5 Dec 2007


What an excellant letter Ratonthebeam - if you are reading - I hope you will post me on any reply you receive - that would be interesting! Take your own brand of morals somewhere else Ludicrous!

05.12.07, 6:49pm
to "lose" a child and make £1million and never have to work again.I just sent this to the Scotsman. I will let you know the reply.Dear SirsI wish to register my disgust and amazement that Gerry McCann has been included in your list of nominees for "Scot Of The Year". This man has brought the reputation of Scottish parents into complete disrepute all over the world, with his crass and inaccurate analysis of the parenting habits of "most British parents". He most certainly does not speak for me, or any other Scottish parent that I know.As well as being guilty of neglecting three under-4's. to socialise with his friends in a Tapas bar, he has obstructed the efforts of the Portuguese police from day one, employed various spin doctors and staff to manipulate the media, and collected money from the public under false pretences.He has shown no remorse or guilt whatsoever to the undisputed fact that he deliberately neglected three vulnerable children, directly leading to the disappearance and probable death of one of them. In fact he continues to tell us that this is "acceptable parenting" and "normal" behaviour for Scots abroad.He has completely tarnished the image of Scotland in the eyes of the rest of the world, and it will take many years to reverse the negative attitudes that this man has created. This is even before we take into account, any charges which may be brought by the PJ, any trial or any conviction, which would now appear to be a real possibility.I really do believe that your publication has well and truly shot itself in the foot with the inclusion of this arrogant, crass, greedy criminal suspect, who in no way represents the majority of Scottish people who are, quite rightly, disgusted and upset with this false picture that is painted of family life here.I look forward to receiving your comments on this matter.
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