6 Dec 2007


guess what - I find all of it "cold blloded and callous beyond belief" but if you think there are no parents in this world capable of behaving in this way then which world are you living in? Oh and by the way - why suggest Mrs Fenn is a turncoat and a liar - we believe her 100% and also believe that an 81 year old expat would obey the Portuguese law and keep her mouth shut until this matter comes to trial. We feel for her like all the other victims of Kate and Gerry McCann - their children, their friends, their relatives, the unfortunate police officers who have had to feel the heartbreak of looking at the pictures of a beautiful little girl called Madeleine and the watch and listen to her parents, Fr Panchecho transformed from a happy go lucky Priest living with his friends and happily going about his business to a sad, reclusive man not wanting to set foot out the door, Robert Murat and his girlfriend - her children for the stress mom's gone through, Robert's mother, and perhaps finally people throughout the world who have grown to love this child and were duped into believing she may be found and handing over their cash - who now have their faith in the decency of human nature shattered

Mrs Fenn who it was reported said she heard crying, has quite emphatically denied hearing that or saying it.There are witnesses to say they saw Madeleine up to a certain time on the 3rd, so that is that theory gone.There is a time when some say that Kate could have killed Madeleine but if this was accidental, then why on earth didn't Kate just call for help? Call an ambulance? why would they gather 7 friends together and concoct a theory that could have put the lot of them in prison? Then hide poor little Madeleine, disperse, go about their normal evening lives and meet again a little later to dine as if nothing had even happened? carry on this facade until around 10 pm and then raise the alarm? Don't forget this is the McCann's baby, treating her with a total disrespect like a piece of meat. I can believe parents capable of killing their child in a fit of anger, but then the rest of it is so cold blooded and callous beyond belief.
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