12 Dec 2007


For those of you who, like myself, may feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of information that we do have that makes us so sure the Pj/Brit Police/FSS are so right about Kate and Gerry McCann here is brilliant precis - just in case you need your memory jogging!

Thanks Mamjean and I really hope you dont mind me copying this from the DX , but it is a really helpful set of "bullet points". CHEERS VIV x

12.12.07, 9:18pm
inconsistent 'witness' statements, obfuscation, lies, the find madeleine 'fund', PR spokespeople, mortgage payments, "if she's dead, find the body", extradition lawyers, "we won't leave Portugal", comare, GB calls, FSS delays, cuddle cat washing, playing tennis 3 days later to astonishment of staff,instead of searching, "there's no suggestion we used sedatives (whilst rubbing left ear), visiting the whitehouse, having photo taken outside looking like a grinning tourist, visiting the pope, calling Sky first, "they've taken her", DNA, cadaver dogs, spin, shutters jemmied/not jemmied,or smashed according to gerry's brother, doors locked/open, "a feeling someone was in the room", trouser changing, faceless bundleman, not answering 40 questions, we are responsible parents,secret meetings witnesses and lawyers in hotels to get stories straight, "everybody does it","wholly innocent explanations for what may or may not be found", mates flying in to take documentary footage, trademaking of 'names', using fraud specialist investigators to 'find your child', pacts of silence, private jets, Murat in Exeter, "I'm not going to comment on that" (whether he knows Murat or not), 'unhelpful' comments from grandma, 'not really in answer as to whether they were church goers,mobile phone triangulation, xenophobic rantings by MEP's and 'journalists' - both with apparent special needs, unprecedented media coverage, checking every 15mins/30 mins/not checking, "posters in mountain villages in Portugal and Spain, 50 yards/120yards, friendly priests becoming 'unhelpful', fond memories of the holiday, smelly nappies in car well, 'remembering facts' 7 months later, 'sightings' with swarthy people in swarthy lands, blah, blah blah blah etc etc etc. .. the spin, lies, inconsistencies, circumspect funding of ex Govt. personnel, and general bullsh*t by those protecting child neglectors. In fact it all stinks to high heaven. .
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docmac said...

What about the 'we, we, we' blog and the 'we, we' we' interviews? Hardly any mention of Maddie. No 'we love you and are coming for you sweetheart' that I have ever noticed. And what about our dear Kate wanting a job in child care? Oh my, that one has me rather concerned.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article in Daily Mail

Portuguese mayor condemns McCanns

felicity said...

Hiya Docmac

Sometimes I just have to ask myself are these two mentally ill or seriously personality disordered? I get this vision sometimes of them sitting there on the couch together plotting something really offensive and outrageous to say next - a bit like another little group we are familiar with - so many parallels in terms of inflammatory behaviour. Kate dropping out she would like to work in child care - well it just beggars belief - do they actually mean to come across as Mr and Mrs McNasty or is it just natural! Gerry in an interview once said something like hoping things start to get better for us ...oh and Madeleine. Kate oh well if I had bigger boobs they would think I was more mumsy - to me that was pure narcissm "just because I look like some slim goddess rather than some fat gone to seed they are not prepared to believe in me". It is always about them - actually Kate we dont give a momkeys about what you look like - it is the way you act that matters - water off a duck's back to both of them.

Sometimes I just wish they would get a babysitter - a really fantastic perfect, permanent babysitter for those little twins and jog off into infinity - now wouldnt that be nice!

Viv x

felicity said...

Thanks Anon for directing me to the comments of the Mayor in PDL - it is a ringing endorsement of the police allegations against Kate and Gerry McCann and interesting that he also suggests one of the friends may have "abducted" her. I have copied most of the article - at the end we see the comments of Ludicrous demonstrating his increasingly strident mood - these comments coming just a few days after annoying the NUJ and Liberty for threatening to spend the rest of his days tracking down and suing every internet forum blogger etc etc (tremble tremble) for the rest of his days for having the audacity to exercise our right to free speech and heartily endorse the police allegations against them.

However we must also be aware of the right wing press attempts in the UK to paint almost anyone Portuguese in a poor light in some twisted sign of solidarity with Kate and Gerry McCann. "Let's set off the baying right wing mobsters"

We only need to look at today's Daily Express to see this unpleasantness at work "Priest bans Madeleine". What a nasty headline?

Anyone who gets hyped up by such blatant adverse spin, even against a Priest is very welcome to be a Daily Express reader! Get a load of nasty right wing rubbish here! and when you have had your fill of that and are feeling really hyped up with spitting venom and anti any foreigner - get stuck into the Daily Mail - sharks at a feeding frenzy!

Judging by the comments I read neither of the editors of these two right wing rags are having quite the effect they wished - but there is a little family of pops and weasels and bells and ol pot smokers who just love to pounce on the negatives.....I like docmac's phrsse "cutesy names". Dont exactly make them cute does it!

By the way have you read all the research about the effects of long-term cannabis use on the mind - depression paranoia> Then there is the "dentist" member of the family who also tells us he likes pot - funny I have also read it is a major contributor to throat and mouth cancer - given detecting these two little nasties is just part of the job for dentists how odd this "dentist" likes to do it himself. Note he also knows a pathologist in Birmingham - well I know two there who I have worked for many many years ago - so perhaps he would like to mention his name? perhaps not!

Viv x

In an astonishing outburst, the former policeman accused them of "extreme negligence" and said they should never have been allowed to leave Portugal, adding that "the parents are arguidos [suspects] for a reason".

There was a total abuse of trust and extreme negligence."

He went on: "But I trust the Policia Judiciaria explicitly. I trust they will solve this.

"The parents are arguidos for a reason. If they are suspects it's because there are suspicions upon them.

"They are guilty of at least abandonment – in the least

The mayor who has run Praia da Luz for 14 years also condemned the McCanns for leaving Portugal the day after they were made suspects.

"I personally don't agree with them having been allowed to go back to England and be interrogated there.

"But it is curious. As soon as they were made arguidos they did what they had said they would never do – leave. They did so in a great hurry, they never even passed through security, they went through the VIP gate."

In a further blow for the McCanns, Mr Domingues Borba cast doubt on the theory that Madeleine had been abducted.

Although he stopped short of directly accusing the parents of being responsible for her death, officials from the town hall said they now believed Kate and Gerry McCann accidentally killed Madeleine.

He said: "The majority of locals, Portuguese and British too, all say that the parents created this situation. The community in general, the majority believe they are guilty at least of creating the situation – the disappearance or whatever happened.

"This tragedy occurred because of the parents. This case must be investigated to the last. We cannot pay for what they created."

The leader of the Junta de Freguesia never met the McCanns when they were in the resort.

Kate McCann: 'Is guilty of abandoning Madeleine' according to mayor Borba
But he also pointed the finger of suspicion at the McCanns' friends.

He said: "If and I emphasise if she was abducted, whether she is dead or alive now, I think she must have been followed by somebody from England, somebody who came along with them.

"If she was abducted it was by somebody in their group or that knows them well.

"Are the parents guilty? Did they somehow have something to do with her disappearance? That's difficult to answer," he said.

"I, as a father, you know if I was in this situation and I was being pointed at as being guilty I wouldn't like it. The situation of the car though – that's very, very dubious.

"I think she must have been killed and was transported in the car. The way in which the case has been presented to us by the media, with the car seems to indicate that they are guilty.

"But who am I? I cannot pass judgement.

"Maddie's case, I believe it was not abduction. She's just classed as missing until the police find out what actually happened to her.

"This case must be solved. It cannot be allowed to remain a mystery, a stain on our community."

Last night the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell reacted angrily to the mayor's comments.

He said: "Where is his proof? He has not got any damn proof.

"It is not true that Kate and Gerry were involved.

"He is not a police officer and has no access to any of the details of the case.

"Whenever Kate and Gerry were in Praia da Luz everybody around them was incredibly supportive and kind towards them.

"These comments we feel are unrepresentative of the majority of Portuguese people.

"We are disappointed that this sort of comment is still being made, particularly when it is based on no proof whatsoever."

Anonymous said...

The Mail now saying Metodo 3 know where she is and could be home for Xmas

felicity said...

Hi Anon

Just read the Mail with yet another report from Metodo back for christmas - and yet he says he has no evidence she is alive- this man will clearly keep coming up with any old rubbish to carry on getting £50,000 pre from the Find Maddie Fund. He says he has a good idea of he paedo gang who hold her - these comments can surely do no more that cause everyone extreme distress - except Clarence who says he has complete confidence in them. Well we dont have confidence in any of the McCanns "employees"


Anonymous said...

She is either on the Iberean peninsular or North Africa....this narrows it down a lot then.

Where's docmac...getting impatient for more info.

Regards to all

felicity said...

Hiya Anon

Docmac works real hard being a doctor to distressed little babies born prematurely. Later he may well spend some of his precious time with us.

I agree that is something to look forward to!

Kind regards
viv x

Anonymous said...

Hi Viv,

Much admiration to docmac for such an admirable profession.

I am sure all the mums and dads are very appreciative of his skills.

Anonymous said...

Viv you must read the roses and violins article in the Guardian by Jeremy Wilkins partner.....get the sick bag ready.