17 Dec 2007


Quite amusing really to read Rosiflops the Chief McPologist telling the PJ how to do their job again (well she would know better wouldn't she??) She explained well there you are you see they could have taken this (imaginary/pretend) cigarette butt and tested it for DNA and et voila - they would have the "predator". I bet those PJs must have wished she had been there - or do their tummies hurt? DNA is, of course another field, in addition to legal/police procedures in BOTH jurisdictions that she and her expert assistants Mark and Mandz (Mork and Mindy) have quite considerable expertise. If you dont believe me you can read their expert opinion on the Daily Express Forum - fascinating it is too!

The letters rogatory, where the Judiciary Police asked to make new inquirições to Mc-Cann and to the seven friends with whom jantaram on the night of May 3, will be sent to England earlier this week, according to the CM revealed source close to the investigation. Letters will be sent through the system Eurojust, which provides the link between the various departments of Justice of the states of the European Union. Yesterday, the newspaper 'Daily Express' said that the video surveillance cameras captured the presence of three men with a suspicious air and nervous, smoking cigarettes and walk from one side to the other just a few meters from the apartment where the couple spent McCann holidays. This is the night in which Madeleine disappeared and the day before. The British newspaper writes that the PJ - to be have difficulty decoding the faces that appear on the images, will send the record to a laboratory of the FBI in the United States. He adds that one of the men presents similarities with the raptor described by Jane Tunner. This information was however denied to our newspaper by source close to the investigation that there are no guaranteed image of this sort. "A video surveillance camera nearest to the apartment of Mc-Cann is a supermarket and then was not even work." The same newspaper also says that the dogs pisteiros walked to follow the trail of Madeleine in a former barn to 45 kilometers from the village of Luz But these facts are also denied by the same source contacted by CM, which shows that in recent times have not been made searches on the outskirts of Praia da Luz Even when they were held not resulted in any information of this kind. MCCANN PREPARE CHRISTMAS Kate and Gerry McCann is a stage pass "very complicated and sad" with the proximity of the Christmas season, the first to celebrate the family without the presence of Maddie. "The Christmas will be very difficult if there until the Madeleine is not found. We plan and spend a quiet Christmas with the family in the UK, "Gerry wrote in the blog that created to help find the daughter. The surgeon also writes that although they do not have much desire to celebrate the Christmas will do so because of the twins. "Sean and Amélie need to have a Christmas normal. We mounted the tree with the help of an uncle and grandmother, "writes the father of Maddie. Gerry and Kate continue to nourish the hope of finding alive Madeleine and expect have it back in Christmas. 24 TOURISTS PROCURADOS The detectives of the agency Spanish Method 3 hired by the couple McCann are trying to find 24 tourists who passed English vacation in Praia da Luz, in May. According to the electronic edition of the 'Daily Star', they may have "vital information" to the investigation. "We must find them and that recuem in time. They may be small or information vital clues to help compose the puzzle, "said the detectives to the British newspaper. Remember that the Method 3 believes that Madeleine is alive and was taken to North Africa on May 3, when it disappeared.

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