23 Dec 2007


GOOD FOR THEM!! One could hardly rely on the gruesome twosome to spill the beans!


McCanns' phone line tapped
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Last Modified: 10 Sep 2007
By: Simon Israel

The statements and evidence which have been gathered by Portuguese Police over the last 132 days is colossal, amounting to thousands of pages.

But they contain not just the much-discussed forensic reports of blood stains and other material but also, Channel 4 News understands, transcripts of recorded phone conversations the McCanns have had with others over many weeks. There is also evidence from emails they have sent and received.

We also understand that Portuguese police have been in daily contact with the forensic laboratories in Birmingham seeking further reports.

We believe that an expert in blood-splatter analysis can determine if dried blood is from a live or a dead person.

The Madeleine McCann case

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It just may be that that is the difference between what was found in the apartment and in the boot of the car the McCanns hired twenty-five days after Madeleine disappeared

A decision is expected from the Portuguese courts within the next few days as just to where this case goes next.

The District Attorney will receive a dossier and then decide whether to issue charges against any or all of the three aguidos - that is Kate and Gerry McCann, and Robert Murat - or request further police investigations for anything up to eight months.

What he will not do is close this case - for there is still a missing child. Simon Israel.

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Anonymous said...

There is no evidence to support abduction, well apart from JT's sighting of bundleman..enough said!!

Is this a case of accidental death and cover up? Massive media and government intervention from day 1.

Limited company set up within days.

Parents weird reaction to events.

Could there be more people involved than what we know about?

Theories anyone?

Anonymous said...

Post on DM


Anonymous said...

Missing Tennis Bag! Martin Brunt


Programme 7.30 Xmas Eve Sky news.

felicity said...

Hiya Anon

I just checked your link and a message came up from Sky "the page does not exist"

Has it been pulled? We know Sky and the BBC are very dodgily in favour of the gruesome twosome Gerry even lists them as "News" sites on his blog! That must be the "News" according to the McCanns there. Channel 4 News is better!

Viv x

Anonymous said...

viv...have put capital letter in sky by mistake

felicity said...

Hiya thanks Anon I found it now. So Brunt claims that some abductor cleared of with Maddie in Gerry's tennis bag! Oh Dear!

Gerry is rather good at losing/breaking things we can start to do a little list

The buggy and tennis bag
the wallet
the fridge


did I miss anything?

Viv x

Anonymous said...

Are Sky and Brunt changing their very prop stance.....await tomorrows programme with interest

felicity said...

Hiya again Anon

Sounded like the same excusatory rubbish to me but hey I could be wrong - also look forward to their prog tomorrow.

Just seen a quick, clever and slightly amusing point by Quickfingers on DE (who is a v astute poster!)
23.12.07, 8:06pm

Didn't have a bag!

• Posted by: quickfingers

........not that we ever thought there was a bundleman, Miss Tanner!
Is Brunt thinking his reports through at all?

Viv x