3 Dec 2007

Hey Lady Fairwaters

I read on the DE last night you are poorly with the flu but still got out of bed to post me so you think they are being arrested - not just yet Babe! Like Docmac said Flu can be a very dangerous virus to try and deal with. Your body needs every bit of resources you can give it to fight those gremlins and SO PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AFTER YOURSELF and stop worrying about litte Madeleine for a few days. Like Athena, Alsabella and Claudia told us she is a Portuguese baby now and they will take good care of her now like they take good care of all their precious babies. Take some herbal remedies which being the old witch I am I find great. Hot ginger and lemon is great and tastes nice! If you have sage in the garden suck some it s a powerful antiseptic to fight throat gremlins. Take paracet and keep your temperature down and rest rest rest mentally and pysically to give your body the strength to fight back. PLEASE GET WELL SOON



josiepublic said...

Thanks Felicity; Ive been up to look online but I'm back to bed now- hope to catch up with things in a few days. XXX

felicity said...

Hiya darling how miserable for you - look forward to chats when you are feeling better.