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18.12.07, 6:23pm
If the Telegraph posted a report at 12:01am on 4th May someone must have reported it to the Press pretty quick! Maybe Sky did get a call? She was only found missing 2 hours before this report was posted!http://www.telegraph.co.uk/global/main.jhtml?xml=/global/2007/05/04/nportugal104.xml
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docmac said...

Did you note that a quote was obtained (and published) from the Foreign Office within 2 hours after the disappearance? If memory serves the PJ only arrived some time after that. Well connected, those 2 are. I fear these connections may yet come to play a part in this case. They may find themselves paying a political price though. Well spotted indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi felicity

You are asking :
”If there is a cover up now it will be the British authorities! I do not think there is any deeper intrigue concerning the McCanns = broadly we know what they did! The issue for me is - was it really an accident?”

Before I try answering your question I`ll first excuse for my inproper english. I suppose you will not understand my danish?

Well – let me go back some years – at that day, when I for the first time, was alone in a room, with some inmates. Grown up men, convicted murdere - about 10 men. A nice handfull!
They thought, they could bully me off, scare me off – perhaps make me cry and call for back up!
Well I knew their files and I were the keaholder. So I told them a truth story to get to them and get their attention!

I told them about that norwegian woman, who as a young girl got the idea, that when she grow up, she would have a boy – just one boy!
Years later, she got pregnant and had a boy. - Some years later she got pregnant again (off the record) and placed the newborn girl into a big frezingbag and laid her into the freezer. Some years later it did happend again!
Her boy was at that time about 10/12 years , when the hole sad story was discovered!
Her boy clamed he had been to scared to ask, what was in the freezingbags. He has known the existence for years!!!

At this point of the story, I see 10 grinning faces and the first comment is coming up: ” that is nothing, what about Peter Lundin (The guy, that chopped his girlfriend and her two boys up, put them in black plasticbags and got rid of them in bins at public parking places) – the next about his own crime. Now they thought they should tell me their storyes!!!

No – no I had`nt finish – I went on: ”The most dislikeful part of this story is, that I find it most ghastly, that this women for so many years, did`nt defrost her freezer. What a slut!Dont you guys think so, too?

***You bet, I got their attention and I could get on with my work – never ever since a problem with anybodys attitude!***

The second story is:
I personally never ever have had any wish for twins. This kind of fairitale…here comes the doctor and her twins. …all this coloured scrap – no maam, not by me! …and what do I get: TWINs and I felt peoples envy. Another 3 years after I luckily got a child again. So I have 3 boys today. Two of them born at the same day – so what!
But then, when I look at the picture of Kate and Gerry, the twins and Madeleine, I feel sorry, and I ask myself: Does she really fit into that coloured scrappicture? If Madeleine was a twin and had a twinsister/brother, was it then necessary for her parents to try again and have another child?
I feel sad, when I see the picture of Madeleine sitting at the pool. Once again an instance away, as if she not really belong to this family anymore!

So you ask me: Was it really an accident?
I think, Madeleine would have been much better of, if she had been a twin. A terrible thought, is`nt it. At least, I think I`m not alone!

Regards from Denmark

felicity said...

Hiya Doc

Loovely to hear from you as ever with your astute observations.

Yes, we have clear evidence that Gerry's mmediate reaction was self-preservation via the Foreign Office and money spinning via the press. Hardly the conduct of a normal father who had just lost his little girl! I think PJ arrived later as you say about 1 am. GDR immediately assessed things were not right - the parents are talking of break in and abduction but there was no evidence to support this. They had to travel from Portmao. Being senior CID, as happens in UK when a major incident breaks, no doubt some were knocked up out of bed/called in from home.

I think you are right to fear that the high level support Gerry McCann demanded will play a part in this. I do not think they were already so well connected though, I think it is more the case that he is a consultant and clearly has the ability to strenuously and knowledgeably pursue his rights. Clearly given his position and clear ability to argue his case he got listened to. What chance for the hard up mum who had left her kids? Would she have even known who to phone and who would have listened to her?

Kind Regards
Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Marie

You are one brave lady! What a fascinating story. Take 10 psychopaths and talk about the most bizarre murders and this is not going to shock them! It is routine behaviour but take something a little less bizarre and point that out - the slut never even defrosted her freezer and you have got them! What a brilliant piece of reverse psychology with such difficult people who do not see anything wrong with cutting people up!

Your second story is very interesting too. I actually think that possibly she is a twin to the little girl that Jane Tanner has but could be completely wrong about that. However everything that has come from the restrained Portuguese press who do seem to be far more concerned to be honest and accurate that our own has proved to be correct. I firmly believe Gerry is not the father of Madeleine. I also recall the comments of Kate McCann so clearly suggesting that Maddie was not a normal child - she cried for up to 18 hours a day and shrieked for attention when Kate attempted to breast feed the twins etc. Research evidence clearly tells us that step fathers place a far greater degree of risk towards the children. Research evidence also clearly tells us that disabled children are at far greater risk of harm from their parents than non- disabled children. I do believe that Kate and Gerry so quickly went in for further babies because Maddy did not fit their requirements. The twins did and there can be no doubt he is their father just looks demonstrate this. I do agree with you that photos demonstrate she was left out and unwanted. She looks very much pushed out in the family group picture - pushed to the edge and not cuddled into the group as the twins were. ~The picture on the pony on a cold day in the uk in ~April - Kate has her coat on - Maddie does not. My mom always said to me dress your children the same as you dress yourself - do not smother them - if you are hot then they will be. If you are cold then they will be. You do not need to be a GP to know this sensible mothering. It is a picture of lack of care and neglect of little Maddie who looks very cold.

Thanks for your very interesting thoughts and your English is great!

Kind Regards

alsabella said...

Hi there guys! Thanks for finding this article. I knew I wasn't going nuts when I kept saying that in the early hours of the 4th May, this case was already in the UK press (wonder how long before someone gets rid of this article...is there anyway to download it, in case it mysteriously disappers?). The PJ was actually called around 1:30 am of 4 May...they arrived cerca 2 am. So apparently, the Telegraph new about this BEFORE PJ was even called and while the GNR still though this could be the case of a wandering little girl.
Gerry McCann, according to eye witnesses at the location, did not join the searches. He spent the entire time on the phone. His first called is said to have been to a gentleman called Alister Clark. I asked on the forum a while back if anyone knew who he was and received no answer...
This is just one more piece of "evidence" that the McCann groupies have been denying and telling us was speculation...well, as they quote the Telegraph quite often, I guess now they must have, as you say...egg on their face?

felicity said...

Ola! Alsabella

I entirely agree that it is more than obvious Ludicrous and Co have been "cleaning up the internet" on behalf of their clients. So just for your here is The Telegraph article. I would also like to say I have found your information incredibly helpful and accurate, often breaking news on the DE forum! Keep up the good work - your input is very much respected and valuable to enable us to learn the truth, rather than the spin!

Luv Viv x

PS My site has not been attacked yet other than a nasty comment from someone called Sebastian today - you will not be surprised to hear simply attacking me. On Betty thanks for the lovely words....how that must gall him LOL

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Three year-old feared abducted in Portugal
By staff and agencies
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 04/05/2007

A three-year-old British girl has gone missing while on a family holiday in Portugal, the Foreign Office said today.

Portuguese police are investigating the disappearance from a holiday complex in Praia da Luz in the western Algarve.

A Foreign Office spokesman said that he understood the girl's parents had gone to have dinner once their children were asleep last night, but returned to check on them only to find the girl had gone missing.

advertisement"They reported it straight away," he said, adding that consular assistance was being offered.

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Anonymous said...

The mirror forum has been posting about the telegraph article since lunchtime today....about 14 pages at the mo.

felicity said...

Thanks Anon

Good for them! The Mirror Forum is obviously reaching a lot more people than I am. The more people in the UK know just what a pair of lying scoundrels they and their little sycophants are, the better!

Spread the word!


Thanks a lot
Viv x

Anonymous said...

And keep up your good work Viv.

Anymore info yet on the article that will be a surprise to a lot of people.

Take care.