14 Dec 2007


Evening All - how things are hotting up!!

As you all know the DE have made it plain I am permanently banned although will not offer any explanation for that. That does not, of course, stop me from sitting reading the unfolding debate. A little earlier on something very strange happened right before my eyes. Docmac made the post below and it was instantly removed "for legal reasons".

I recently invited the Daily Express to confirm whether Rosiepops was a resident columnist of theirs given she can make the most offensive racist posts and brag that she never gets them removed. Whilst wishing me well with my new webpage they declined to comment upon this.

Given their refusal to deny my allegation and this instant removal this evening I will leave you to judge for yourselves! If there is one thing newspapers love it is a replacement for the Princess Diana effect - a story that will endlessly run and run and keep selling their newspapers. Wealthy advertisers will pay millions to a newspaper who can achieve this. Think about some of those wealthy advertisers who also purportedly support Kate and Gerry McCann…Rosiepops gives you all someone to keep on arguing with - even though her arguments are utterly perverse - this keeps the story running..

What legal reasons could there be for removing Docmac's comments. Perhaps people, cleverly just get little too near the truth. It seems quite possible to me that Retardo 3's purpose is to launder funds from the Find Madeleine Fund back to Kate and Gerry McCann for their legal defence of imminent proceedings against them….Their purpose is quite obviously not to find Madeleine.

Or do the Daily Express know the McCanns are also to be prosecuted for fraud and have been warned not to print details of this otherwise they would be in contempt of court? It can often be the case that newspapers know a lot more than they are allowed to print......and people who know too much and comment too much can be a problem for them.......but I will print that post for any who missed it before it mysteriously disappeared for whatever reason!


14.12.07, 7:55pm

Hello I have not seen you in a while. Two things:

Firstly, I find it interesting that Ms O'Donnell never mentions Jane Tanner in her article.

Secondly, regarding Metodo3 who are described thus on aboutus.org

" Method 3 is the Spanish detective agency dedicated exclusively to corporate fraud with a

quality certification ISO9002 and several honorary mentions the Ministry of the Interior for

their help in the fight against fraud". NOTE THE WORD EXCLUSIVELY. I think they could

probably offer very good advice on how to avoid detection in fraud cases if the price was


I know you reside in Spain. It would be very interesting to gain access to the accounts of this

company. I have a sneaking suspicion that money laundering is something they know a lot

about. Where is that 50k really going each month? I say this because I looked at their

website a couple of weeks back and they claimed to have a staff of 3. That has now

expanded to 35 hired detectives and a presence in all the countries in the European Union.


• Posted by: docmac


docmac said...

Hi Viv

Your take on the removal of my post is interesting, but I do know that the DE do not monitor posts at that time unless the 'report comment' button is pressed, often many more times than once. So who was leaning on the button? Do you think there could be a mole?

Re the poster you mentioned. Can I have a guess, having read the columnists employed by the paper?


felicity said...

Hiya Docmac

I think that is a fair possibility - I have read Widdicombe also and it would not be unfair to say she has some rather trenchant views on "immigration". Additionally, although this lady has never enjoyed relationships with men, let alone have a family, she had adopted the role of roving agony aunt! I had to smile when you recently jumped on Rosiepops for suddenly starting to mention her partner and domestic bliss etc given that she had never done so before!

I also found it interesting when "Alroy" produced a list of all his "pro-McCanns". In that list he did not mention Rosiepops, instead he perhaps slipped up stating "Rozipoz" a read of her profile and comments give us a very clear picture of a "right-wing racist".

I find their little clones amusing...but would say "Old Hippy" is a very probably a real little person - who gets mercilessly played with!

Kind Regards
Viv x

Cláudia said...

Very interesting comments from you both, my friends!
Unfortunately, my bed is calling me. I have to get up early in the morning.
Sleep tight, meus amigos. Até amanhã! :-)

docmac said...

Rozipoz is a nasty piece of work. If they are indeed one and the same it explains a lot. I did notice that he had left the 'boss' off his list.

I see that Bridget is being praised for her honesty. I think her words are very cryptic to be honest. Someone is applying pressure somewhere but she has not fallen for it completely. I read in between the lines that she is trying to protect her partner from further involvement in this case.

felicity said...

Ola meu amigos!

Some people have a very illiberal attitude - they seek to impose certain standards of behaviour - those outiside their "standards" are not acceptable. They do not accept that all peoples regardless of their race or sexuality are entitled to equal rights. I will bid you both goodnight with a little quote from Widdecombe who used to shadow Home Secretary! It does sound an awful lot like Rosiepops doesnt it "I am not criticising you but here it comes....pure vitriol - I am just saying homosexuals should not have the same rights..... they are just not right...... they rae not "the preferred model" ugh! no wonder we dont like the lady! Whilst making such a great show of insisting she is not utterly vile she then proceeds to be...utterly vile:

ANN WIDDECOMBE: I don't want to outlaw homosexuals, I don't want to persecute them in any way so I don't think actually that, that this huge difference that there is between us amounts to very much. I have always said and I stand by utterly and absolutely that society must have a preferred model, that that model must be the traditional family, that is why we're support marriage in the tax system so I cannot really see that there is the huge distinction that you said. And the one thing that that has happened to this party under William Hague's leadership is that we've become more united than for many years.

Boa Noite
meu amigos Claudia e Docmac
Ate amanha
which I look forward to very much!


josiepublic said...

Hi Viv Darling Dolores sent me here,now I understand why- Roziepoz is claiming I'm you (I wish!) But like me maybe she is just tired? Its far too late to "debate" especially with sense. So I'm off to bed- keep up the good work you have several people rattled; you are definitely still present in peoples minds. Did you see that Mark appears to be a teenager? I think he sees arguing with Docmac as arguing with authority- I'm sure if they had been in the same room Docmac would have obliged him with a clip around the ear!LOL; Lots of love plainwaters XXXXX

felicity said...

Hiya darling - how lovely to hear from you again. You have managed to seriously amuse me again on the DE last night! "Well your having it" eh! I dont understand why you would want to be me!

Well I just think some people need their little cages rattling for them. And then some need bringing down a peg or two and made to realise they are not as smart as they like to kid themselves. Thyere are plenty of people including you of course who can see their little plots - what a bunch of saddos! I always try and stay on the side of the angels and we have one particular little angel in mind. God Bless Her!

I see little Miss Twisted still persists month in month out, ad nauseum to brainwash us they were not negligent they were entitled to just dump her in bed and leave her without some phantom bogey man coming along. Good job she can hide behind her computer screen because I am damn sure she would not want to try and spout that tripe to our faces! And she tells us she has children herself!! Only of late have we been hearing that sad refrain.

Yes the thought of us females giving her a good dressing down about how to be a mom whilst our dear Doc gives Mark a clip around his boyish little earole is a highly amusing thought. How dare he try and argue with a grown man the silly little boy. He is also stuck on same old same old crap isnt he DNA is just a lump of something you can chuck it about and spread it around just like kids with playdoh - that must be what he is thinking of - what a silly boy. I wonder if they just have standard posts stored on their computer that they just keep on posting - sure looks that way.

Oh well if you get fed up of their tired routines you know where you are always very welcome darling!

Come back soon, and keep nicking me posts, if you must! Like me you have a bit of a naughty, amusing streak. But also a lovely compassionate and intelligent streak. I also see this in our Claudia - that is why I love ya both!

See you soon darling

Loads a love
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx