6 Dec 2007


06.12.07, 11:35pm
Please read this:Police has new evidence, apart from DNA samples, that give consistency to their main line of inquiry, in Madeleine's case, according to El Mundo's edition from December 3. The recent meeting at Elderby, Leicester, between police and forensic experts from both countries, brought more details that could help PJ to find an answer to the basic question, since August 11: where is Madeleine's body. Videos, pictures and phone records are among the material Portuguese police received from their British counterparts and allowed them to advance further in the investigation.A phone call between Gerry McCann and Russel O'Brien, on June 10, in Portugal, got a special attention from PJ. Gerry has told Police, before, that both of them where close to Praia da Luz but technical data from the mobile antennas indicated that there was a distance of 25 km between the two callers. Searches in abandoned buildings in the area produced a towel with blood stains and fibres that were found also in the boot of the Renault Scenic rented by the McCann family.The existence of contacts between Robert Murat and the so called Tapas Group was another conclusion of the meeting. Investigations in UK unveiled solid evidence that Gerry McCann and Robert Murat paths have crossed even before the family from Rothley came to Portugal. Questioned by journalists, in May, Gerry McCann refuse to confirm if he knew Murat.Police will question again, soon, the McCann's friends and the parents of Madeleine McCann. Other developments - a new set of witnesses asked to be questioned and charges being brought - are expected for the first weeks of next January.(*) From Duarte Levy, published on El Mundo, December 3
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eureka said...

I read in '24 Horos' today
(7/12/07) that Jacqui Smith has to Decide, and said in interview that "It is a difficult situation" but in effect "we all want the same thing, the best interests of Madeleine".
Well, is this a prelude to stalling and blocking further questioning? I really can't see what's difficult about granting permisssion to re-question these suspects in view of all the evidence that's apparent now. There will be a public outcry if the questioning in UK is blocked. I hope that the EU law will allow the PJ to arrest them and take them back to Portugal for questioning anyway!

felicity said...

Hi Eureka thanks very much for your thoughts. One of the Portuguese ladies told me that 24 Horas is not a paper to be trusted. This is because it has right wing affliations to News Media in the US and we know there has been concerted effort over there to work with UK media and favour the McCanns. Even the BBC were guilty of this - suggesting samples in the boot may have belonged to an animal and the interview with an EX Portuguese policeman making scurrilous allegations about "swinging".

I do not think there is anything wrong with Jaqui Smith's comments - it is a difficult situation - especially for a new and inexperienced Home Secretary who has already dropped a few clangers - upsetting the Police! If another Country in the EU quite reasonably ask, on reasonable evidence, to hand over a couple of suspects then the offending country would be in breach of EU law by failing to do so. I cannot believe that Gordon and Jaqui really want to take on the ~EU to protect these two. I think that would be the end of their political careers. We have told them very loud and clear in the ~DE and elsewhere just what the public think and want. I believe we are on the verge of getting it! Prior to agreeing to hand them over we would want assurances from the Portuguese authorities that they will be dealt with in a humane and lawful way - that is probably what is taking place at the moment and is standard procedure to ensure very important Human Rights law are given full effect. Until actually proven guilty in a court of law - they are of course innocent and are fully entitled to all the safeguards the law has to offer to make sure they are treated fairly, have proper legal representation and a fair trial. I do not like Kate and Gerry McCann but want them to get a fair trial, with all the safeguards any defendant is entitled to - so that when they are found to be guilty, as I believe they most certainly will be, they cannot complain. If our goverhment are ensuring those safeguards prior to handing them over - good for them! I really do hope they are not just deliberately stalling - as you wiil see I think that is extremely unlikely.

Kind Regards
and nice to see you back again

Anonymous said...

Olá dear Viv!

Indeed, this is normal procedure and Portuguese authoroties would demand the same garantees had it been the other way around. Therefore, the first step and what Portuguese authorities are requesting is for British Police to ask the questions here in UK. As you know, Portuguese Police can only attend the questioning but not question.
What would be very strange indeed, would be The Home Office refusing to have them questioned here in UK by British Police. As in such a situation, all guarantee of fair treatment would be a fact.
Let's see what comes next.
How are you today? Coldish here in London and rather exhausted after a very busy week at work.

Um grande abraço e um beijinho

Athena xxx

felicity said...

Olá Athena

How I love that word - it always brings back memories of beautiful people saying that to me in the Dominican Republic in January 2001 I think when it was absolutely freezing here. Beautiful sunny place and people - just like Portugal! I would I could just jump on a plane...there right now where I bet it is about 90 in the shade! YUM The wind and rain was howling so badly here in Warwickshire last night I feared for my poor old house - were bits going to start falling off ? LOL stil have a roof thank god and somehow my lovely fish in the garden always seem to survive! Cant wait until I can drive again soon so that I can go a late night prowl around the lanes spotting some of our lovely wildlife!

I see Mr Murat's solicitor tells us one of two dates in Jan will be decisive let us hope so but I do not want the PJ to rush and not build the best possible case that will secure a conviction.

How sad the Litte One will not be enjoying all the Christmas festivities. We will all be thinking of her.

How you must look forward to going home soon. I have worked in London and know it can be a cold and lonely place!

Um grande abraço e um beijinho

Boa Noite
Minha Amiga

Anonymous said...

Minha querida Viv!

Your Portuguese is indeed expanding and improving! Sweet friendly words!
Yes, I am looking forward to spending Xmas in Faro with my parents and cats.
London is a very addictive place: we hate it and we do adore it Viv! But you are very lucky to live closer to nature.
I lived most of my life in Paris, just a few years in Portugal and now London.
I am exhausted and shall now go to sleep.
I wish you a very peaceful night and look forward to reading you very soon again.

Some little Portuguese now: "bom fim de semana" (good weekend!)


P.S. If only all children could be loved and protected as if Xmas were every single day! Our Little Blond Fairy is with the Angels as in an eternal Xmas morning...

Athena xxx

felicity said...

Minha querida amiga Athena

It sounds like you have had a well travelled and happy life in some beautiful cities in Europe but look on Faro as home and long to get back to your parents and cats. I am sure that is a beautiful place to return for many reasons.

You must have a stressful job from what you write and I hope a break from London over Christmas recharges your batteries and you have a great time.

I hope you also have a "good weekend" "bom fim de semana" . You must be fluent in a lot of languages - what a great skill and a joy to be able to interact with so many different people.

Until tomorrow Minha amiga
Boa Noite xxxx