7 Dec 2007


07.12.07, 4:33pm
British Police want to question Foreign Office envoys and McCann spokesmen Alex Woolfall, Sheree Dodd, Clarence Mitchell, David Hughes and Justine McGuiness are some of the personalities that may be questioned, soon, by British Police, in order to clarify specific details of the movements and contacts of the McCann couple, their friends and relatives, in the weeks following Madeleine's disappearance, according to sources from Leicestershire Police. These details are considered “important” to help Portuguese Police to collect more evidence, after investigations in UK produced a new set of informations, given to the PJ team that has been in Leicester, recently. But another inquiry is under way, to find out exactly what was the role of some of the elements sent to Portugal by the Foreign Office, after reports to the British Government raised suspicions about the intention and purpose of several contacts between some of those envoys and the Portuguese authorities. British Government wants a quick end The British Government may deny authorization for further questioning of the McCann couple, and suggest instead that formal charges are brought against them, as a way to force a quick end for the case. This possibility was considered as “strong”, yesterday, by sources close to the legal advisers of the McCann, while UK Media referred the British Government involvement in the investigation as a reason for Portuguese police to fear further political interference. Clarence Mitchell, then adviser in the Prime-Minister's Office, revealed on June that Gerry McCann and Gordon Brown had regular phone contacts and it was the British Prime-Minister pressure, allegedly, that took Portuguese police to issue a description of a suspect seen carrying a child, on the night Madeleine vanished. Request for these kind of interviews would be granted almost immediately but, as the Daily Express put it, “everyone is aware this is a very special case for many reasons” and Portuguese police “have been aware of a political shadow hanging over it.” McCann don't want to return as “arguidos” After PJ and Leicester Police met, last week, the McCann legal team requested access to the files of this case in the possession of British police, in order to be allowed to refute the evidence contained in the files given to British police and the results of the specific investigations that took place in UK. The lawyers advised the McCann not to came back to Portugal, as formal suspects, and they are planning to argue that, with the new Portuguese Penal Code, it would not be possible to name the McCann as formal suspects, with the existing evidence. Searches videotaped The work of the British Police special team that was at Praia da Luz, in August, was videotaped from beginning to the end, and copies of those videos were sent to Forensic Science Service. PJ detectives that followed those searches, with Keela and Eddie, the two specially trained dogs from South Yorkshire Police, had “every single detail of those operations recorded on video, including the collection of the samples sent to FSS”, according to a source from the Public Prosecutor's Office. “News from British Media about cigarette ashes found in those samples are just fabrication”, a source from FSS confirmed: “The samples we received were very small and with a high degree of contamination by house cleaning products, but we were able to get a good amount of results.” Source: Gazeta Digital Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis
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docmac said...

A mine of information he surely is. Note the CONTAMINATION BY HOUSE CLEANING PRODUCTS! I need to wait for Mark or someone of his ilk to come online and talk about this, then bang them with this info. I had saved it earlier to use, but nice to see you picked it up too.

felicity said...

Hiya Docmac I do not want to hear any excuses they dont have enough to take these two charlatans to court - even we got enough! D'ya think Mark is worth arguing with? Kate & Co suddenly developed a real penchant for scrubbing and cleaning didnt she? Even Cuddlecat - just a few days after the cat had to undergo some forensic tests Kate thinks he is a dirty little cat - yes he grassed on you Kate! All that carrying it around and sniffing it ugh!

docmac said...

Mark is not worth fighting with, but when one embarrasses him properly he leaves. At least I know he can see when this happens. Not like some who carry on about 'they can't even tell if the DNA is human or animal'. Despite being informed about the science involved, this particular poster carries on regardless.

Hey, Mandz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are having this read to you, there is a Christmas special on those new 8 key Braille keyboards. Tell your friends too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

felicity said...

Ola Minha amiga

(just practising lol)

None of them are worth fighting on an individual basis are they? It is the campaign to persuade us the Portuguese Police are inefficient and the McCanns innocent we fight. That is an insidious campaign and we fight it on many individual fronts in many different ways to achieve our ultimate goal of obtaining Justice for Maddie and all abused little angels like her.

That is a very worthwhile fight and we both stay the course.

If I do not hear from you again tonight.

Boa Noite
Minha Amiga!

docmac said...

Oi, am I not an amigo? Help, Claudia ;-)

Cláudia said...

Olá, meus amigos!(that's the plural = my friends).
yes, docmac is an amigo (masculine). Viv is an amiga (feminine). :-)

docmac said...

Thank you for rescuing my sexuality, Claudia!

To both of you, I am damn tired. Boa noite. x

felicity said...

eh Docmac man is ya addressin me in a disrespectful way shouting oi to me? is ya taking the piss out a me Portuguese?

Does ya think I need a few more lessons?

Peace to you big man I aint dissin ya

Hey Claudia teacher lady is ya pleased wit me progress?

docmac said...


I just didn't want any confusion about amigo or amiga otherwise I could be confused with Rosiepops who can't seem to decide which is the right one for her. LOL

Have sweet dreams when you hit that sack.

Cláudia said...

Viv and Docmac:

Viv: I am delighted with your progress and your will power! :-)

Docmac: Your sexuality is secure!

To both of you, meus amigos:

Boa noite, durmam bem até amanhã. Beijinhos e abraços.


Good night, sleep tight and until tomorrow. Kisses and hugs.

felicity said...

Hey Amigo no worries!

Now Rosiepops it definitely has a masculine and a feminine side I'll grant you and I am sure it often does struggle to know whose mind it is in whilst working frantically on MSN. Do you remember when it used to have a full scale conversation with itself circa 2 am as a gentlebreeze or a nice little crito?

I can certainly understand you not wanting to be confused with that and trust me Doc I never would!

Sincere Apologies!!!!

Boa Noite
Viv x

felicity said...


Glad you are pleased with me :-)

Massive cuddles and hugs to you and Black until tomorrow

Luv ya loads