23 Dec 2007


On all the earlier videos and pictures Kate's eyes look blue to me. However when she appeared in the Spanish video there was something different looking about her - her eyes are brown and it gives her a much softer more genteel look. The brown eyes are also there on the new Christmas video. Is she even wearing coloured contact lenses to put on a show for us?



CKH_from_DE_Forum said...

Christmas wishes from the PJ to the McCanns: enjoy your holiday, because it'll probably be your last for a while -- the net is closing in!





Yes, gentle readers, there truly IS a Santa Claus.

And I wish all y'all a safe and happy holiday!

felicity said...

Hello CKH thanks fr that lovely Christmas message to Kate and Gerry - I am sure they will really appreciate that!

Have a great time yourself
Viv x

ratonthebeam said...

Hi Viv
I don't think Kate's wearing contacts, I think her eyes are still blue. What I DO think is that she is using eyedrops to make the pupils expand, so you get that wide-eyed doe look - some would say sexy - to generate sympathy. Optometrists and doctors use them when performing eye examinations, and make-up artists for theatre and stage use them as well. The effect lasts for several hours at a time - plenty of time to shoot a 5 minute video, even with several "takes". Watch her eyes closely on the Christmas Appeal. She's clearly following an autocue!

Season's Greetings


Ecolab said...

I came across something very interesting:

"I'm going to post this, and hopefully the thread won't be deleted...

I was looking for the birth details of Madeleine, Sean and Amelie on ancestry.co.uk - you can look up the registration details (not actual birth dates) plus mother's maiden names...

I found Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, but I also discovered another child registered as being born, in January 2003, to a father whose last name is McCann, and a mother whose last name is Healy. The place is registration is Somerset.

I wonder how many McCann - Healy couples there are out there? I looked up marriage records and there is only one couple with those surnames who were married between 1984 and 2005. It is possible the couple with the same last names were not married, so there would be no record.

I also looked up death registrations, and there is no record of this child dying between 2003 and 2005. So this child is still alive.

I won't post the child's name because of privacy issues.

The obvious question comes to mind, if this child is registered in january 2003, and is the daughter of Gerry and Kate, how could Madeleine's birth be registered in June 2003 and her birthday be in May 2003?

Were these two children actually twins, and were actually born in January 2003 (not May)?

What are the rules about birth registration?

I apologise in advance if this child turns out to be completely unrelated to Gerry and Kate, but it is very interesting nonetheless."

Interesting , Viv - I`m thinking of Jane Tanners child with the same birthday like Maddie!!

Back in the 80`as a young student of medicin I heard that England had succeded in cloning a kow. Years later the world heard of Mollie - the sheep.

Doctors can do anything. The teknologi today is very advanced in IVF, ICSI and that is one of the reason, why we have so many twinbirths or more.

felicity said...

Hiya Ratonthebeam! Good to hear from you!

I do think your explanation for the appearance of Kate's eyes is a better one! In fact I had that stuff used in my eye many years ago following an injury. It certainly does explain that watery, wide eyed look - to attract more sympathy. I think in previous pictures she looked a very hard and callous woman but here she has used her medical knowledge to produce a different look for the cameras. I also agree it does look as though she is reading from an autocue rather than speaking spontaneously. It does demonstrate the extent this couple will go to market and stage manage their look. However, there are only two looks that Gerry seems to be able to produce - either laughing like a drain as he was on Madeleine's birthday or looking like he is just about to hit someone as he does on this video and as he also looked when asked awkward questions by reporters that he did not want to answer "do you know Robert Murat"; "did you sedate your children". I find Gerry a very unpleasant personality who is either putting on the jovial jolly act or being himself - aggressive and controlling and very angry when he is not in control.

It was lovely to hear from you again. I really respect your views.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year - lots of love

Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxx

felicity said...

Hiya Ecolab

I did post a response concerning this on the thread "their other twins". It is interesting that the previous birth was registered in the names of Healy and McCann - Kate and Gerry's surnames and also in the registration district where Tanner and O'Brien live. But there is the problem that births have to be registered within 6 weeks and this child seems to have been born some months before Madeleine. I do not believe they could provide a false date of birth for Madeleine to the world's press. There may be something in it to do with the IVF process and actual parentage. A very senior ex policeman Stalker wrote in the News of the World they are hiding a big secret. That there is a clear link between Tanner/O'Brien and the McCanns in terms of criminal conduct and lying to the police does not seem to be in any doubt. I think to the extent that Tanner and O'Brien could also be looking at custody. It is a great mystery that the PJ have the answers to, but at present we do not.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year break

Luv Viv x

ratonthebeam said...

Hi Viv
The colour of Madeleine's hair changes, though. Look at the pictures in this month's Hello! (There are only 2 - one of Kate and Gerry walking hand-in-hand, and a famiily shot taken last Christmas at a party). Madeleine is sitting on a green settee with her "cousin", who is about the same age. But the "cousin" has brown hair, and looks remarkably like the "Madeleine" in the birthday photo where she is blowing out her candles!!!
I hadn't given much credence to the "twin" theory before but now I am really starting to wonder if that is the "big secret".
Season's Greetings and all the very best to you and yours,

docmac said...

Hi Ratonthebeam and Viv

Regarding the twin theory, have a look at the picture entitled (if I remember correctly) 'How many Madeleines are there' on


There are many previously unseen photos including some very interesting ones of Gerry's ubiquitous pout. You will be unable to enlarge them unless you use Picasa itself as your picture album organiser and download all the pics (over 300 of them). If you do not use Picasa do yourselves a favour and download it from Google, import all your current pics into it and you have a tool far quicker than anything else out there.

felicity said...

Hiya Ratonthebeam and Docmac

I am rather pleased with my increasing technological skills, in fact downright smug :-)

You will see I have managed to create a post with those images of the many faces of Madeleine that Doc directed us to.

Now you come to mention it Rat, I had also noticed not only changing hair colours of Madeleine but also in one picture I clearly noted that she had obviously had the hair pulled the bag treatment as her mom does to produce multi- coloured highlights. This an extremely peculiar thing to do with a little girl only 3 and I wonder how little Maddie could bear to sit in the hairdressers that long and go through that process!

My mom pointed out to me that Kate had the pulled through the bag highlights only about three days after Madeleine disappeared. More examples of her bizarre behaviour. How could any normal mom have calmly sat in a hairdressers for a couple of hours having this done!! Kate presents as a woman whose only concern is looking good for the cameras - what normal would give a toss what she looked like in those circumstances. Then we heard the comments from Kate's mom about her appearance. I think it is for these sort of reasons that Kate, not unfairly, gets branded "narcissist" - callous, unfeeling and self-obsessed and seemingly even projecting this behaviour onto a little girl only three years of age - or is there more to it than that!

Lovely to hear from two of my favourites - have a fabulous day tomorrow. I have no doubt my dear old mom will not be allowing me to internet - unless of course it is to check out her next holiday venture!

Luv Viv xxxxxxx