16 Dec 2007


By the way Alsabella, thanks for also confirming there is no CCTV in PDL - those pictures of the bogey men sure will be grainy LOL Excellant post - Maureen is no match for you and the truth!!
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16.12.07, 8:06pm
Statistically, everywhere, it is more likely that children are harmed by someone they know than a stranger.THe statements of the parents and friends do not add up and have actually been challenged by eye witnesses.There is no evidence of an abductor, except the McCanns say so. That to me is no evidence at all.The McCanns say they left their children alone, thus placing them in danger.One of their friends was gone from the table for cerca 45 minutes and there are questions about whether the daughter claimed to have been sick...was in fact sick. The McCanns wholeheartedly say they believe the friends are all innocent.The minute they were named arguidos and after Kate did not answer many questions, they flew back to the UK and hired top extradition lawyers.There has been a load of spin...all favouring the McCanns and making the police out to be idiots...although none of them have yet had access to ANY OF THE EVIDENCE. Otherwise, their lawyers would not have already issued 2 separate petitions requesting to see what information has been collected so far.The various sightings of Madeleine always happen around the time there is actually some news of action in Luz. The interpol is now investigating the sighters as they all seem to have ties to the Leichester ...except for one that has a tie to a Dutch Medical School...where Gerry happened to have worked.It has been confirmed in Portugal that contacts have been made by the UK Ambassador and by the UK P Minister various times on this case, in Portugal.As politics and police investigations are separate in most democratic states, this is unthinkable when not to make sure that a citizen is insured its human rights and is done as a way to pressure another state.No one in the media dares to truly question the McCanns, their attitudes and what actually happened that night.So tell me, why would we not believe the McCanns are involved and why would we believe in the mythical boogie man that these two self-admitted dimwits want us to believe in???
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alsabella said...

Thanks Viv.

It just impresses me how some people will believe anything they read which they think will be positive for the McCanns. Even if there was CCTV in the store, it is still a distance from apartment 5 and there would not be many, much less all pointing in the direction of the apartment. And now people cannot smoke in front of a store?
As far as the OC, there may have been footage of the Tapas area... that would not surprise me, I believe there were some cameras, although not many...but that would just confirm whether the tapas 9 actually checked on the children as regularly as they state or not...
Clutching at straws, I think is your saying...or in this case, clutching at CCTV footage...

felicity said...

Hiya Alsabella

It is the inconsistency in the accounts of the Tapas that will obviously prove their downfall. I fail to see how the further piece in The Times is going to assist them there. In fact I can imagine the PJs scrutising it and laughing "till their tummies hurt" as our lovely Claudia would say! I cannot see that the waiter has any reason to lie when he says that Kate immediately screamed from the balcony "they have taken her". This is utterly damning and clearly from Clarence Mitchell's comments he is very worried about this - clearly realising its significance. Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express are writing increasingly hostile reports against the McCanns. I think, in fact, we can place some credence in these, given they have in the main sought to produce spun propaganda to support them. Now, they realise they will look very foolish if they persist. I was surprised to see them report that even Nanny Pennigton backs up the waiters claims as do many others. I thought she was supposed to be a witness for them!

It is high time they left Murat and his girlfriend alone and started to more accurately report the situation - they know what is ocming!

If there is video of evidence we can rest assured the PJ will have had this accurately analysed and woe betide the McCanns, Jane Tanner and O'Brien in particular. I do not think they will have such a good Christmas considering this but then again they do not deserve one. My heart does go out to their poor litle children however. I note the McCanns have said they are buying presents for Madeleine and the twins have said they want her back for Christmas. This is really repugnant. Clearly there is simply no limit to the self serving statements they will make and lack of concern even for their two remaining babies and the heartache they cause to them in an attempt to save themselves.

Thanks for posting and keep up the good work on the DE!

I saw the libellous and insulting remarks concerning Amaral and the female reporter - Rosie even suggesting a sexual relationship. I am pleased you have reported this and hope they take action.

Lots of love
minha querider amiga
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

felicity said...

17.12.07, 12:42am

It really does not surprise me that you refuse to accept anything which is the slightest bit critical, it is called being an apparatchik.

Oh believe me I realised that you couldn't be told anything a long time ago, you know so much, it is impossible, and it must be wonderful to be so right, so perfect all the time, well done Alsabella, perhaps one day when all this is over you can give us mere mortals some pointers as to where we all went wrong in life?

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Just spotted this little gem Alsabella - deep chuckles :-) Sometimes the shortest answers are the best!!!

Love Vivxxxxxxxxxx