8 Dec 2007


This is an interesting and insightful post:

07.12.07, 3:33pm
Thank you for such an interesting post. Waters do run dark and deep in this case don't they? A friend of mind, a grandmother to young children noticed that Madeleine lacked the happy sparkle in the eye of children.Since the realization that Madeleine had died, I sense a worring underlying aggression in the father, a coldness I find extremely chilling. The thought that his temperament would make him likely to quick, fierce temper keeps recurring. I've seen it in interview when asked questions he doesn't like - lack of self control. The mother's personna is gentle, softly spoken, the sad demeanour of a male dominated woman. Just feelings - we each of us have a point at which we snap and lose control. I'm passed being shocked by this pair - God only knows the secrets hidden within the poor little girl. Whatever they are, they're serious enough to have finished the careers of her "medical parents". Gerry's weakness in his arrogance. It makes him appear "thick" and makes him totally predictable. Who, in their right mind, would say their child had been abducted and then allow themselves be seen enjoying tennis two days later whilst everyone else who cared was out searching. "He has eyes to see and sees not, and ears to hear and hears not". He's too far up his own backside to see himself as other see him. PJ saw and heard a cover up and British cadaver dogs to sniff out their suspicions which have been shown to be correct. Let's pray they find Madeleine's body and the reason she had to be "disappeared" from view and medical examination.
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