5 Dec 2007



""how bizarre
Published: Wednesday December 5,2007 by Rosiepops
The McCann's in an Identity Parade? Totally bizarre. They have been on every newspaper, every TV station, what an odd statement!Re this identification of Murat pops up yet again, apparently there are now five witnesses that place him outside this apartment, if he is telling the truth and was in with his mum that night, could this be a case of mistaken identity?Luis Antonio the MW poll attendant looks very much like Robert Murat, he could have been the person these people saw and Antonio may have been around doing his job?Luis Antonio is the ex/estranged husband of Robert Murat's girlfriend Michaela Walczuch.""""

Contrary to what she may tell us - there is nothing "bizarre" about this couple being identified by others at places and times perhaps where they claim not to have been. We know they are a couple of liars and so are their friends. Unfortuately Rosiepops doing your damnest to get yourself in the media. as this couple have, will not prevent the police from investigating their clear involvement in the disappearance of little Maddie. If it were that simple we would have every child abuser jumping on the media bandwagon, wouldn't we?

As I have previously reported on this site you have blatantly libelled Murat and his girlfriend citing a number of decidely "reasons" as to why they are involved in the "abduction" of Maddie. These include that they "peddled religion" and Walzchuh was "seen with a blond child". What you failed to mention is she has two little girls of her own! You are a very dishonest and perverted person! Earlier on this evening you state it is unfair of the PJ to still continue Murat's arguido status if he is innocent - how odd when you persistently do your level best to convince of his guilt. You really think you are so clever in simultaneously discrediting Murat and the PJ dont you - but I see right through you and so do many others. Now I see you indicate there are no less than "5 witnesses" who identify Murat on the night and ask could this be a case of mistaken identity? So now you seek to drop another innocent person in the frame telling us "well he looks just like Murat". Just who do you think you are going to kid with your demented ramblings? And who are these 5 witnesses? Previously you have only mentioned four - the Nanny Miss Pennington -she has now landed herself a nice little job in the UK since becoming a member of "Team McCann hasn't she? And the other three? All members of the Tapas 9 ha! well what a bunch of credible witnesses they are! Dont you realises people are laughing at you - you will still be bleating this rubbish when they are all in the Portuguese cells!!!! That is not too far off now.....


dolores said...

Hi Felicity,
Be careful she does'nt press the report comment button.:)

I must apologise about a previous post to you,It turned out to be a hoax, and me in my excitement at the thought that they were finally going to be arrested,stupidly believed it.I thought at last we were going to get justice for Madeleine.
Best wishes xx

felicity said...

Hiya Dolores - funny I was just reading some really terrible comments from Rosie, Christo, Maureen % Co reminding me of what a hideous bunch of cyberbullies they are http://www.sundayexpress.co.uk/comments/viewall/24627/3

page after sickening page and this is just one thread! No wonder I dont like them!

As far as getting all excited thinking they had been arrested - dont worry I long for that day too!
You ARE NOT STUPID DARLING - you are a normal decent human being who does not want to see this couple get away with what they did to their own daughter, then showed a callous disregard having a good laugh on her birthday and playing tennis whilst they calmly cashed in - yes we want them arrested!

felicity said...

Alibi for 'Madeleine abduction' mother
PRAIA DA LUZ A mother accused of abducting Madeleine McCann was at a prayer meeting 10 miles away at the time the British girl disappeared from her bed, The Times has learnt.

Michaela Walczuch has begun legal proceedings over reports that she was seen with Madeleine days after the girl went missing from a Portuguese holiday resort on May 3.

It was claimed that she had been seen with Madeleine in a van 100 miles from Praia da Luz. Another witness claimed yesterday to have seen her with the girl in Morocco.

The reports claim she was involved in a conspiracy with her former husband and her business partner, Robert Murat, to abduct and sell Madeleine. Details of the allegations have come from sources close to the private investigators hired by Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, to find their daughter and to clear their own names.

However, police have established a timeline showing Ms Walczuch, who has a daughter, could not have been involved, friends say. Worshippers at a Jehovah’s Witness meeting in Lagos told police Ms Walczuch was with them when Madeleine vanished.

minerva said...

Hi everyone what a breath of fresh air after experiencing the pro McNasties on the DE HYS forumis there any news/sightings of clarrie and the two Mc's. There are very unpleasant letter about them in their local paper I think they will have to move soon -if not to prison then out of UK

felicity said...

Hiya Minerva

Nice to see a new "face". No change on the Daily Express then - as you may gather I had a little more than my fair share of the Pro McNasties - GOOD new name for them too! Fair play to you there. I have not heard a peep from the three principle McScamms. I am wondering if the McScamms do finish up either at her majesty's pleasure or in some accommodation in the Algarve with a few less stars than what they aspire to - will Ludicrous be joining them in their new accommodation.........so he can be their spokesman? Just a thought ...

Nice to hear from you and come back soon!