16 Dec 2007


Am I you, or are you me, or am I now a man called Docmac or is Docmac a woman called Rothaymere.

Who are we mate? I have forgotten!

The drones have become a little over-excited perhaps?

Luv. Viv/Felicitity/Plainwaters/Docmac
or whatever! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


josiepublic said...

Your confused? Ive just read an article in the Sunday Express that claims the FBI are investigating three strange men hanging around the apartment on May 2nd- suddenly I'm forgetting the absurdity of eggman in his crack resisting outfit and the scent picked up by the dogs and I'm reading it as though its half credible- and I haven't even had a drink; which if I'm right puts me and the antis in the minority tonight- All I can say is its a hard life when you don't know who you are- but at least I have somewhere to escape when I cant cope with any more lunacy- some Saturday night this was.
Well goodbye and love and kisses to you? Docmac? me? Sleep tight. XXXXXXX Plainwaters

docmac said...

Plainwaters hello

I think Viv is referring to the rather inane 'Morphing' accusations that have been posted recently on the DE forum. There is a certain 'coding' language which is used to accuse some of being others, if you get my drift. Some plainly feel that you are Viv in a new guise and I feel that I may be similarly targeted. I will soon 'out' all these people anyway. There are fewer Pro's than you think. Sleep well.

felicity said...

Hiya Plainwaters and Docmac

(and I am patently talking to myself here ROFL)

I wonder if...well what it is... is the Pro-McCanns actually really love me probably enen more than you and Doc do (which may be myself) and so anyway they hope that really in spite of trying so hard to get rid of me - actually they did not and I am still there - shame for them "whose sorry now". But anyway you did give them a very special viv treat last night didnt you plain, so that was nice for them!

Now the story goes in the DE that two shifty looking bandits were hanging around the night before and then on the night there were three - this is just as Gerry explained it to us on Panorama and likewise Jane and I am really sorry now that I doubted them for a single moment because we can always be certain that anything we read in the DE is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth - just like Popsicles lovely posts...Seriously I do hope there is some truth in the possible location of her body and obviously if the FBI can produce better images of whoever was hanging around that night it will be very helpful but I have a feeling once those images are enhanced they will reveal a load of old Tapas.

The morphing all helps to give the drones a little more excitement in their work I suppose - after all there is no mystery to them!

Laters both

Thanks for posting!

Love Viv

and plainwaters you are
minha querider amiga - my dear friend - Doc already knows!xzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

eureka said...

Hi Dr Who, The interesting thing about this suspicious DE article is that video recorder-based CCTV systems record the past three hours continuously, or in time-lapse mode, a series of recording bursts over 24 hours, then rewind and record over the previous recording. So unless the CCTV was a state-of-the-art "local authority" standard, it could not record over two days as it would wipe the previous day every time!
A small business would not afford such an expensive 'local authority' system.

Also even in time-lapse mode, anyone would appear to be looking from side to side in jerky movements because of the gaps in recording anyway.

Anonymous said...

I am very confused and I`ll take a break.
Something is going on in the McCann Spinning House. I feel it strongly in my gut.

Things are NOT adding up. Strange artikel in the Sunday Times! Suddenly an answer to every question???
And G did NOT play tennis in the afternoon! Well, what was he and the wife doing then??Drinking...well, they were drinking too much, already starting in the morning!

Of course the twins vere sedated. I have twins too, and the McC. explanation is impossible.

The Team don`t know what to do right now so they are just keeping on spinning. Well they can`t spin themselves out of things anymore. They ar digging their own grave - deeper and deeper!

In my prisonjob, I have seen it so many times, when new inmates are coming. They are spinning, singing, struggling and trashing about.

"Their old friend Dave Payne had invited them on a group holiday, it had seemed too good to resist."
BUT they could not afford at babysitter?? Well, then they could do, as other normal parent: Babysit both ore one at a time!

"Gerry never saw a soul, except once, on the last night" I wonder, who that was? Jane Tanner or Jeremy Wilkins ????

I could go on for ever!

"Madeleine was in the single bed nearest the door. There was an empty bed against the opposite wall, beneath the window. Between the two beds were two travel cots"
It does NOT add up with the picture of the room, with the sun- shine through the window and the curtain- moovement!! The drawing of the arpartment and Kates statement to Jon Corner the godfather. "It looks as though someone had gone straight past the twins to get to her."

Greetings from Denmark

felicity said...

Hi Eureka and Marie

I think there is a lot of desperate spin being put in the press now, presumably because we are about to hear that our Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has approved further interrogation of the Tapas 9.

If the pro-McCanns genuinely wanted to prove their account, then surely we would have been advised of video evidence of Jane Tanner, a man carrying a child and Gerry and Jez Wilkins in the street. Instead we get these weird reports of strange men hanging around when Gerry himself, said on Panorama that he never saw anyone until he bumped into Wilkins. A regular poster on the DE, Alsabella, a local Portuguese has said she is not aware of any CCTV cameras in the locality and I appreciate what you say Eureka that local shops would not have state of the art continuous recording.

Having always been told that Gerry was having a tennis lesson and Kate was alone with the children, we now get a very different claim - that Gerry had an achilles tendon injury and was with Kate and the children the whole of the time. Worryingly it clearly implies he was drinking quite heavily, even before going out. If there is spin intended here it would seem to be to focus attention on Gerry as the possible assailant, rather than Kate. She clearly does have friends in high places! I would say these reports are the work of Clarence Mitchell. Who is this man in The Times and how can he say he spent time with them, as we know Clarence Mitchell did, but then say, he is not a friend of theirs!

Finally perhaps we should remember that Gerry and Kate has personally briefed the News of the World - which is Gerry's "favourite" newspaper. They gave us the story a few months after Madeleine had obviously been abducted because Cuddlecat had been placed on a high shelf. Only trouble is there was no high shelf! The News of the World, The Sun and The Times are all part of the same group - so no prizes for guessing where this story in The Times came from! Perhaps the McCanns know they are cornered but now wish to evade a charge by saying well actually we were both there - go on prove which one of us done it. In similar manner to Gerry's awful comment "well find the body and prove we killed her".

Just who are they trying to spin with all this desperate last minute rubbish in the press!

Kind Regards to you both and thanks very much for your very helpful posts.

Kind Regards
Viv x

josiepublic said...

Glad to see Claudia has joined you now if there is anything you can't answer (unlikely but-) Claudia will step in. What a great team! Keep up the good work- double trouble for the gruesome twosome! Wishing you both lots of love. Plainwaters XXXXXXXXX

felicity said...

Hiya Plainwaters/Josie

I am not impressed with the account now produced in The Times, 8 monhs later, following the meeting between them at the end of November. I do not imagine the Police will be either. They have already had the chance to tell their story - the deviations now speak for themselves. If I were in charge I would be seriously considering charging all of them with perverting the course of justice!

What a bunch of sickening liars!

Having the delightful Claudia and Docmac on board is certainly a major help in trying to see through al the lies they tell us!

Love ya loads darling
Viv z

josiepublic said...

Mark55 may also be having an identity crisis someone out there in gameland is using his username;


Now that cant be our Mark because he began studying DNA 30 yrs ago and his daughter is older- makes you think though hey? Coincidence- more than likely. Anyway back to the forum for a little while. Love Plainwaters. XXXXXXXXXXX