15 Dec 2007


Howcomes you just nicking stuff from me site and not dropping in for a chat! Caught ya!

Love Viv xx

14.12.07, 11:11pm
Not much thats new- an article by spudgun on Joana Morais, the usual fears (perhaps rightly?) that the government is involved- the usual claims from Retardo3, an article from Jermey Wilkins partner and the article that revealed that Kate was close to being charged a critique of which Ive just pinched from Viv's site..(love you Viv!)Friday, December 14, 2007KATE WAS WITHIN AN INCH OF CUSTODY AS PROSECUTOR AND AMARAL DEBATE HER CULPABILITY


josiepublic said...

Hi Viv Las night Lizzy raised the subject of freemasonry and I said no I did not think this would be a
factor although both the eye and keys are symbols in freemasonry
because Gerry is a Catholic and you cannot believe and be a member of this powerful society with its members all through society and be a Christian (simply because you cannot be part of the body of Christ’s worshipers and divide yourself up into another secular group that has a brotherhood designed to protect its members regardless some say of basic teachings such as the commandments (although you could substitute the word Christian here for other Religious groups)) It is rumoured that you cannot progress in your career in certain areas until you are a member although I find that unbelievable it is however certain that from other brothers you will gain favours. The scorn directed at some during certain parties would be seen in this light an impression that masons have of non-members. The eye then with its distinctive key could be seen as a member calling other members to their aid. (If Jeremy Wilkins has been standing against them he would be right to be cautious.) However like other things people apparently join that don’t consider freemasonry incompatible with being a Roman Catholic as in this link where a former member describes his experiences and his reasons for eventually realising that incompatibility. I leave you to decide. I wont be at the forum much from this afternoon onwards until after Xmas. Love Plainwaters


Was going to leave until I saw that but if you must know my Portuguese is embarrassing. LOL. Cannot compete on anything with you but will be popping in more to chat as I wont be posting as much whilst my daughter is home- early mornings should be pretty safe though lol So you may get sick of me! Love and kisses.X

josiepublic said...

Think I'm talking to myself here but Lizzy now says Gordon Brown is a Freemason? Trying to find out who says so- it seems another conspiracy theory to me- if we cant say your friends we will claim your fellow masons. What do you think? How does Madeleine feature in all this political intrigue? I'm not beyond thinking I'm wrong about Brown but if I were going to go with conspiracy theories it would be one that the conservatives are trying to "prove" he is involved. However I will as always read the links Lizzy provides.

Anonymous said...

I don`t care if Gordon Brown is a Freemason. I`ll give a dammn if Gerry is a FreeMason too....BUT I do care, if Gerry hits out for Kate and clash Madeleine! Look at Gerys eyes, look at his temper, look at his movements, look at his bully attitude.
Kate is still playing the Ophelia. I wonder for how long? Concentrate on Garry - make his eyes darker and he will make The Mistake! He is still playng : "The emperor's new suit"

felicity said...

Hiya Ladyfairwaters

Sorry I was not around earlier on when you specially paid me a visit. I can drive now so will not be spending so many hours on the computer!

There is no requirement to speak Portuguese on here. We have just been greeting and saying goodbye in Portuguese really as a mark of respect to our Portuguese friends and because I expressed an interest in learning how to greet them in this way. You will see that actual posts are in English!

I do not know anywhere near as much about Freemasonry as you do. However, I know it is a creed favoured by people who either are powerful or aspire to be. It does seem to me that maintaining that power overrides any other individual rights or considerations. I do know that membership of the Freemasons must be declared prior to entry of any of the caring services in Britain and does act as bar to entry. I believe this is because membership does indicate a willingness to override individual human rights. There is a constant insistence on behalf of the pro-McCann lobby to forget Madeleine's individual human rights as a child entitled to the protection and care of her parents. So, I can certaily see where this thinking comes from.

My own thoughts have been more straightforward - big business such as Branson and governments work hand in glove. Big business and newspapers work hand in glove. Maintaining the story in the press could be good for big advertisers and the press. So, there is no real interest in the McCanns as such - the interest is more to do with the money they can generate for business and the press. It appears to me the defence of them is just a farce really - no serious minded person could be in any doubt of their infidelity and harmful attitudes towards child care.

Moving on to Anon's point about Gerry. My original thoughts were certainly that this looked like a domestic violence sitation. He certainly has the personality style of an abusive controlling father and husband. I thought that Kate was very fearful of him, that it was likely he had harmed Madeleine, had probably often behaved in a violent and controlling way towards Kate and that she covers for him out of her genuine fear of him. This situation is fairly common. I do not know anything about what is being claimed on the DE today that Kate had visible marks on her but clearly if this were true it would support this theory. There are things that draw me away from this theory. Notably the cold and distant personality that Kate herself displays. The PJ clearly believe she is the main offender, or at least they did. I just argued at the time let us not just automatically pin the blame on her purely because it would seem she had more time alone with the children.

I have to keep an open mind really and await further developments.

I have posted that I think Gordon will have more sense than to ignore the strength of public feeling on this. We want these two in court and the story to be properly told. We want to know what happened to little Maddie so far as they are able to establish and we want the parents punished. Leaving the children like they did was unforgivable.

In interview, I believe with sufficient pressure applied, Gerry may be the easier nut to crack because he has a volatile temper.

Lovely to hear from you darling

Viv xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Olà Viv querida!
Como estás? Muito frio?

Your input is very much missed in the debate and I just cannot understand how you could have been banned permanently!

I just had a very nice chat with Claudia and I am now going to have a nice herbal tea with Portuguese honey (mel).

I hope you are not feeling too cold and your leg is improving seriously.

Boa noite querida Viv!
Muitos beijinhos

Sonhos lindos (beautiful dreams)

Athena xxx

felicity said...

Ola minha querider Athena

I am very well thanks!

como estas?

I am sorry I can no longer take part also - that is a matter for the DE in their wisdom!

At least I can stay in touch with you all via this page - which is good - particularly given there is no limit placed on freedom of speech here, fear of being reported or banned which obviously does inhibit people from genuinely expressing their thoughts.

I hope when people come here they can feel a little more relaxed and open - even speak a little Portuguese!

The herbal tea with Chinese honey sounds both delicious and very healthy - I wish I could join you in one of those!

It is very cold here - maybe a little warmer in London? My feet are cold! but my ankle is improving tremendously now and am starting to walk about freely quite a lot! That is just great! It is also wonderful to just be able to go and jump in my car!

Sonhos lindos - beautiful dreams
that sounds lovely in Portuguese!

I wish you this also

minha amiga!
Lovely to hear from you again - if you are still chatting to Claudia - give her my love also! I am sure you have both been putting those pros in their place with usual good humour and intelligence

Have just been watching good prog on TV 100 funny moments! Good laugh!
Boa Noite!
Luv Vivxxxxxxxxxx