6 Dec 2007

PJ is a top ten investigation police in the world WITH LAW DEGREES - I THINK THEY ARE GOOD! HOW ABOUT YOU?

is it just Kate and Gerry McCann and their merry band of men who would try to persuade us otherwise ......... WE SHALL SEE!

05.12.07, 10:33pm
- Every PJ agent was selected among thousands of candidates, their intelligence and capacity is certainly above average even before studying criminology, and only very few of the candidates reach to Inspector position. - Additionally to its individual capacities, there are the “institutional intelligence”, a background developed over many decades in the PJ with contributions of older and experimented Inspectors mixed with the modern techniques and tools. The British press and its constant attacks to PJ capacity only served to increase PJ motivation and commitment to professionally solve this crime. Remember that PJ is a top ten investigation police in the world and certainly are justifications for that. Who knows, even badly, the PJ “modus operandi”, is cautious about judging superficially some apparent facts, such as: not seal the apartment immediately or allow the Renault Scenic to be returned to the parents after the forensic tests - certainly the apartment was observed during the apparent liberation and the next Scenic itineraries tracked. Also knows that bluffing, pressing and strategic media leaks are basic resources in a complex investigation. There are even cases of suspects being liberated to allow the PJ to reach quickly to the rest of the group by monitoring the suspect movements, and in some cases with even more sophisticated methods to achieve the complete success (can’t tell you all ). The right to remain silent is not a minor or vain right. In fact, lying or accusing without proof could be damaging to any suspect as implies cumulative charges. When the PJ interrogated KM in September, I’m almost sure that her lawyer required the arguido status to use this right. When the PJ asks the correct question, and being the arguido guilty, the arguido or confesses or lyes, simple as that. If KM chooses to lye them his husband would have to lye exactly with the same answers and that would be impossible as certainly unexpected questions were posed. The unanswered questions are not denials, but as GM said “discover the body and prove it”. When JT along with 2 other T7, were confronted with RM in the PJ squad, JT pointed his finger to RM, so she made a serious accusation which could bring charges to her if any conclusive proof or independent witnesses invalidate her statement. In this way JT become more involved, in investigation terms, compared to other T7 members, so her interview in Panorama is not casual. As far as we know, RM passed satisfactorily the confrontation, and JT has on her side only her words, so is understandable the need to reiterate her statements as the great scrutiny had pointed several inconsistencies. If the PJ had cleared RM then JT would be charged, simple as that. In the end we will know exactly when bluffing, pressing and strategic media leaks occurred, not only from PJ but both sides.[/quote]
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felicity said...

"keep it simple stupid" ummmm Maureen I hope the PJs will not get too cross with me putting you here but I think you are funny so just could not resist: (if you do not want to be quoted suggest you stop writing it...)

05.12.07, 10:14pm

It doesn't make any sense does it, "Oh what a wondrous web we weave" instead of kiss "keep it simple stupid"

I am going to bed now had enough of the them stroking each others egos, but it's ridiculous when they start stroking their own ! ! and looking around for brownie points, yuk!

Goodnight & God Bless also darling Madeleine

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docmac said...

That one is a bit of a loskop, hey. Definition (Afrikaans) literally 'loose head'. I'm not sure why she posts others' musings sent to her on MSN as it is pretty obvious many of her posts do not reflect her own thoughts lately.

Also I wonder what became of her 'friend' that was so ill recently? Have you any idea how many times I have been berated for naming a set of triplets (with the required permission) on the forum? The very same bunch jumped on the sympathy wagon when Maureen not only named her 'friend', but shared the grave (and ultimately fatal) diagnosis with us all. Did I hear a peep from the peanut gallery? Not a chance! Also a bit strange that her very public grief for 'Beverly' lasted only a matter of hours. Anyway, if 'Beverly' makes a comeback on the DE forum, we'll know who is reading your blog, eh?

Cláudia said...

Bom dia, minha amiga!
How are you? Feeling better? What about the leg?
I'm still dealing with my annoying cold.

felicity said...

Hiya Docmac I have heard this person tell us she and her son are disabled, her husband was murdered, for a few days her friend was dying in Calif with cancer, she has heart failure and something else but shortly after said she laughed so much she nearly fell off her chair - much to laugh about - well only the stories she tells. Some people like you are professional and have a fantastic job caring for poorly babies - is someone like this going to be a little jealous of your life and education ? demonstrably so - the fanciful catologue of nastiness and ill tidings make her a person to feel a degree of pity for!

Hiya Claudia

It is not like me and you to be down - I am getting more mobile and using the stairs - cannot hold a good woman down. I am sure your cold will be better and you will soon be back to your usual intelligent and compassionate self joining in the fight for justice for little Maddie in your own special way and, as ever, joining Docmac and I with a good sense of humour in the process. This case unseats deep emotions but is important to keep a sense of perspective if we genuinely wish to help all little children.

Lovely to hear from you both again. I have had a break today so when switching on this evening it was great to immediately come across "two of the bests"

Luv and hugs to you and all our genuinely good natured crowd!

If you are reading Lady Fairwaters to you especially also for your fearless defence and support of me also which I have sometimes really needed (!) and I really hope you are feeling better. xxxxxxxxxx

Cláudia said...

Thank you for your words. I'm already feeling better, as the pros can, certainly, confirm! lol
I'm glad you're more mobile. Hope you'll be fully recovered soon! :-)

Abraços e bejinhos. (hugs and kisses).

Anonymous said...

Olà querida (dear/darling/very dear)Viv!

I have been reading the other posts and I am glad to hear that your leg is on the right track! The world of the internet is strange...and it has the capacity to make one feel close to people one never met and may never meet either...but must be a reason, something special at a strange level: one just feels the closeness.
By these words I mean that I am truely happy to be in touch with you and Claudia.

Let's hope the sad story will find an end. We need justice to be.

Um abraço (a hug)

Athena xxx

P.S. trying to increase your Portuguese vocabulary...

felicity said...

Um abraço
Aos meus dois amigos encantador Português

"A hug to my two lovely Portuguese friends" - I cheated but this is still a good way of learning!

I feel very close to you both sometimes you have brought me to tears of pure sadness for little Madeleine and sometimes you have brought me to tears of pure laughter (especially naughty Claudia)

I can share these good emotions with such good friends and love to read your messages for me!

Viv xxx

Cláudia said...

I'm glad I sometimes make you laugh. :-)
Boa noite, minha amiga.
Dorme bem (sleep tight).
Keep fighting the good fight!

felicity said...


Olá meu amigo novamente
(Hello again my friend)

now I have been reading the forum tonight and am thinking there are some who are not find you congenial company - that is their sad loss! Still you manage to persist with patience and perspicacity with such heathens as bed fellows I dont know how! I see you now choose a more comfortable bed to rest and rejuvenate - how wise mina amiga

Boa Noite
Dorme bem

A battle is fought and won - the war must continue!

Until tomorrow mina amiga!