25 Dec 2007



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As we can see on the 20th December you tell us Tracie who you slipped up and mentioned on the DE is someone you speak to on another forum but then Whoa on the 24th you tell us you never post on other forums. You tell lies about eveything dont you? Some lies you tell are real big bad lies arn't they? That is the trouble with being a liar and writing so many posts - just like Kate and Gerry you have said too much - liars always trip themselves up!

Love Viv xx

PS Are Sky News still Gerry's favourite newscasters? Gosh I remember that huge list of news sites he used to have on his blog back in his halcyon days of thinking he was a clever little con merchant - then it really shrank to just Sky and the BBC, didn't it - is he going to get cross and cross Sky off now - or is he just going to just think sod it and cross the lot off - bury the news eh! What a bunch of barstewards they all are casting aspersions on this wonderful family! Poor Gerry just keep losing things and it is really sad - his daughter, his tennis bag, the twins buggy, his wallet - poor man what next eh? Anyways Happy Christmas to you -did you get a nice fat bonus for all your hardwork? Try not to get too sozzled you have got a 7 day a week job there!

Are you going to do a bungy jump with Claris? When will that be? Look forward to it!

Hope you like me christmas tree lights - I love your santa !

PPS We know who Tracie is :-)



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Pro truth's are tee total?

that's Christabel, Tracie, Alroy I think, and me!

• Posted by: Rosiepops

You are not in contact with other 'pro's', or so you say. I have asked before, who is Tracie
then? Do you also need to go off before answering the question or will you ignore it as
before? By the way Alroy/Lazarus/Mark/Johncar/Arch Rationalist et al is not teetotal, but I'm
sure you knew that anyway.
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Are you paranoid man? what is the problem? So I made a mistake and included someone
from another forum
I converse with, so what, where is that in the greater scheme of things
and why is it so important?
For pity's sake haven't you got anything better than to pounce on a stupid little mistake I
made 5 days ago? you must read every single post I make, I am glad you attach so much importance to my words, but I have to say it is a little sad.
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I have tried telling him/her but she/he will not listen, he/she has a real problem with me and I
haven't a clue why. has got it into his head that I post on other forums and I don't, crikey I have enough with this one, I do have a life and I do enjoy living it.

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Ecolab said...

Are not they just the losers?

Lost the bag, the buggy, the wallet, the child, the fridge?
(You forget the fridge)

I just took a look at the sky video once more. Martin Brunt is not calling Gerry McCann a liar, but it is close....
YES - Sky is backing off!


"MOST WATCHED - New Lines In Madeleine McCann Hunt 00:02:40"

Nice Christmas to you too, Viv. Greetings from Denmark.


Ecolab said...

dr. Josef Mengele, his 9little helpers and The Big Secret.

They are doctors, are`nt they – this doctorThing bonds them all together, Right?

Here is a little about fertility: Assisting reproductionteknologi (ART)

IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

GIFT (Gamete intrafallopian transfer)

ZIFT (Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer): Same procedures as IVF except that fertilized eggs are placed in the fallopian tubes at a certain stage of embryo development (zygote).

ICSI(Intracyto-plasmatisk sperminjektion)

PESA(Perculae epididymal sperm-aspiration)

And the most interesting one of them all: Eggdonation (IVF with one donor and another reciever)

Ring any bells???

It means, that Madeleine DID exist. It also explain the lack of true feelings towards Madeleine, The distance, especilly from her ”parents”. It explain the many faces. It explain the Pact between the friends. Suddenly I see the picture! - ”The other twins”, Gordon Brown, the moneymaschine, the cower up, the political implication, DNA problems, The Jane Tanner child – A huge secret.

What happend to Madeleine? Well, ask her ”parents”, Jane Tanner, Russel O`Brian and the rest of Dr. Josef Mengeles little helpers.

How dare they?

*Justice for Maddie*

ironside said...

Hi Felicity..just want to wish you a very happy xmas and a fabulous new year.....strange such a devoted grandmother such as rosiepops chose to spent christmas eve on the forum spitting fire...than with her grand children...that mean everything to her...cover blown for sure.....I adore Brunt for his turn around lets hope its the beginning of the end......Fox is soon to release a broadcast....where gerr had a large garden spade ...he liked to garden in pdl dont you know.....plus a map with a large red cross.....when they release this info ...lets see if mccanns threaten to sue....it is reported that they ..(the lawyers of fox) have gone through this info with a fine tooth comb.....if a spade and map.....have gone missing ...believe they existed ...just like they released info on body fluids...mccanns remained ..silent...did you know fox were about to release the sports bag story...when sky stepped in......lets see if any one threatens to sue.....

felicity said...


Hope you both had a great time.

Ecolab - thanks for the medical information - this is not my area but I still think there is a possible connection between Madeleine and Tanner/O'Brien's little girl. Given what knowledge I have I would not want to put it any higher than that. It is great to have those with medical expertise like yourself and Docmac on board!

IRONSIDE: I am afraid I take all of Rosie's varying claims with a pinch of salt. She is obviously no more than one of the internet monkeys's that you referred to in your post where you produced an email from one of their number seeking people to campaign in this way for the gruesome twosome. I wonder what can motivate her to behave as she does! There is only one thing she seems to be devoted to.....(!)

I read some comments on other forums last night. One was a lady from Germany who said the missing tennis bag was reported there some months ago. Another UK resident also said she heard it sometime ago.

I also greatly admired Brunt's presentation on Sky last night. It was refreshingly open and honest being prepared to stick by the missing tennis bag claim and many other factors that clearly militate against the McCanns. However, I was a bit disappointed he merely stated the patio doors were lef unlocked without pointing out that K&G told relatives and friends they were locked and window and shutters had been "jemmied". Maybe to have done so, would have been delving to far into the contraditory evidence that will form part of the police case against them. Clearly, at this stage, any news report, particularly one so detailed, is going to be gone over very carefully by lawyers to make sure they are not prejudicing the investigation.

I think it was another very serious error of judgment for Gerry to completely deny he even owned a tennis bag! If I was Rebelo I would have hundreds of GNR going through filthy rubbish on the tip looking for it and other items such as the fridge and the buggy! Perhaps Gerry already denied owing a blue tennis bag at police interview in September! The PJ must surely have witnesses who have seen him turn up for tennis with this bag. I do not believe they would not have gone on this holiday without any sports equipment -being able to dump the kids and play sports every day seemed to be the whole ethos of the holiday. I have to say a concept completey alien to me where playing with/personally caring my kids the whole time was the ethos! There is no doubt K&G are seriously into sport and keeping fit. Even the disappearnance of Madeleine did not interfere with this! Yet we are expected to believe this man who was having tennis coaching and making a spectacle of himself bragging to Kate and every other onlooked about his "stroke" did not even take a racquet and bag! I alos think it was very pointed the way Clarence Mitchell states 'so far as Kate and Gerry are concerned' there was no bag! He takes care not to be denying it himself!

The Fox News revelations are "news" to me and I keenly await details of Gerry's map and spade!! Like you say, whilst we have been inundated with threats to sue - nothing has come of these! If I thought for one minute anything I was writing on this site was libellous I would not be writing it! Fox News will have received advice no doubt, just like Sky and all the rest that fair comment is a complete defence to defamation! And if Kate and Gerry were being "defamed" in any way they would certainly have carried out their threats by now. It is a bit like the lads who killed STephen Lawrence - a uk paper printed their names and accused them saying - go on then sue us! Needless to say they did not - this is a good way of sorting out the innocent from the guilty if you are confident that you speak the truth!

Thanks for keeping me up to date with news even before it breaks! You still fascinate me!

Really Great to hear from you again.

Viv x