4 Dec 2007


They did not! It has been clearly documented on the news they visited Leicestershire Police which is not too far from East Midlands Airport and met with FSS scientists whilst there. It seems clear to me this was an overall strategy meeting, not just with scientists! That strategy is the way forward in bringing Kate and Gerry McCann to justice and maybe a few others..


docmac said...

Exactly spot on Viv. They met in Leicester for another reason. A couple of days later it turns out that the 9 may have to return to Portugal for identity parades. Any ideas as to this sudden development? I see you and Claudia are both not well. I gave some simple advice to Claudia earlier but Rosiepops jumped in with all her anticoagulant 'knowledge' and tried to make a fight of it. I ask you! I hope you are better soon. Are you not off to hospital to get rid of that infernal plaster this week?

felicity said...

Hiya Docmac - yes indeed Leicester Police and Detective Superintendent dealing! Heaven help the McCanns! - these guys only deal with mega criminals! Identifications in Portugal? ummm One thing could be witnesses from Chaplins the other restaurant or Lagos which demonstrates they lie and seriously neglect their children. The art of winning a court case can be demostrating the other side lack credibility and cannot be believed. Maybe witnesses from the Tapas restaurant will confront Jane Tanner and say you do not move from the table at all that night. Maybe Wilkins will confront her and say you were not at any stage near apartment 5a around the period 9.15 ish. There are so many other scenarios that we probably dont know where a witness could say they saw them at a certain place at a certain time where they say they were not. I like the Portuguese system of organising "witness confrontations" that they can then study to decipher who is speaking the truth. This sounds like very powerful investigative technique and I would like to know how they will hold up against this sort of confrontation - imagine OB and Tanner for example. I wonder if Wilkins saw O;B that would be devastating! I wonder who the female was who got very angry with Murat in the confrontattion organised durng July with Murat - either Fiona or Rachel - I think Fiona just a hunch -she seems more false - smiling on that press photo whereas rachel looked horror struck. It is developing into a fascinating stage now and I really do believe they will be back in Portugal soon!

Re ankle - I had the plaster taken off because it was too tight and replaced with a leg brace - due to go back to hosp soon on the 13th but I cant see me mamaging without it by then - they said maybe just without the crutches by then but that would be good !

felicity said...

sorry missed bit about know it all rosiepops - it is just typical of her that a doctor is present but she offers her "medical" advice what the heck was she talking about ibuprofen anticoagulant ...are they? I thought they were anti-inflammatory/pain/temperature
leastways that is what I have always taken them for but have arthrotec for last few years coated diclofenac which supposedly does less harm to guts!

canuckgal said...

Hi Felicity/Viv! Dolores told me to check you out here - glad I did!

I love the witness confrontation too - wish I could be a fly on the wall for one of those! My daughter's school uses something similar to deal with issues between students, and sure as shootin' it always seems to get the truth out!

Anyway, hope you (and the leg) are doing well - miss you over in HYSland!

felicity said...

Hello Canuckgal - I do miss old friends on the DE and so it is lovely when they drop by. I am trying to make the site interesting and so it is really heplful when other people put their ideas in - so lovely to see you. Leicestershire Police will have spent so much time working with the PJ that maybe they will be able to pioeneer new investigative techniques learned from them. The PJ are highly educated and seem to adopt a lot of pschological profling methods to assist their enquiries - perhaps even more so than in UK. I think this is very helpful. After all, it is in the main the behaviour of Kate and Gerry McCann that says to the public - this just cannot be right. This in itself is not of course enough but I get the impression the Portuguese officers are conducting a methodial and painstaking investigation so that as they say all the complex pieces wil fit together. It is extrmely important to gather every type of evidence there is to secure a conviction against these two which wll be very difficult due to their deception and confusion. The extensive co-operation is a great learning opportunity between two countries including the complex collection and analysis of scientific evidence.