently it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Here’s the link http://forums.mirror.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=33727&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=sedative&start=0 to this particular topic, which is 30+ pages long, but you can ignore pages 2-8 as it’s just a bunch of trolls tossing insults back & forth.

Read the first page of this thread, and then you can skip down to page 9 where the actual debate and supportive evidence enters the discusssion: http://forums.mirror.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=33727&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=sedative&start=120

I’ve personally only digested up to pg 14 myself, but while I initially thought the subject was nothing more than sci-fi, I’m finding myself willing to be more open-minded regarding the possibility and I wanted to see what all of you (Viv, Rat, DocMac, Ironsides, etc.) you think on the subject because at this particular junction, nothing about this case could surprise me any more.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing your opinions on this particular possibility, as I desperately need to hear some voices of reason to help me remember all the reasons why the possibility of a Maddie clone is pure madness!


P.S. I wonder how much Metado3 offered those two new sister-witnesses to "jog" their memories regarding May 3rd? And has anyone wondered why the amount in the Maddie Fund doesn't appear to be garnering any interest? I mean, surely the interest alone would be a few thousands dollars (oops, POUNDS) per month on a balance that large so where is the interest going (that's actually a rhetorical question, as I'm sure I have an idea where that money is going!)?

felicity said...

Hi Ecolab

I think some of your comments are unspeakable... perhaps do not show proper respect towards Madeleine? Some things are better left unsaid.

Hiya Dolores - how lovely to hear from you again!

I am glad to hear you had a lovely birthday yesterday with your hubby and definitely yes - we all need a break from this sad subject.

Nothing can or will bring little Madeleine back and justice does not have to be hurried - we want the PJ to get the right result. We know from many homicide investigations in the UK this can take years even when the culprits are known, as in this case. This does mean that if Murat has any degree of involvement dealing with him also. Peronally, I dont think so but we cannot ignore the possibility given he is an arguido - I dont think for much longer...I am not sure it is even worth commenting on the so called 8 witnesses! They want to have a drink with him and then because he is a sweaty Brit who cannot cope with the heat and they have a chat with the TAPAS sunddenly he is not a drinking partner - he is an abductor - who comes back 30 mins after the crime to make sure he gets nicked - how utterly bizzare! I have been known to shower and change up to 5 times a day when it is hot here or abroad - am I get accused of something for sweating!! Words fail me!

As for Gerry McCann - just what kind of a parent says "well find the body and prove we killed her". My mind is well and truly made up about that man. Seeing the bruises on the photos only confirmed what I already thought about him! Kate McCann needs to face the music and start telling the truth - he never will and she and the remaining children will never be safe with him.

Luv ya Viv x

Anonymous said...

Hiya Ironside

Will certainly have a look at 3 arguidos - I did not even know it existed!

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya CKH

Happy new Year to you also!

I think the best photographic evidence of DV on Kate is the picture ad Domestic Violence 2 I have posted on here. This shows the most terrible bruise right on the point of her elbow as though she landed on it and bruising just above and grab marks to her upper arm. This clearly suggests she was grabbed and flung out of the way - perhaps trying to save Maddie? Other pictures do appear to show a split over her right eye and bruising and also bruising to the right hand side of her nose. Kate is obviously no match for Gerry - I have been unable to see any marks at all on him. The tennis ball pic of Madeleine when blown up 2-500 % shows severe burning to her arm and extensive and quite severe bruising to her little legs - the one above the knee being the most suspicious looking - as this is not an area that gets bumped when little children fall over etc.

I am afraid as far as the suggestion of Madeleine being a clone - I find this disrespectful and unhelpful in terms of trying to find out what happened to her and just do not want to go there ! When there is so much clear and obvious evidence against the McCanns I just cannot understand why people feel the need to delve into such bizarre theories - I am just a natural born realist - like to deal in hard facts and clear, relevant evidence which does very much include psychological evidence. I also greatly respected the opinion evidence of the Spanish Psychiatrist which I have reported on here and this sort of evidence is very much a feature in this sort of case. The PJ have, quite properly, expressed great interest in Kate's state of mind i.e. why would she join him in such a cover up? Fear?

Lovely to hear from you again - and hey if you are interested in more in depth theories than me - go for it!

Kind Regards
Viv x

eurika said...

Hi, Season's Greetings. This website, Esplendor de la Forma

Click on English (translation).
An interesting point of view re- Murat 'witness ladies'. Scroll down and look at the photo of David Payne/Murat.

CKH said...

Yeah, I know the cloning thing is really out there and I apologize for upsetting you with the topic. In the US, the president has even outlawed embryonic stem-cell research (to cure certain diseases, regenerate certain tissues in cases of spinal injury, etc), much less HUMAN cloning so I was unaware that this particular field of science had already made advances in “reproductive human cloning” so imagine my SHOCK to learn there is actually a British company a project called “Clonaid” (The company name under which we operate is different and is not revealed for obvious security reasons as to protect the safety of it's employees and customers - http://www.clonaid.com/news.php ) that has successfully cloned a human embryo and the first one was born several years ago!

Eve, the first cloned human being, was reportedly born on December 26, 2002 to an American mother. The second cloned human was born to Dutch parents in early January 2003. The third human clone, a boy, was claimed to have been born in Japan on January 23, 2003. Taking credit for all of them is Dr. Brigitte Boisselier of Clonaid (see below) (the news says that 3 more cloned humans will be born in February 2003).[/quote]

That just shocks me to no end because I thought that after they’d cloned that “Dolly” sheep back in the 90s and it later died because of illnesses brought about by the cloning process (premature aging was one problem Dolly had), that the world entered into a pact not to explore human cloning because of the moral and ethical dilemmas regarding it so to learn that this isn’t just science fiction has got me reeling. I REALLY had no idea this was going on and I‘m shocked and sickened by it.

I mean, I can see the THEORITCAL applications of perhaps storing your child’s placenta at the time of birth in case your child gets leukemia or something and needs a bone marrow transplant or something but I always felt it was something that could easily get out of control and be used for all the wrong reasons so it would be like Pandora’s box. I’m HORRIFIED that they’re actually cloning babies. It’s just beyond belief because it won’t be long before people are selectively breeding their children in advance like they were pedigreed dogs or racehorses.

Where this gets REALLY freaky and possibly has relevance to Madeleine is when you find out that persons such as Richard Branson and/or a relative of Rupert Murdoch (Alison Murdoch, who -- coincidentally enough -- performed the IVF procedure on Kate McCann and is a team leader in cloning research in New Castle and then in Holland) are actively involved in the field of human cloning. I don’t need to remind anyone the roles that Branson and Murdoch have played in trying to shield the McCanns from justice, even though it doesn’t make sense that they’d protect a pair child neglectors or child murderers but if this angle is true, it starts to make a lot more sense.

Anyway, if anyone else would like to explore this issue further, I would direct them to the post of “Bradley” at Dec 28 at 10:53am at the following link:
http://forums.mirror.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=33727&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=sedative&start=135 as it has links to a lot of supporting documentation.

Again, I’m truly sorry for upsetting you with this but thought you may want to know that it’s actually closer to truth rather than fiction.

Anonymous said...

Hiya CKH

You did not really upset me at all. Perhaps I should explain. I have a legal background. That training makes me focus on the precisely relevant - only those facts that can support the winning of a case. Lawyers are always trained to be very concise, succinct, clear and relevant. Preparation time and court time is expensive so what to present to the court is always a question of paring it down as much as possible. Getting swamped in other details can "bury" a really good case. I hope this explains the way I look at the McCann case.

However, my comments to you may have demonstrated a degree of "closed mindedness". This is certainly not something I stand for! I love learning! I have learned from your above comments and they are extremely interesting and may provide the answer to what the apparent "big secret" is the McCanns and their friends seek to cover up. It is clearly not beyond the realms of possibility when you explain it so well.

Thanks very much for your further comments.

Very Best Wishes
Viv x