17 Dec 2007


2007-12-12 - 00:00:00 Documents are in MP Letters have not followed Darren Staples, Reuters The McCann deny having jantado with friends to combine versions The letters rogatory to the questions for the McCann and the friends who came with them holidays in Portugal are being translated and should only be sent to England "in three or four days," said the source connected to the CM process. The same source explained the delay to the fact that "it necessary that the prosecutors examine the documents and then is made a translation thorough" throughout the text. In addition to questions for the group mentioned in the letters are all people that want to ask PJ in England. These include Gerry and Kate McCann, the seven friends who were in Praia da Luz in May and "others who may have information relevant to the process," the source revealed, without advance who these people are. As the CM reported in the letters follow all the steps that PJ considers as likely to be held on British soil. But that does not mean that everything that is asked in the documents is actually done. There is even the possibility of the parents of Madeleine, or any other witness-being called to Portugal for a acareação or identification.

Meanwhile, today the Spanish newspaper 'El Mundo' published a letter allegedly the Foreign Office (British Ministry of Foreign Affairs) where order is given to the British diplomatic service in Portugal that was not provided any support to Robert Murat. When CM, Francisco Pagarete, lawyer for Murat, said that "to exist, this order is extremely serious and only confirms the lack of support that the family felt from the beginning." Jenny Murat, mother of Robert, even to go to England to talk with the member of his constituency in order to try to understand the reason for this lack of support.

Already yesterday Clarence Mitchell came to publicly deny that the dinner in November, between McCann and friends who have been in Portugal have served to combine the different versions on the night of May 3, when Maddie disappeared. "It was the first time we met and served to see how they are," he said.

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