23 Dec 2007


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Dr Doom wrote:

"As someone in the trade I can confirm, absolutely, that's the case, and Sky News and the Murdoch media empire are well on-track to secure the rights, with only Richard Branson's financing the parents being a problem.

Sky News were given the very first, exclusive interview with the McCanns just days after the child was reported missing. A bizarre thing for the McCanns to do: selling their story to just one media outlet was the least efective way of getting their message out. An open-to-all press/media conference would have been far more appropriate, but of course would pay far less... It would also would have meant having to answer questions from lots of awkward journalists rather than just the one, with the pre-arranged questions...

For those in the media trade, that was the first real sign that this whole missing child affair was not what it seemed. We have yet to be proved wrong...

As we all know, from the very earliest days pounds signs have been the guiding influence in everything the McCanns have done, and nothing has changed recently.

The desire to empty the official fund before the first anniversary is entirely understandable. The McCanns know they cannot get away with using it personally any more, and that details of much more than just mortgage payments will have to be revealed in due course...

As the first anniversary approaches (and make no mistake, plans are well under way for this - in the full knowledge that short of a miracle by the PJ, turning up the body, Madeleine will still be missing...) the McCanns will want all the book, programme and film deals signed ready. The million pound fund (and all the as yet unaccounted for interest...) will pale into insignificance beside the money the McCanns will personally make as we enter Year Two.

Be under no illusion - hiring Metodo 3 had nothing to do with finding a child, but was a brilliant dramatic move on Team McCann's part, as will be their dismissal and replacement of Metodo in the New Year. This whole affair has been so sickeningly well orchestrated as to be almost unbelievable.

The film script is almost certainly well underway, and quite likely several endings are already being discussed. Safe to presume none of them involve Madeleine being returned alive...

The book, likewise, is as good as written several times over, and a safe bet Clarence is already negotiating for final rights...

With Murdoch and Sky/The Sun/Times/20th Century Fox on one side and Branson and Virgin Media on the other, the parents are going to be set up for life if the PJ fail to secure a conviction...

Of course, Clarence wins either way. His inside knowledge of the couple will secure his financial future whatever the fate of the parents...

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felicity said...

ANOTHER GREAT POST about the mercanary McCanns: (Wonder how Gerry would feel about Phil from Eastenders being him ROFLMAO:-)but seriouly, I do not think Phil would have any difficulty getting into character....Viv


23.12.07, 7:18pm

If Richard Branson has agreed to pay for the McCann's legal fees, why do Kate & Gerry feel they need to continue to "sell the story". Doctor Doom's post Madeline lot of sense - they are really miling Madeline's disappearance. How could any set of distraught parents be able to even concentrate on such a mercantile campaign?

They are building up their funds for the following scenarios:

1. They end up in jail and without an income. I imagine that the BMC may strike them off if it is proven that they were complicit in Madeline's demise.

2. They don't end up in jail but one or either of them get struck off the medical register (not sure what its like in the UK but where I live the Mdecial Council are a very stuffy lot and would frown on any McCann-like conduct as bringing the profession into disrepute).

3. They've decided that they really enjoy the media game (Gerry certainly seems to, as I pointed out before) and think medicine is too dull and boring when you can get a deal with Hello! get involved in "Madeline - the Movie" (I can just see it now, with Gwenyth Paltrow playing Kate, and Phil from Eastenders as Gerry) and live your life off book and film royalties.

How can one not be cynical?They are making money out of Madeline's misfortune.

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Anonymous said...

The whole affair reeks of premeditation..........more to this than meets the eye in my opinion.

felicity said...

Hiya Anon

I am afraid I have to agree - even if they did accidentally kill her - why did the big publicity campaign and cashing in - we always knew there would be books and films. If this was just an accidental killing no way would they behave like they are - they would just keep quiet - it really does reek of planning !

viv x