7 Dec 2007


It must be very difficult for the PJ and the FSS, unless the follicle is attached, to determine, which hair with sedative belongs to the twins and which belongs to Madeleine. Judging by Gerry's performance when asked whether he sedated the children (shifty ear pulling/obvious high stress levels) together with understandable police concern twins would not wake up, together with Kate and Gerry refusing to allow urine test, together with their own "tests" produce we can surely take the sedating claims as "facts". I think they do have different hairs complete with DNA - recalling the sudden hue and cry Gerry is not Madeleine's father - it must have been when conducting tests on skin and hair DNA that this was realised and was offered at the time, as a further reason for the delays in the tests.

I still wonder if, in fact, Madeleine was not drugged - there was no need to because she was already dead or dying (around 6pm when they cancelled the babysitter) but only the twins were drugged so they would sleep through the commotion...they just overdosed them somewhat! This would all prove very confusing to those analysing the samples - maybe by a process of deduction they have worked out that the hair with drug residue is the twins and the hair without could well be Madeleine? but then they have the 30 others - certainly have to hand it to the McCanns they have done a good job on trashing evidence against them - in their case being doctors clearly had distinct advantages...
Any thoughts people? Ironside?

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felicity said...

just thought this through further - hair from a corpse is distinctive with dark banding and it was reported there was such a large chunk of Madeleine's hair it could not have come from transference. Clearly also hair from transference would not have had the tell tale signs of banding. To anyone who thinks the FSS have been slow - they need to think what an awesome task! 30 different people in the hire car alone to work through! Then there is the OB's flat next door...to name just one further source of samples to analyse! Think about it and stop criticising - long slow, tedious every fibre every hair, every flake of skin, every speck of blood.....but WORTH IT!