21 Dec 2007


I just did a quick check on the Nationwide mortgage calculator a £350,00 mortage over the standard term of 25 years would cost £2170 per month. Their house is reputed to be worth about £500,00 but would have risen in value from when they purchased it. So they seem to be a couple made of straw who had to mortgage up to the hilt to buy this house and dip into the FindMaddieFund to pay the mortgage.

Does this give us an insight as to why they wanted to cash in with the immediate setting up of the Find Maddie Fund, an unprecedented move by a couple who have had their child "abducted"...raking in loads of cash with an online shop and limited company is not generally first thing on such a couple's mind. Gerry McCann's trip to America - did he think he would find Maddie there? or fame. fortune and some expensive defence experts? DNA experts, dog experts - they can all be bought in the States if the price is right. Lucrative interviews. book sales - have those bad PJs scuppered some of his little schemes by making him an arguido - what a shame! Gerry McCann's brother John gives up his full-time job to become a full-tme fund director - I wonder how much that is costing the fund and whether he helps Kate and Gerry out with his "director's fees..."£50,000 per month for the ~Retardos who even they seem to be admitting are hopeless...What is the usual motive for serious fraud - let us just think of the man who just came back from the dead How come whem they were awash with cash from the word go it took them 6 months to appoint a bunch of "fraud investigators" to "find" Maddie? How come Gerry was so upset at having to spend the Find Maddie Fund on er Finding Maddie? What did he think he was going to spend it on - defending him and Kate? Paying their massive mortgage? When the accounts have to be published next April I wonder how much will be left???

If, as I believe, they knew there was no chance of finding Maddie when they started taking all that money from the public then they are not only responsible for her death but very serious fraud...which in itself would be enough to get them up to 7 years jail. Fraud is always a nasty offence but that is downright despicable


Ecolab said...

Hej Viv

You are so right! You can`t find, what does NOT exist.Can you? Either is Maddie long ded or she is just a Trademark. A huge moneyspin maschine like Santa.

You ar right about anothher thing. Every Photo I have seen, she looks like a copy/cut/past put into the photo.

I want to see her Birth-certificate!
Has she ever been a real girl?

Greetings from Denmark

ratonthebeam said...

Morning Viv

Ironside found this on another forum, and sensibly copied it before it got pulled. I thought you might like it too. We don't know the author's name but are trying to find out.

Back in May our Madeleine,
Vanished while we had a gin.
We never got to go for dinner,
Unless we put a dope pill in ‘er.
When Kate checked up – I had to make ‘er,
“They” had had the gall to take ‘er!
We all jumped up and had a search,
That brat had left us in the lurch.
Then Katie said, “Oh never mind ‘er.
Call Sky News and they can find ‘er.”
But still the case was not resolved
And so policemen got involved.
We printed lots of photos of ‘er,
But then we thought, “Why should we bother?”
If we set up a fund instead,
Others can find her – we’ll stay in bed.
So we dumped the twins inside a crèche,
And learned to live our lives afresh.
We went on shows, we went on telly,
Our lips a-quiver, like raspberry jelly,
We begged the crowds to give us cash,
And amassed a tidy little stash.
We practised looking devastated
Our lust for fame could not be sated.
Every day was filled with hope,
We even got to meet the Pope!
He said to Kate, “Bless you, my child”,
And Katie simpered, blushed and smiled.
Then gazed towards the camera crew,
With doeful eyes and woe anew.
Then at a press meet, some H*n git,
Went and asked us if we’d done it?
We said, “How dare you! What a farce!
Look at us – we’re middle class!”
Well, not quite that, but that’s the gist
And we crossed her off our Christmas list.
Then the police came round to call
And said they’d found blood on the wall,
Philomena, round and fat,
Said it could have been a gnat.
And, you know, it could be true,
Mosquitoes leave a death scent too.
How’s a dog supposed to tell,
If someone is alive and well?
But it’s OK – they don’t suspect us,
The Portuguese love and respect us.
And so does everyone, it seems!
We are the stuff of poor folks’ dreams.
We’re classy and so dignified,
We’ve never screamed or retched or cried.
We don’t attempt a dirty search,
Instead we sit inside the Church,
Kate folds the pages of her Bible,
And talks of Maddie’s unusual eyeball.
The press at home can’t get enough,
Of all this ‘wonderful parents’ stuff,
They rightly tell the common classes,
All our critics are jumped-up a*ses.
But the Portuguese are not so nice,
Their press are looking at us twice.
They ask why we left the kids alone,
But EVERYONE does this at home.
They’re dropping hints – the feeling is
We have something to do with this!
It’s hurtful, unhelpful and just not true,
(Well, it might be, but we’re not telling you.)
The evidence grows day-by-day,
It’s all a bunch of lies, we say.
They’ve found death scent inside our car,
And the mileage has gone up too far,
There’s bodily fluids where the wheel should be,
(Hey, that’s just where we told the twins to wee.)
They’re claiming they’ve found DNA,
But is it Madeleine’s – who can say?
They’ve found a great big clump of hair,
But we say that they put it there.
“We cannot trust these Keystone cops!”
Katie rants and raves and strops.
They take us in and say we did it
And ask us where on Earth we hid it.
We will not answer such accusations
We use our initial allegations,
“Maddie was taken by a bunch of paedos!”
But still they make us both arguidos
This is not good – this is quite bad,
And Kate is getting really mad.
We need to get her home, it’s clear
Or else the twins will disappear.
So off we went on EasyJet
But we weren’t beaten – no, not yet!
We got the most expensive brief
And the government’s worn-out P.R. chief
That chap Branson's agreed to pay,
A fool and his money, as they say.
We ridiculed the use of science,
A most discredited appliance,
Our friends and family spread the word,
That all these rumours are quite absurd.
They’re utterly ridiculous.
In fact, they’re downright ludicrous.
We know that Maddy is not dead,
She’s gone to a better place instead.
Wherever she is, whatever her fate,
She’s better off now than she would be with Kate.

Regards, rat

dolores said...

Hi Viv,The fund is still showing the same balance for many weeks now,I find this odd as to why this is never adjusted.G in his blog said the fund is paying £50,000 a month,B.Kennedy said he is paying,who is lying?If the fund is paying why is this amount never adjusted,someone is not a very good bookeeper,or someone is lying.
There is no information where this money is going from the sale of the bracelets,t-shirts & ribbons sold in churches and on the streets,when they had their begging bowls out.
I will also wait with interest to see where the money goes from Hello magazine.
I have a suspicion that there is a great deal more money than has been divulged.

Anonymous said...

Comment re fund in the Isle of Man press.


Kate allegedly has a cousin Moira who works at the mentioned Childrens Centre.

Kate definitely has relatives there, Simon Cowell is a cousin who is the brother of Michael Wrights wife.

docmac said...

"It seems like a disaster that we've got this huge donated fund and now we're not allowed to use it for legal costs because we're under suspicion," said Gerry.

(Interview with News of the World, September 2007).

Viv, it is these words which convinced me that Metodo3 was contracted to fulfill a task entirely unrelated to actually finding Madeleine. I think the fund is 'paying' them to keep their washing machines working and I think Brian Kennedy is being taken for a ride. The McCanns and Metodo3 are laughing all the way to the laundry and back.

dogmad said...

I am fixated by the fact that the fund total stays the same for weeks on end. Shouldn't the Trustees be responsible for updating this amount? After all the expenses of the Spanish posters and the Metardo3, there cannot be £1m and 95,000+ left.

I can only assume that the McCann Team do not want the public to know how little is left???

felicity said...

Evening all! Sorry I have not been around to answer you earlier but here goes!

Ecolab: I think she has always been viewed as a trademark that was going to earn them a lot of money. That is what they immediately set about doing and it is repugnant! What we cannot be so clear on is why did they want all that money. Did they immediately realise they were going to come under suspicion and would need some expensive lawyers - or did Gerry just want to boost his ego by becoming a millionaire instead of just a man whose salary did not match his aspirations as to how important and famous he should be? Most likely a bit of both!


You thought right I do like it! How well you know me! I think humour and good verse are excellant ways of making a serious point hit home. Do you remember my own attempt at verse a few months back "from the McSpamms to all our Fans". Whilst some were clearly simply furious I recall it provoked an excellant debate that night. Thanks very much for sharing a much better piece of verse with me on this site!

Dolores: The failure to keep the total updated does smack of concealment and dishonesty - what do they have to hide? I recall reading some weeks back £300,000 had already gone. They talked of donating the balance to childrens charities - I dont think there will be one! Openness and transparency give people confidence they are dealing with someone they can trust - the McCanns hardly give us this! The reports of both Kennedy and the Fund claiming to be paying the Retardos does raise serious question marks! Why would Gerry want to hand this money from the fund over if Kennedy is paying like he says he is. Why would Kennedy lie? We know why Gerry tells lies!

I am convinced that the McCanns have tried in many surreptitious way to raise a defence fighting fund. There has been much talk of the need to set up a separate fund. They know the public would not happily give to this so I am very suspicious of other ways they are topping this fund up. We dont know whether Branson is happy to give any more and there is no doubt his £100,000 would be long gone on solicitors who charge £700 per hour and visited Portugal and also did home visit! The Daily Express are very proMcCann in my view even though they sometimes print stories to try and throw people off this idea. The put so much spin and lies into their reports - some are complete fabrication and wade into Pro-Madeleine posters sometimes on the slightest pretext whilst leaving the offensive remarks of the Pro parents untouched. Now they are selling a pro-mccann book - I think if you buy that you are probably lining the McCanns pockets again so they can pay for expensive lawyers and so called experts from the States to rubbish PJ evidence against them. Hello Magazine - guarantee it will be going to the McCanns in one fund or another! We need to be aware that anything we buy like that is lining their pockets SO DONT BUY IT!


Thanks for the additional information and Doc - I am afraid I entirely agree! There are international specialist firms who locate missing persons but they take 6 months to instruct this bunch! It is the most disreputable and despicable conduct and how furious people must be who gave their money in good faith to locate little Maddie - not to create all this ridiculous propaganda and harass innocent Moroccan families. It just fills decent people with disgust!


Kind Regards
Viv x

Anonymous said...

Matthew Parris reporting on the way the British press have handled the Maddie story..........BBC2 Saturday 5.40

Wed said...

Whatever the truth is...What a nasty blog, what spiteful comments!What a waste of space and time! Don't people have a life here? Nothing better to do? Really? What does any of this acchieve? Absolutely nothing other than to bring the worst of human nature. Please leave the McCanns (innocent or guilty)alone and let real justice sort out this mess. Merry Christmas to you all, I wish you all something better to do and a bit of a conscience.

felicity said...


Perhaps it is those who support Madeleine's parents who do not have a conscience. This person called Rosiepops who day in day out resorts to racism to defend parents who neglected their own sweet little child - she says this was just a "mistake" and because we want to know what happened to that little girl we are likened to Hitler. It is no "mistake" to consciously choose to leave three tiny children on their own every single night of their holiday whilst they go off and enjoy themselves. There are some nasty vicious comments on here - where I am providing quotes from those who seek to support these two who lamely insist she was "abducted" in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. We are not going to shut up or stop challenging repulsive racists like "Rosiepops" on the Daily Express who suppot couple of child abusers (yes neglect is child abuse) - please see below the sort of offence she can manage to cause by her vile remarks: Oh and by the way, if you dont like my site - you know what you can do!

21.12.07, 11:30pm

21.12.07, 3:12pm

is anti imperfect human beings, a bit like Hitler.

In any shape or form.

• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

this does not condone Hitler or accuse anyone of being like Hitler, it was asking a question.

In what way is this a question? Where's the question mark? What is it actually asking? I would dearly love to know. Because it looks to me awfully like a STATEMENT. A statement that all anti-McCanns are like Hitler.

And EVERY SINGLE TIME I get called a lunatic, or not right in the head, or unfeeling, or get baited or cyberbullied or threatened, or compared to a Nazi, I will be reposting this post, just to remind people how the supposed anti-McCanns are treated on here. Threatened, bullied, called names and told to shut up. Our words and posts twisted and ridiculed. This has been happening to me since 8:30 am THIS MORNING.

BUT I WILL NOT BE SILENCED, BY YOU LOT OR ANYONE ELSE. My people were gassed and killed in their millions in camps because no-one would speak up for them - and I am not about to let yet another innocent victim just fade away and be forgotton due to a massive cover-up, because nobody would speak out for her.

Both LittleGreyCell and I are Jewish. You quite clearly have no idea whatsoever how deeply offensive it is to both of us to be compared to Hitler. And if you cannot see that by now then God help us all.

• Posted by: ratonthebeam • Report Comment

felicity said...

21.12.07, 3:12pm


• Posted by: Rosiepops • Report Comment

her Hitler remark - and about time too Daily Express! It is a pity they cannot get around to removing all the other vile remarks she has made!

eureka said...

Why is it nasty to reason in the face of falsehood. Is it nasty to resist with facts an onslaught of stories and spin designed to "improve the image" of police suspects? Is it nasty to refuse to be gullible?

Whatever the outcome of the case, the suspicions will always remain.

ratonthebeam said...

Hi Viv

I have left the DX for a while; more than 24 hours later there are people STILL trying to justify why it is apparently acceptable behaviour to allude to posters - even Jewish ones - as being like Hitler.

A bit like 7 and 1/2 months later and we are still being told that leaving 3 babies alone is acceptable parenting. Note the resemblance!

Season's Greetings,


jo said...

What a bunch of incredibly sad people,surely you must have something better to do with your time on this planet.
I guess you are all lonely sad individuals who have nothing better to do than come up with rediculous theories about this sad story. Well at least you have each other to wallow in the mud with.

Anonymous said...


felicity said...

Hiya rat and anon

I can understand you feeling the need to leave the DE for a while. As you say, doing so, does not stop the likes of Rosiepops trying to justify her vile comments. They were still laying into me weeks after I had left, some of it very recently. Late at night, they are like a little witches coven.

As offensive and upsetting as their remarks are, in a way, we can take heart from them, because I have no doubt the Daily Express plays to a worldwide stage and so everyone can see what sort of people McCann people are! including the sad little voice in the wilderness who keeps attacking us on here. I will leave his/her posts well alone!!

I am really pleased to hear from you again and wish you a wonderful time over the festive season

I hope both you and Anon will continue to contribute on here because your posts are so interesting and helpful to our cause of learning exactly what happened to little Maddie and procuring justice for her.

Lots of love
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxx

felicity said...


Sorry I missed your post - very well said and I wish you a fantastic time also and hope you will continue to make your excellant contributions here which I am really grateful for.

Luv Viv