24 Dec 2007



Ecolab said...

but I have NEVER seen ONE picture of Madeleine beeing touched by her parents??

Poor child - did she ever had a kiss? Did she ever fooled around?

Where are all the `last hollyday` pictures???
They must have taken hundreds???? Where are they??

felicity said...

Hiya Ecolab

Happy Christmas from me in the UK to you Marie in Denmark!

True they have not managed to produce one single picture where little Maddie is being cuddled by her mom or dad. That is very sad.

As for the last holiday pictures -I am pretty sure the police will have those!

Have a great time Marie

Luv Viv xxxxxxx

CKH_from_DE_HYS said...

Hey, has anyone caught Martin Brunt's McCann special on Sky News? It's got everyone in a tizzy on the Mirror forums because a "repsected" journalist is now opening questioning K&G's version of events. I hope someone posts it on YouTube soon so those of us outside the UK can have a look. Outlast the McConns might have to answer for their crimes.

Enjoy your opening your Xmas gifts and stuffing yourselves with the holiday meal!


P.S. the twin theory is quite intriguing, isn't it? I've often wondered if K&G wouldn't "hire" another little blonde girl with similar looks to play the role of Madeleine when they planned her "miraculous" return from the perverts that had "abducted" her in Timbuktu, but I hadn't thought about the possibility of an actual twin/clone, although it's true that most IVF births result in more than one embroyo taking root (which is why women are now giving birth the entire "litters" of babies like they were dogs or cats, which I admit completely freaks me out -- if God had meant women to have that many children at one time, he'd have given us more than two breasts, but I digress)....

Anyhoo, enjoy your family holiday time!

felicity said...

Hiya CKH

Lovely to hear from you and hope you had a great time - see my comments to Ironside on RosieMcScam...I do think the report from Sky shows a real sea change. Effectively they are saying it can only be either the McCanns or the one paedo they have yet to check out - at the same time pointing out that paedos do not go for 3 year olds. He is clearly completely rubbishing Gerry's suggestion that predators were lying in wait and watching - noting their negligence routine - his patter is all just a bit too perfect isnt it!

I have to say I find the McCanns such a bizarre couple of money spinning liars it has even crossed my mind they would produce Madeleine's twin and say here she is! How can their sycophants on the DE keep on apparently so confidently keep predicting that she is going to be recovered. I have to say I find Rosiepops comments to this little girl - be brave and go to that place in your mind darling quite utterly repulsive! But there again so many of her comments are!

Lovely to hear from you again
Hope you had a great day ! and also wishing you a great New year
Viv xx

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely stupid to put those pictures up and say Madeleine's hair colour changed. Ever heard of lighting in a photograph. God you're thick.