7 Dec 2007


As Docmac has confirmed an 88% match means it is almost certainly Madeleine and the fluids came from a corpse - this is what immediately gained the McCanns arguido status - let us not forget that! I was frankly amazed to see the spurious arguments coming from Mark and Co on the Daily Express shouting at us there is a difference between DNA and body fluids - yes Mark we know that - the DNA is extracted from the body fluids. Then we had the silly arguments of Alroy - just a pinprick in a bag and it would have been all over the place....thanks Mr Scientist! go back to your macabre Dennis Wheatley tales and leave the evidence and the science to those who know what they are talking about. How do you know anything about 6" square bits of carpet and holes in airtight bags anyway? WHERE did you get that from? Kate and Gerry?

Q&A: The DNA evidence
Last Updated: 2:25am BST 12/09/2007
What is the significance of a DNA sample found in the McCanns' apartment?
A DNA sample, said to be blood, was found on the window sill of the McCanns' apartment. There have also been reports of a second bloodstain on the floor.
But a small amount of Madeleine’'s blood in the apartment would not in itself be damning. Children frequently bleed from small cuts and abrasions and Madeleine would have been able to reach the sill.

What is not known is how large a sample it is. If blood was found over a large area and later cleaned up, it could be seen as evidence of an assault. What did police find in the hire car? Sources close to the investigation said on Monday that two samples found in the McCanns' Renault Scenic hire car had been found. One was in the cockpit and one in the boot, of which one was an exact match and another was a partial match. Today police briefed the Portuguese media that "bodily fluids" - not blood - with an 88 per cent chance of being Madeleine's, were found in a space under the boot liner where the spare wheel is normally kept. It was also claimed that large quantities of Madeleine's hair were in the car - so much, in fact, that it could only have come directly from her body, rather than being deposited by "secondary transfer" from her clothes or possessions.
The clear implication, if the reports are correct, is that Madeleine's body was transported in the car boot, in the wheel well.
The McCanns did not hire the car for 25 days after Madeleine disappeared, meaning they would have to have hidden the body for almost a month before disposing of it.
The couple have dismissed the suggestion as "ludicrous" and believe they are being framed.
Police have refused to give details about who had hired the car between May 3, when Madeleine vanished, and May 28, when the McCanns started driving it. All other drivers will have to be eliminated as suspects.
Alipio Ribeiro, the national head of the Policia Judiciara, played down the significance of the forensic evidence, saying: "It is not true that a total coincidence respecting the little girl's DNA has been found. These results have to be analysed rigorously and with particular care."
Could DNA evidence in the car show whether Madeleine was alive or dead?
Bodily fluids from a corpse will show signs of decomposition when analysed. This may explain why Portuguese police appear so confident that Madeleine is dead.
Similarly, blood begins to congeal after death and so blood samples can provide strong indications as to whether a person was alive or dead at the time they were deposited.
Another crucial factor is the quantity of blood or bodily fluids - a tiny speck of blood or a fleck of dried blood could have been transferred via Madeleine's possessions; a pool of blood could not.
Could DNA evidence tell police how Madeleine died?
If reports of Madeleine's hair being found in the car are correct, such a discovery could prove vital to determining whether Madeleine was, as some reports in Portugal have suggested, given an overdose of a sedative.
Traces of drugs in a person's blood are very quickly deposited in the roots of their hair, even if the drugs immediately cause death.
Such evidence was crucial in proving the guilt of Dr Harold Shipman, who murdered his patients with lethal doses of morphine. The drug was found in hair samples taken from his victims after they were exhumed, proving conclusively how they died.
If such analysis had been carried out on any hair samples found in the McCann case, it could explain why police have repeatedly asked the couple if they gave Madeleine sedatives.


docmac said...

Hi Viv

The DNA doubters are very persistent, are they not. I can just see them in the situation where (god forbid) a family member has 'disappeared' The cops and forensic experts come up with DNA evidence recovered from body fluids that had been identified by highly trained cadaver dogs and which show an 88% chance of being from said family member. Can you see any one of them jumping up and down and saying 'rubbish'?

I think not, yet that is exactly what they do in this sad case and it bears a rather sinister resemblance to the reaction of the McCanns in my opinion.

felicity said...

Hello Docmac I do think these few rather sad and perverse people people on the Daily Express seem to have left their moral reasoning behind in their zeal to protect Kate and Gerry McCann. At least Janet G found it again.

I believe with the Daily Express now removing the story from the front page and Sky also they acknowledge the McCanns are now to be processed according to law and the propaganda battle - they have lost. But why have the Daily Express chosen to publish a book and WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE PROCEEDS OF SALE. I do hope there will not be a load of people paying for an expensive legal team for them in that way!

viv x