23 Dec 2007


Listen to the this video by Clarence Mitchell where Clarence Mitchell very clearly refers to "their other twins" - referring to Sean and Amelie clearly implying that Madeleine is also a twin. I have suspected that Madeleine is the twin sister of Jane Tanner's little girl, who, it was reported, was born on the same day. Has he made a serious blunder here?

He also states the Portuguese police are still very much interested in Kate and Gerry McCann but you will see there is another video from Mrs Paul, the aunt who claims the Portuguese police are no longer focusing on the McCanns. Why cant this famly just manage to tell us the truth!

http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/HTMLTemplate?tf=/ctv/mar/video/new_player.html&cf=ctv/mar/ctv.cfg&hub=TopStories&video_link_high=mms://ctvbroadcast.ctv.ca/video/2007/12/22/ctvvideologger2_500kbps_2007_12_22_1198372429.wmv&video_link_low=mms://ctvbroadcast.ctv.ca/video/2007/12/22/ctvvideologger2_218kbps_2007_12_22_1198370264.wmv&clip_start=00:00:58.85&clip_end=00:03:31.54&clip_caption=CTV Newsnet: Norah Paul, Madeleine's great aunt&clip_id=ctvnews.20071222.00227000-00227617-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20071222&slug=missing_girl_071222&archive=CTVNews


Charlotte said...

I’m the first to admit that I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but there has been a few things in the McCann case that makes me wonder.

Anyway, as you mentioned about the ‘other twins’ I thought you may be interested in what is being said on the Mirror Forum with regard the possibility that Madeleine maybe one of twins: A Fourth Child?

felicity said...

Thanks Charlotte

As the poster on the Mirror is worried it might get deleted I thought I would post it here - because I have no intention of deleting anything that may prove interesting. This child does seem to have been born some months before Madeleine but it is interesting the birth is registered in Somerset - Exeter is of course in Somerset - the home of Tanner and O'Brien!

I'm going to post this, and hopefully the thread won't be deleted...

I was looking for the birth details of Madeleine, Sean and Amelie on ancestry.co.uk - you can look up the registration details (not actual birth dates) plus mother's maiden names...

I found Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, but I also discovered another child registered as being born, in January 2003, to a father whose last name is McCann, and a mother whose last name is Healy. The place is registration is Somerset.

I wonder how many McCann - Healy couples there are out there? I looked up marriage records and there is only one couple with those surnames who were married between 1984 and 2005. It is possible the couple with the same last names were not married, so there would be no record.

I also looked up death registrations, and there is no record of this child dying between 2003 and 2005. So this child is still alive.

I won't post the child's name because of privacy issues.

The obvious question comes to mind, if this child is registered in january 2003, and is the daughter of Gerry and Kate, how could Madeleine's birth be registered in June 2003 and her birthday be in May 2003?

Were these two children actually twins, and were actually born in January 2003 (not May)?

What are the rules about birth registration?

I apologise in advance if this child turns out to be completely unrelated to Gerry and Kate, but it is very interesting nonetheless.[/quote]


Civil registrations works like this:

A child had to be registered within 42 days after birth at a register office

The registers are divided into quarters and then sent to St Catherine's House in London for each quarter Jan- March; April -June; Julyy- September: October - December.

So, for example, if a child is born on 15 of March, it may not show up intil the April-June quarter, if they didn't register the child in the month of March. (remembering that they have 42 days to do so)

So, if you are just looking at the index for a birth, remember that it's just an index of the quarter in which that registration took place, not the date of birth

Anonymous said...

Somerset is a County, Exeter is in Devon, different County.

Anonymous said...

Could Jane and Kate have adopted twins?

viv said...

Forgive my poor geography, Exeter is just south of Somerset and is in Devon, but perhaps still the nearest place for registration purposes?

It remains a mystery to me why Clarence made that slip, their other twins, what was on his mind? Maddie was an IVF baby but would not wish to start a fresh conspiracy theory!