10 Dec 2007


Sorry but my own are STILL coming back! Not so "Comfortably Numb"!

Viv x


Cláudia said...

Boa noite, minha amiga! :-)
Como estás?
Take a look at the DE forum. You're still the star, although you're not there! lol

docmac said...

Boa noite Claudia. I need sleep. And the same to you Viv.

Cláudia said...

Hey, docamac, are you still around, my friend?

felicity said...

Ola minha querida Claudia

I am very well thank you!

I cannot understand why I am still the subject of discussion mainly among those who seek to support Kate and Gerry, if not it seems to be bizarre comments about the war or ice on windows. The news from the Daily Mail of all papers that used to so heavily favour them could not be much bleaker. Including from a top QC that he would like to see them dealt with here and clearly acknowledging they will be standing trial in Portugal. Could it be that in terms of seeking to support Kate and Gerry they just do not know what to say LOL!

In a way I suppose I should be flattered and certainly am by comments I have seen from the Pro- Madeleine group but hope we can all remember what this is really about! WE are getting there!! Well done Mr Gordon Brown - STAND FIRM! FOR JUSTICE FOR MADDIE!

Boa Noite
Minha Amiga
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

felicity said...

Night Doc - note that issues will be resolved am.

Viv x

Cláudia said...

Boa noite, Viv, minha querida (dear) amiga.
Yes, it's amazing, isn't it? You rock! :-)
Have you read Docmac's post on DE? He said something's going to happen really soon. I wish he was were and could explain it a bit better! :-)

felicity said...

Claudia you gorgeous darling

I know all five of those words in your top line - fantastic isnt it lololol

We know that Docmac is right minha amiga. The Pj's will come here with all their questions to put to Kate Gerry and thier friends. They will not have the right answers and next year they wiil be making a journey to beautiful Portugal but they will not be thinking it is going to be some great holiday - Oh No! It is a journey they will approach with much horror! They brought it upon themselves.

You have seriously tempted me now and am going to read the DE comments!

But will still keep checking my own board or, much to the annoyance of Rosie "lifting" anything I see fit, whether it be amusing, shocking or just seriously interesting and relevant to the debate!

Until we speak again
Boa Noite, Minha amiga!

Luv ya loads
Viv xxxxxxxxxxx

Cláudia said...

I can't wait to see you there, not reading, but making them all going crazy again, minha amiga! lol
Luv u loads too! :-)
Boa noite, minha querida!

felicity said...

but Claudia darling I dont need to be there to make them go crazy.......(!)

Some things are just not meant to be!

I will always be here!

Luv ya loads
minha querider amiga
Viv xxxxx

Ana said...

Hi everyone,

Boa noite.
Its my first time , so be pacient please :)I will write in portuguese cause my english is to bad ...portuguese friends , please translate( claudia , alsabella , etc ). :)
De algum tempo para cá tenho seguido o forum do dx e ,claro , não pude deixar de me identificar com algumas pessoas ou melhor,com a opinião de algumas das pessoas que lá participam diáriamente ( Já de outras , rosiepops e companhia....mto mal ).
Hoje resolvi enviar este post apenas para felicitar-vos pela forma valente como defendem os interesses acima de tudo da pequenita Maddie, que infelizmente não teve sorte nos "pais " que teve .Continuem assim ,a união faz força e justiça será feita .


Bla bla bla


Ana said...

Viv ,
just another thing : Anthony Bennett interview with james whale


How is this possible ?

felicity said...

Ola querida amiga Ana

Welcome to the Forum!

Please continue to write whatever you want in Portuguese and I can get it translated on google. It may not be completely accurate but this is translation of your first post. I really welcome the views of other people all over the world and would invite anyone who cannot write in English to do as you have and I will get it translated - google is a wonderful thing in bringing us closer together and not allowing language to be a barrier.

Your message to little Maddie and all of us is really touching. Thank you so much

Por favor ligue no regularmente e vamos ter o benefício de sua espécie pensamentos

Amor e melhores votos para você, meu amigo

Viv xxxxxxxxx


In some time here I have followed the forum's dx and, of course, I could not fail to identify with some or rather with the view of some of the people who participate daily (now of others, rosiepops and company .... mto evil).
Today decided to send this post just to congratulate you for the way valiant as defending the interests above all of the little Maddie, who unfortunately had no luck in the "parents" who had. Keep well, the union is strength and justice will be done.

felicity said...

Ola again Anya

Thanks for referring me to the interview between Mr Bennett and Mr Whale which I had not come across. I just cannot believe how rude and insulting Mr Whale was. He is typical of the sort of people who set out to "support" the McCanns - rude, obnoxious, thugs! Again I ask th question how do such people actually believe they are helping the McCanns - they associate them with the very worse examples of human nature similar to some of the thugs who are daily on the Daily Express verbally abusing and threatening anyone who dares to disagree with them. I note one tonight Maureen even threatened she is going to get this webpage closed down whilst at the same time pointing out she had not even read it!

What a bunch of unprincipled thugs who clearly do not have the capacity to demonstrate care and ocncern for little children.

I suppose we should feel pity for them! They cannot help the way they are I suppose.

Night Night

Minha amiga!

Viv x

felicity said...

Hiya Docmac

I am afraid the problem is your end - happened again -tried other transmitter - same again!