9 Dec 2007


Betty I dont know whether you have read my site but if you do hello and long time no speak. I just wanted to say that I shared your distress with the actions of this man. I thought it was disrespectful and offensive, to me emphasising she is no more. It seems he did set out to portray a strong image to shock, emphasising the abuse of her image. he could have graphically written a well intentioned point without causing shock and upset. I have read a number of posts from this man and unfortunately he displays a clear need to play the intellectual, speaking in riddles for people to fathom out, displaying deep hidden meaning with offensive pictures, use of French phrases etc etc. Why anyone would need to play at being an intellectual I just dont know but the phrase inferiority complex obviously springs to mind. His actions were tasteless and offensive and had he paused to think would have realised many would find this offensive. Maybe he did pause to think but carried on anyway. I have respect for Dr Val and notice she was not upset by it. We are all different but I really wish he could stick to ordinary commucation in plain English rather than a never ending attempt to impress which falls flat for me! I am not condemning flowery language for the sake of it -sometimes it is amusing or appropriate - just questioning why someone would constantly need to write in this way and upset people. If he is reading this I hope he will reflect and try communicating in a more open and inclusive style rather than seeking to exclude some altogether and upset others.

Kind Regards
viv x

08.12.07, 10:06pm
I do not condone some of what is said on here, I got angry last night because of a picture that was used that was completely disrespectful, that as far as I am aware had gone unchallenged......But, I will give reasons as to why I think some posters on here are so forceful with their words.The media, have done an appalling job of covering this case. They have twisted this story every which way, no consistency in reporting, no care to what is written as long as the headline is big and scary enough. The media at the beginning were also, (and some continue to be) very biased in their reporting.The Mccanns have been treated like Royalty, this should not matter as long as Maddie is found, but it is the secrecy around it all that disgusts people.They have received all the help in the world, yet they refuse to answer questions. Kate refuses to take a lie dtector test. They left Portugal when they should have stayed...And still, the press, CM and the Mccanns continue to condone the child neglect.There is a wall of silence and a black hole of facts which can only equal conspiracy theories and an abundance of questions..The Mccanns havent held themselves to account so ultimately the public will. It is the way of the world.
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Cláudia said...

Olá, minha queria amiga! Bom dia!
Como estás?
Eu estou bem, obrigada. (I'm fine, thank you). E tu? (What about you?)
Neijinhos e abraços (kisses and hugs).

Anonymous said...

Article in Mail today re Gordon snubs meeting with Macs.

docmac said...

See Claudia has confirmed what I told you it meant. Get to that Mail article as suggested by 'anonymous' and check out how the McCanns 'demanded' a meeting with your GB. Demanded? Please, what about the parents of missing children who truly do not know what happened? Do they get to demand the same? And just who does Mr Winyard think he is then?

dolores said...

If you find a moment,have a look at 8.31 am post on DE,I got a real ticking of from sassyp for defending your site, although she does say at the end she was,nt attacking me, after doing just that.Hilarious,you are definately stirring up some emotions.
There are 2 forum sites with same heading today, its not hard to find the one I mean.

felicity said...

Hi Dolores

Thanks for directing me to the 8.31exchange. Anyone can post on this site - I do not vet posts before they appear and so SassyP's latest invective is misconceived. She often is. I would of course remove unlawful comments that constitute harassment or racism or comments that are otherwise scandolous or insulting. So far I have not needed to do that. I believe that is due to the pleasant nature of the people who have visited here with similar thoughts and feelings to my own.

Some months ago I pointed out to SassyP that she was confused as to the distinction to be drawn between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I did not expect her to thank me for explaining but it would have been nice if she could have just learned from this, as we all do and moved on. Unfortunately since that time she has proceeded to attack me in every petty little way she can devise. I actually feel quite sorry for her vindictive nature as that can be a real burden in life.

Thanks for sticking up for me - I know that your personality is at the other end of the spectrum!

This case will continue to stir up strong emotions and provoke debate. That is in the public interest in forming our attitudes as to how children deserve to be treated and whether we look upon the child as the victim or the parents in such a situation.

It seems to me that those who favour the parents evading responsibility for their conduct display a very aggressive and thoughtless personality style. If SassyP wants to come on this site and tell us all what she thinks about that there is nothing stopping her. I am a staunch believer in the right to free speech and the right to have our own thoughts, feelings and conscience and to defend them.

Kind Regards
Viv x

felicity said...

Olá, minha queria amiga!
(Hello, I wanted my friend) and there you were!

Como estás? (how are you)

Neijinhos e abraços (hugs and kisses

Viv x

I remain interested and concerned in this case E tu? (and you)

As doc says I am struggling!

felicity said...

Hiya docmac

I have now read the DM article. I am not surprised that they do this. There is an arrogant assumption that because they have such high powered backers the law is there to be manipulated by direct petitioning of the PM. Gordon and Jacqui, as I felt they would, know that the Executive government must not interfere in the proper administration of the criminal justice system in a particular case. They need to understand that regardless of the wealthy and powerful backers they will get the same treatment as every other UK citizen suspected of crime. The attempts to usurp the police by directly seeking to present their evidence to the PM is unprecedented and downright bent. They oould have saved themselves the humiliation because there could have been no real doubt how GB would react - by disdain but it does show how utterly desperate they must be! When Madeleine was an apparent snatched child it was very much Gordon Brown's business. Once they became suspects the separation of powers in UK law would dicate that he simply cannot interfere other than to facilitate assistance to the Portuguese authorities and to offer support also to the UK police. Most of this work would be carried out by the HS but I am sure she has sought his advice, particularly due to the complex and international dimension. The HS will be involved in any decision to ultimately hand them over to the Portuguese authorities following the further questioning in the UK. She will go through the usual procedures to ensure they are treated fairly. She will also have to consider offences only committed in UK jurisdiction but will get advice from the Attorney General and DPP etc. I ams sure she is going to need it!

Anonymous said...

Boa noite querida Viv!

Totally exhausted as I have been writing reports since early afternoon!

Just for a quick wish of peaceful night.

Dorme bem Viv! (Sleep well)

Beijinhos da

Athena xxx

Cláudia said...

Olá, querida Viv!
Boa noite e dorme bem. Até amanhã.
Beijinhos! :-)

felicity said...

Boa Noite querida Athena e Claudia

I hope neither of you are working too hard!

minha amiga
(my friend)
e dorme bem
(sleep well)
Ate amanha
(until tomorrow)

Neijinhos e abraços
(Hugs and Kisses)

Viv xxxxx