3 Dec 2007


I have just been reading the DE forum and notice "2345" keeps telling us the McCanns are psychotic. Psyhcosis means serious delusional beliefs associated with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia (where a person typically hears voices) or bipolar disorder /manic depression - extreme mood swings where a person can also become psychotic. This should not be confused with the type of behaviour typically associated with by Kate and Gerry McCann - a complete lack of empathy, manipulative, controlling, inflated sense of self etc. This is the type of behaviour exhibited by a psychopath. Psychopathy is not a mental illness - it is a personality disorder. It can be caused by specific brain defects at birth or extreme home circumstances e.g. a complete lack of love, violent/sexual abuse arresting emotional development. Narcissm is also a personality disorder also possibly associated with Kate McCann in particular. With this type of personality disorder it can be difficult to distinguish the symptoms from the mental illness, bipolar disorder and hence some people think she may suffer from this. There is clear suggestion Kate McCann does have mental ill health eitiher bipolar or another form of depression. It is perfectly possible for people to have both a personality disorder and mental illness. It does not seem to me that Gerry McCann has any form of mental illness - he copes with far too much to say this is likely. Kate on the other hand does not. There have been clear suggestions from both Gerry and his sister she could not cope with her children alone. I hope if you are reading this, 2345 you will now appreciate the difference in terms.


Eureka said...

Hi Felicity, nice to see you. Talking of strange personalities, Clarence seems very quiet lately.
Has someone taken him aside and quietly told him enough is enough? I wonder if panic will set in soon and the crew will begin to leave the sinking ship? Good for the PJ and the Brit police, they seem to have more than they let on and have played a clever waiting game of cat and mouse.

felicity said...

Hello Eureka - nice to see you too. I am pleased that after only a few days people are starting to join me on here!

Clarence must be a very worried man. What motivated him to take on this role? Justine McGuiness was much smarter wasn't she? The minute they were made arguidos and with their Portuguese solicitor clearly telling them the PJ already had enough evidence to charge them she was straight out that door. What few comments we do hear from Clarence just sound so utterly perverse! HIs reputation will forever be associated with Kate and Gerry McCann and I do wonder what must have been going on in his head! He likes to take on an almost impossible challenge with too much confidence in his own ability - a ittle like his master and mistress. I do wonder if there really wil be a career for him with the double glazing man whose name I keep on forgetting. Very wealthy businessmen did not get in that position by being charitable! No matter he has told Clarence there will be a job for him - he has been a spectacular failure with his bizarre campaign that has only served to swerve public opinion in entirely the opposite direction to that intended. I have read so many who have said this. I do agree with you the PJ and Brit Police have played a brilliant cat and mouse game with these two who scrubbed and mobbed the evidence away and have such a penchant for lies. I keep telling myself they will be arrested before christmas but confess I am not really utterly convinced of this. Have you read the Jon Benet case - here they had the little girl's body and a "ransom note" written by the mom but still they got away with it! The signs all seem to be in place though the PJ and Brit police have done better than that. Let us hope. I dread the thought of years of speculation about these two whilst they go jetting around the world giving interviews and writing books and getting very rich in the process - just like they planned it. I do not think the British public could actually stand several years of Kate and Gerry McCann - we want them tucked up where they belong sooner rather than later and the twins properly placed with loving relatives again, for their sake, sooner, rather than later. Let us Hope!