11 Dec 2007


In true cosmopolitan style let's hear it from the French! and very interesting it is too! It includes a good explanation as to why journalists must of course protect their covert sources - this prevents the source going to jail! There have been many contempt cases in the UK where newspapers have sought to defy courts and protect their soures. Without these we clearly would have far less information available and they would not risk themselves if they were going to be identified!

Some McPolologist either do not understand how journalists work or more likely do not want to understand when we get these repeated demands to name the source - God know what Clarence would arrange for them! He is already threatening to sue the world and his dog...and that is just what he admits to!

We must all be very afraid of Ludicrous and his little minions on the Daily Express (ha ha) who constantly demand personal information. On one occasion I recall a repeated barracking from Mandz, Rosie and Co demanding I provide "full details of your legal background". They only shut up when I threatened to report them but then resorted to pathetic comments about my "fake law degree" etc! They may feel the need to live in a fantasy world creating their imaginary (nasty) characters to boost their (lack) of support - I live in the real world and have no such need! I found it hilarious that when I commented on this site that "Mandz" and "Christobel" had been killed of, the very next day they were reincarnated! What a strange bunch...then there is "Tinkerbelle"...a quick read of her remarks wil confirm she is no sweet little fairy!


Call for witnesses 09 December 2007 The parents appealed to potential witnesses. The parents of Madeleine believe that the police would not have interviewed every vacationer who was in Praia Da Luz in the evening where a small disappeared. According to them, the British police never received an exhaustive list of all British nationals who were allegedly present in Praia on the evening of 03 May, and that it would remain a handful of people who may hold the key to the mystery. "We appeal to all residents of the United Kingdom who have not yet been heard by the British police who were present at Praia Da Luz, 03 May, to contact their local police or the line confidential telephone based in Spain, "said Clarence Mitchell. The company vacation Mark Warner said he forwarded a list of all its guests and all staff this week in the Algarve for the disappearance of Madeleine. This list was forwarded to the Leicestershire Police, which coordinates the investigation in Britain.

Stephen Winyard accuses Gordon Brown not to support McCann. The millionaire Scots Stephen Winyard, one of three millionaires who finance the costs of defense McCann, accused Gordon Brown and David Miliband to ignore the plight of the parents of Madeleine McCann. Winyard said that Gordon Brown spoke to the couple by telephone on several occasions but that once Parents have become "arguidos", the telephone exchange had stopped. He added: "This government was elected to take care of its citizens and it is fair to say that a fundamental principle of our legal system is that everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. In this spirit , I would urge that Gordon Brown accedes to our request for meeting at the ministerial level ". In addition, the cost of lawyers' fees of the couple, it also paid for DNA tests. Add to be complete as it is the three millionaires, Stephen Winyard, Richard Branson and Brian Kennedy, who pay the wages of Clarence Mitchell. Stephen Winyard also said he thought that parents have the right to the best defense possible in order to cope with these "allegations". "I am absolutely convinced that they will be cleared," he added.

Commission Letter 07 December 2007 The letters rogatory are ready. The letters rogatory containing, among other things, the questions parents and their friends are ready and will be delivered today by the Judicial Police at the Public Prosecution. The requests contained in the letters rogatory should receive the decision of the public prosecutor. This decision should be immediate. In fact investigations of PJ were made permanent in full cooperation between the two sides. After that decision, the letters rogatory will leave for the UK via Eurojust, the European department for communication between the justice departments of different countries of the European Union. If the court approves the British letters, as it should be, it will still book hotels and prepare for the trip of the Portuguese team who will visit the UK. In the best of cases, the trip will be held next week. Everything will depend on the speed with which the British judiciary will respond to the request of Portugal.

With the sending of these letters rogatory, PJ is preparing for a "decisive phase" of the investigation says a detective. Moreover, the PJ reserves the right "to invite" parents of the little Madeleine and some of their friends in Portugal. That if it deems it necessary to make a few confrontations or identifications on Portuguese soil.

-+The judicial police walking on eggs. It is aware that, since the beginning of the investigation, Gerry McCann receives personal calls by the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, himself.

The Appeal of 10 June. Triangulation phone calls proved, without a doubt, inaccuracies in the statements of Gerry McCann. He said that on June 10 when he was on the telephone with O'Brien, it is about 4 km from Praia de Luz. But triangulation can say, in a formal way, it was about 25 km away!

(Editor's note: we use the term "about" our sources because we have not given precise distance to the nearest meter).

Coincidentally troubling, it is 25 km away from Praia de Luz that PJ was discovered in September already, and not as was recently allowed to imply the press, a barn in which there was a towel stained with blood, fiber from the boot of the Renault Scénic hired by the parents as well as products whose use could have been used to preserve a body.

Be careful, however, not to conclude too quickly that they were well used to this, or that they could have been used. Without other evidence, this possibility remains the domain of the hypothesis. All the more so since this information is not confirmed officially.

The listing of phone calls as well as triangulations are confirmed by British experts. Triangulation can locate someone within a few meters. This is the case in the Algarve where relay antennas are very dense. For information, there are 18 million mobile outstanding for 10 million inhabitants in Portugal.

The lawyer of Portuguese McCann accuses police On September 07, or 3 months days to days, McCann were formed "arguidos" gold, 8 days later, the relevant legislation changed.

Carlos Pinto de Abreu, lawyer Portuguese team's defense McCann said: "On 15 September, the new code of criminal procedure has been introduced requiring that there be evidence against any citizen before they can be formed arguido. Prior to that date, it was not necessary. You could be consitué arguido without real evidence against you. Maybe that's why the investigation took this turn and why they were appointed arguidos eight days before the changes the Act. police have rushed things in order to place them under status arguidos before any changes. "

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for parents, for his part, said: "McCann live immense anguish past three months. Think they could have been saved by an Act introduced a few days later it is fun them. They are totally innocent of the horrible crime that took their daughter and they want to be freed of these charges as soon as possible to concentrate on research Madeleine.

While amendments to the Act would meant they were not "arguidos" is one more reason to remove all suspicions. " React to this article on the forum

Cameras in operating condition 05 December 2007 Organize a face to face ... As we told you yesterday, parents are likely to be invited to return to Portugal. This decision will be taken based on the results of interviews in the UK and could be taken on the spot. Hearings will be conducted by the police in Leicestershire in the presence of the Portuguese police who will be on hand as observers. Then, depending on the results, investigators could have Portuguese parents of Madeleine, and possibly, some of their friends back with them to Portugal for further questioning. The police may feel they need to have someone to identify or need to organize a face-to-face "said a source close to the investigation.

The letters rogatory contains a list of 100 questions, which we have already spoken. Following the visit of the British Ambassador, it was decided to go ahead and make the interrogation as soon as possible.

Further excavations. Yesterday, we were talking about other evidence, and indeed the police Portuguese has new elements. So much so that further excavations will be carried out at several different locations but that the exact locations are known. Excavations had already been made last September when a storeroom was found abandoned with things that we know.

To register evidence, PJ has records related to certain cameras. For a long time the PJ suggests that the cameras Ocean Club were down - or, at least, not operating. But we can tell you that this is incorrect. Some cameras were fully functional and everything was recorded.

What do you see it? There is more to see So not carrying a child, or So entering the apartment, or even, leaving the apartment. There is no Gerry inanimate carrying the body of his daughter. So what do you see it? Well, the real question is rather, what do I do?

We do not see some people passed by the places they say in their hearings. It is not the friends or parents spend every half hour to check the children well. You only see people moved to times when some friends went to see pretend to be children. One can only conclude that the parents and some of their friends have made false statements.

It is beyond the contradiction it seems. Therefore, understanding of the suspicions of the police. Sources close to the investigation ... Some of you are asking the question of who are these so-called "sources close to the investigation"? Why not quote? Are they reliable? Can we rely on an article which said "according to our sources" or refers to "sources close to the investigation".

First, what is important is not so much the source itself, but rather the quality of the information given. Therefore, if the news is verified, the source, itself, is less important. Now that a journalist does not reveal its sources, seems perfectly logical. It's like if you ask a policeman to reveal his "indics." Because it is good that it is. People who transmit information take risks. I would remind you that the investigation is subject to secret justice.

All violations will result in criminal penalties. If the journalist appoints its source, he grid, not only itself but also its source to be removed from the investigation to a minimum. Then no more "source" will trust this journalist. Furthermore, we need the permission of the actual source to indicate his name in an article. You can imagine what would happen to the person who sent the photocopy of the document marked secret "sent to the UK by a diplomat posted in Portugal and referring to the possibility that parents are involved in the disappearance? I think "the source" could say "goodbye" to his family and spend a few years in the shadows at the expense of His Majesty. Others wonder why the police do dévoile-t-elle not, simply, that she knew all! All items in his possession, all the evidence unfolded in broad daylight on public place ignoring the basic rules of democracy! For the record, the police is not to worry about what that says and does the press. The police did not give his views or to disprove what the press. That is not its role.

The police must gather evidence, record, conduct an investigation so serene and transmit to the Public Ministry, which will decide how to respond. This is how a democracy works. Who are these sources? Anyone and everyone! Many people think that the information gathered in the press leaks from within the police. But this is not the best place for a journalist to try to "convince" someone to entrust information.

The PV hearing, the pages of the file, the evidence, preparations for searches, applications for permits so through various services that do not depend on the police. Or rather, with the staff working is not police but civilians. Officials applications that encode and transfer the data, write reports, sort the pieces of evidence.

Sometimes several departments are involved. As you know the number of people occupied a ministry, it is not surprising that journalists have the choice. The press know more than it wants to say? In any case, some journalists know more than what they write! It's obvious! But, in order to preserve the investigation, they do publish their information only later, when more information would be likely to cause harm to the investigation.

DNA evidence, clues ... Trial ...? 04 December 2007 The DNA results ... In the present turmoil, where everyone is his commentary, what is the situation? According to the results of analysis of DNA samples, on 19 points of comparison, 15 correspond perfectly to DNA Madeleine. The 4 remaining are actually deteriorated. So the 4 markers remaining are "compatible" but being degraded, scientists prefer not to take action. Thus, although scientists do not like that we reflect their results as a percentage, the Diario de Noticias advance that the DNA analysis results would be conclusive to 90%.

Other evidence or clues exist ... The police has different stories but, as confirmed by SOS Maddie, and many other evidence outside the DNA results. The survey phone calls of the couple and their friends and indicate the calls given and received, the location of the call and in some cases the exact content of the conversations. There are differences in the words of Gerry McCann on an appeal he has risen to O'Brien on June 10. He allegedly spent the call to a location at 4 km from the Ocean Club or triangulation demonstrates that it would be inaccurate. (Triangulation can locate the antenne-relais who supported the call past. On this basis there can be no doubt that the call was passed within a radius of "x" hundreds of meters around the antenne-relais). It is on this basis that the PJ triangulation discovered a kind of abandoned storeroom where a towel stained with blood was found. On the actual towel, fibers from the boot of the Renault Scénic rented by the parents were found.

In addition, you can now reveal, the Portuguese police is in possession of pieces of evidence such as videos and photos, some of which show that Robert Murat knew some member of the group and that Gerry McCann and he would have already spoken and Crusaders long before the couple's vacation in Praia De Luz.

Towards the trial ... According to a source close to the Public Ministry, there is sufficient evidence, regardless of the results of DNA tests, to achieve formal charges. This decision should, however, not take place before the results of further hearings and friends of the couple.

According to the Portuguese Penal Code, the police have eight months before making their conclusions, and then will come the public trial.

Returning to Portugal ...? According to the Correio da Manha, Kate, Gerry and their friends could be recalled in Portugal despite the letters rogatory sent. The Portuguese police believe that their British counterparts would not be able to respond to all requests made in the letters rogatory. If this was indeed the case and after readings hearings conducted by their British colleagues in the context of the letters rogatory, PJ might decide to bring in Portugal friends and / or torque McCann, according to the same newspaper.

What about more than O'Brien, Jane and Robert Tanner Murat. We are informed that Murat visited with his sister in Exeter sometime before the disappearance of Madeleine. Exeter also where the couple lives O'Brien and Tanner. One wonders where was O'Brien on June 10, when he and Gerry have exchanged telephone.

We are talking about the possibility that Murat O'Brien and Tanner knew well before 03 May. We are told also that the same Murat McCann knew the couple before 03 May, always. It teaches us that the police have evidence. We are told an isolated farm.


dolores said...

Hi Viv,
I have been thinking of the charges which could be made against the Mc's.

Neglect, manslaughter/murder, disposal of a body,fraud,jeopardy in making false statements.

Can I please have your input on this.

felicity said...

Hiya Dolores

In UK law I think you just about got that wrapped up apart from the last one on your list would probably be "ocnspiracy to pervert the course of justice" by joining together with others to present a false version of events to the police.

I think that even if one of them did murder Maddie i.e. intend to cause her serious harm or death it would be extremely difficult for the police to prove. I understand they have an offence in Portugal of "causing accidental death". Perhaps this is what they may go for because the negligence in leaving the children unattended could form the basis for the offence..possibly..depends on the facts and what they can manage to establish from the evidence. I dont see Kate or Gerry McCann making any confessions! The just do not have that personality style (I hope Im wrong!) I think they are the type to be as unco-operative as possible with the police fully utilising their right to remain silent to force the PJ to prove their case, but this I think they could do. In UK law if a defendant refused to explain either to the police, the court or both then adverse inferences of guilt can be drawn against them. I dont know whether that is the same in Portugal, possibly not because I have heard the system is more skewed towards the defendant. Maybe at the end of the day they will go for disposal of the body as the principal offence if they cannot prove who or what actually happened to Maddie but can prove they stored and ultimately disposed of the body. That, ooupled with the other offenes is still going to get them quite a sentence, all this is a lot of guesswork and conjecture on my part though really. I just do not know enough about the facts and the evidence but we have to hear in mind that whilst we may think the McCanns oould be guilty of murder based on the callous lack of empathy we have seen this has never been publically suggested by the PJ. They have always spoke of accidental death. Clearly Maddie could have got up and fell on the steps outside or something - which would not be murder - mansalughter in the UK.

Really I suppose, we need to wait and see, because there is still the capacity I believe for us all to be in for a massive shock when it all comes out. So far we have had very little official from the PJ the rest has been leaks and so I try to keep an open mind as to what might have happened. The only thing I am absolutely clear on - is they are responsible for her death.

Kind regards

felicity said...

Docmac and Claudia

I am going to have an early night for a change. I have just been watching the repulsive vultures on the Daily Express Christobel, Old Hippy,Sassy and Co move from post after post sinking their vicious little claws into me which they seem to find necessary on a nightly basis to satisfy their perverted little needs to something far worse attacking Father Panchecho for wanting to rid himself of memories of Kate and Gerry McCann like everyone else in PDL by taking all their money spinning "merchandise" down- that is just too sickening I think for anyone to stomach and as ever they seem to have achieved their hearts desire - disgusting and upsetting everyone. I hope they sleep well after their night' "work".

Until tomorrow

Good Night Both
Viv x