17 Dec 2007


What was locked and what was open? Was there an 'abductor'?

To answer these questions, we need first to look at what was said by the McCanns to family and friends in the immediate aftermath of Madeleine's disappearance.

Jon Corner, as quoted above, clearly states that Kate had told him that they had left the apartment locked while they were having their meal. In other words both doors, front and patio, were locked.

Trish Cameron recalled that she received a call late that same night from Gerry and she recounted: "Kate went back at 10 o'clock to check. The front door was lying open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jemmied open or whatever you call it and Madeleine was missing... They think someone must have come in the window and gone out of the front door with Madeleine."

Philomena McCann, Gerry's sister said on 04 May: "Some people may ask why they left the children alone in the apartment but it was locked and they had a full view of the front door and they were checking every half hour."

Gill Renwick, a family friend, told GMTV on 04 May: "She's obviously been taken as she couldn't have gone out on her own and the shutters had been forced open."

The clear implication in Gill Renwick's statement is that she couldn't have gone out on her own because the front door and patio doors were locked. Otherwise Madeleine, as an active 4 yr-old, could surely have got out through 'open' patio doors very easily and on her own. She was clearly too small to attempt a climbed escape through a closed and shuttered window.

However, police tests showed the heavy metal shutter had not been forced up from the outside, so must have been pulled open from inside the room.

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa, spokesman for the investigation, confided in British former Chief Inspector Albert Kirby that neither the windows nor their shutters had been tampered with.

What must be appreciated, at this point, is that these comments, from closest family and friends - the first to be contacted, are not Chinese whispers. It is not a case that the McCanns rang one person, who got the message wrong, and this got passed on to everyone else. These are four people who received independent telephone calls from Gerry or Kate, in the hours following the 'abduction', and made independent statements. Yet, the statements all recount the same story. The McCanns' apartment was locked, so the 'abductor' must have gained access via the jemmied shutters and left via the front door.

But this begs the question: How did the abductor get into the apartment if the patio doors were locked and the shutters, as attending officers quickly assessed, had not been forced from the outside?

There now appear to be two problems with the recounted version of events. How did the abductor get in and why was the window open? And it's at that point the story changes, in a crucial way.

It is suddenly revealed that the patio doors to the rear of the apartment were left unlocked. This immediately resolves the problem of how the 'abductor' entered the apartment but it makes the decision to leave their three babies alone, inside an exposed and unlocked apartment, seem almost unbelievable, not to mention grossly negligent.

So, to further justify and soften the decision to leave the doors unlocked, it is 'revealed' that the McCanns and all their friends on the holiday left their patio doors open throughout the evenings for fear of fire.

They also embark on a series of interviews where they repeatedly assert that they are responsible parents and that their decision to leave the children alone was quite normal behaviour. Gerry goes so far as to describe it as no different to leaving them in the house when you go into the garden.

The second problem that now faces the McCanns is that they have committed themselves to an 'open window and shutter' story. Indeed, it is quoted as the very reason Kate knew something was wrong because when she says she opened the patio doors at 10.00pm, the bedroom door slammed shut as a result of the wind running though the apartment.

So, if the abductor clearly didn't enter through the bedroom window, why was it open? The McCanns hadn't opened it, so there could be only one reason. The 'abductor' must have used it to escape from.

It is also vaguely claimed that the front door has curious locks and can only be opened with a key, further strengthening the bizarre decision of the 'abductor' to escape through a window, carrying a child who would surely have woken up.

But why, with access to a front door and an apparently unlocked patio door, would the 'abductor' complicate things, and heighten the risk of detection, by clambering through a window with a heavy metal shutter?

This idea of a 'key-only exit' front door can surely be discounted, as no apartment would be granted a fire certificate if you could only escape through the front door if you had the key. Mark Warner would surely not install doors that could leave them culpable in the event of a fire.

So, we now have the McCanns' insistance that the 'abductor', or 'predator' as he is now referred, was laying in wait, and entered through the open patio doors between checks on the children.

So what can we make of the way the story changed so quickly?

There is only one conclusion to be drawn.

If the patio doors were locked, as Kate and Gerry independently told Jon Corner, Trish Cameron, Philomena McCann and Gill Renwick, and the window shutters had clearly not been 'jemmied', then there can have been no way into the apartment that evening. And therefore, by deduction, no abductor.

And that, is a very disturbing conclusion.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Have you noticed a rash of stories proclaiming the innocence of the McCanns this week? They ignore the evidence, give credance to heresay, claim villains on CCTV where no cameras exist, and smear the PJ. All this at a time when the key Home Office decision on whether to question the parents is taking some time. Is this just a softening up process, an attempt to prepare the public for a negative decision, courtesy of Gordon Brown?

felicity said...

Hi Anon

There certainly is a rash of stories this week and it seems to be a last desperate bid to get the public on side and give to their defence fund. Or perhaps they would like us to petition GB and JS to leave them alone! No Way! WE have Jez Wilkins partner who actually says a lot that is adverse to them and contradicts what the McCanns themselves have said, as does the man in Times - even more so - he completely breaks new ground! I have covered these and the report in the Daily Express that in fact their story about 3 bogeyman and digs around the barn is utterly false. As you will see according to a reputable Portuguese newspaperm Correio de Manha they reported on 12 December that the papers should be sent off in another 3-4 days - in another words about now and so Jacqui had not got the papers when we were told she had. I think when you look at the facts above, and the blatant lies they have told, a negative decision from GB would be utterly perverse and I am certainly not expecting that. The further interviews of the Tapas 9, and others, I believe, will most certainly be approved - otherwise they would be perverting the course of justice by preventing this matter from being properly investigated. The McCanns wiil not be able to explain all their very obvious lies and I firmly believe they will be prosecuted.

I really hope I am not wrong!

Kind Regards and thanks very much for posting again - your points and questions are always good ones!

Kind Regards
Viv x

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, minha querida amiga.
Sleep tight and sweet dreams. I'm going to bed now. Really tired.

felicity said...

Boa Noite, minha querider amiga,Claudia
Loads of Biejinhos e ambracos
ate amanha
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Reports today of witness in hiding...........worried about British and Portuguese government involvement.

Is this really a straight forward case of accidental death/abduction, or something more sinister being covered up?

felicity said...

Hi Anon

I think there has been an unfair and irrational rush to protect the McCanns on the part of the British authorities and this has hindered and damaged the investigaton of them by the Portuguese authorities. The rush to protect them was based on snobbish class priciples and GB's wish to adorn his political image - this has backfired! We may compare how they were treated to Murat with assistance simply refused!

If there is a cover up now it will be the British authorities! I do not think there is any deeper intrigue concerning the McCanns = broadly we know what they did! The issue for me is - was it really an accident?

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

I believe the "locked door" is crucial to the case. And I would say someone is lying. If I may propose a question? What if Kate wasn't involved in Madelleine's death or the hiding of the body and is totally oblivious? Also why did Jane Tanner arrive late to dinner without Russell O'Brien at around the same time that Gerry McCann had left the table to check on the children? Could there be a conspiracy of three, meaning Gerry,Jane and Russell.

Anonymous said...

On January 11th, 2008, a woman accused of killing her autistic daughter testified Friday that she attempted to suffocate the 3-year-old with a pillow three days before she succeeded with a plastic garbage bag. Karen McCarron, 39, a former pathologist testified Friday that she stopped taking her medication for depression in the months leading up to her daughter's death.

Stongwood, a private investigation company in Holland has revealed that in their private investigations they found that Madeleine McCann was an autistic child.

One doesn't normally go through such lengths to cover up an accidental death as if it had been a deliberate action. If I am not mistaken I read somewhere that the other friends with children at the Tapas bar either had bedroom monitors with locked doors or babysitters. But one should question if this was an exception for them this night. As well it should be known how consistent the McCann's were with leaving their children alone each night or if they had babysitters on other nights at the resort.

Answerbagfan said...
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Siana Silvers said...
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viv said...


It is probably best if you post on the current thread otherwise it is very unlikely your post will be spotted. I only noticed it as I was checking through my email account.

Why should I keep that thought to myself, what me and half the world who do not agree with the conduct of the defence Kate and Gerry have put on? "The Kate and Gerry Show" as Gerry so aptly named it?

What do you mean by Madeleine is still out there?

Is she camping out in the woods having learned to become self sufficient because aged three she had a couple of parents who did not give two hoots what happened to her?

Then how far are "WE" going to get in finding her. Maybe you could tell us who "we" is, are you one of the many private dickheads who are looking so hard for Maddie...check it out in the Daily Mail :-))

Maybe if they wanted Maddie found, Kate would have answered police questions which she admitted would be hampering the police investigation to find her and she and her motley crew of apparent child neglector mates would have got their sorry arses back to Portugal and done the reconstruction so that they could explain the completely bleeding inexplicable.

Oh and if your sidekick or you turn up on here again advertising the Tony Bennett tripe I may get even crosser xx

viv said...

In fact looking at that pompous prose I would say you are Tony Bennett, now sod off you little McCann creep, hiding on an old post, how brave of you!

Pretending you are a woman too, complete with a nasty combover:-)))))))


Answerbagfan said...
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Answerbagfan said...
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Siana Silvers said...
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Siana Silvers said...
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Answerbagfan said...
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