13 Dec 2007

Why do people keep complaining about the inverviews being held in the UK?

It was what the Portuguese judge ordered should happen back in September when they had obtained further evidence/got the full FSS results - which they quite obviously have! He is ensuring complete and utter fairness to the McCanns -only if they fail all those hurdles (which they will) wil they be ordered back to Portugal (which they will). The burden of evidence is against them - the PJ are merely following the next step in the procedure as ordered by the judge. He does not want to give them any excuse to cry foul play now does he - and neither should we - follow the procedures and get them, fair and square! 1, 2, 3 gotcha!

Nite Nite all!


docmac said...

Come on, Ms Smith. Give the all OK. Those Pj's have them, no question. If this case is to turn into a political fiasco it will turn around and bite you (and your boss). Sign the damn papers and let's see an end to this.

Ana said...

She will , well , i hope ...

boa noite


felicity said...

Hi Both

I do not think there will be any deliberate delay. Home Secretaries in this sort of situation do not act without getting very high level legal advice to make sure all proper procedures are followed. This is what Jaqui will be doing so that she is then happy to sign the papers. I do not anticipate much delay at all.

Kind regards