23 Dec 2007



questions Gerry's false account of the distance /obstructions between TAPAS bar and apartment

and also questions why they left the children

generally does sound far less favourable to the McCanns and states Murat may know his own fate in New Year but "McCanns may have to wait much longer"

Thanks a lot for your help! and I do now take the point you were making about Sky. If they are turning against them - this is a disaster for Kate and Gerry who gave Sky the exclusive rights to the story...At the end of the day Sky would not continue to support them if it has become so clear that they are guilty!



Anonymous said...

Where you get this infomation about sky? Do you know Gerry is heart sugeon? Do you know he work 3half days in week. Is that money coming in. The MCCann's do no need sky to pay there incomes. Do they need you tell us what believe. They are inocent. And you know what. OK lets just see this. OK Kate and Gerry have not sold rites to sky. What about Hello? I think this family who was robbed of there child by pedophile deserve a lot because nobody wants to give there child back. They should make a movie and a book to try to get her back or be happy with more money. This people are not guilty you talking nonesense. I follow Express forum. People like coldhippy rosiepips tinkerballs I like. they speak for the MCCann's which are innocent. These pepole need money. You are a disgrace to youself and all families lost children just because of drink. How you feel you go for drink and your child taken. This pedophile need jail for a long time. You shut blog down, no use.

felicity said...

Hello Anon

Ummmmmmm I think someone has been on the Christmas sauce but whoever you are and I can think of one who amuses me as much as this thanks so much because your post has caused me to ROTFLMAO! I just keep reading it and it is making me cry with laughter!

I really hope "coldhippy, rosiepips and tinkerballs" on the Daily Express enjoy it as much - they probably will because it is a fair reflection of their views!

Thanks so much for your message
You know I love people with a sense of humour!


Anonymous said...

What you say I no understand but coldhippy talk more sense one artical than all your blog. Maybe you take mady or maybe you evil policeman of potugal. I dont know. OK I hope santa take all you children presents give to mady. You loco I not talk to you more. Clarrence will find you will be very sorry I find his mobil number and report you. He put you in jail with pedophiles for sure.

Anonymous said...

Some idiots on here today!!

Gerry is NOT a surgeon he is a cardiologist.

alsabella said...

Anon, take a chill pill! Viv has a right to believe whatever she wishes, just as you do.
There is much in the McCann story that makes no sense. The parents behaviour leaves alot to be desired and your buddy Clarence is a PR disaster. In less than a month he managed to get me - one of the few in my circle who actually defended the McCanns - to see I was, in fact, being the "naive" one in buying so much codswallop.
Whether innocent of her disappearance or not, ultimately they were responsible for Madeleine's fate anyway you look at it. The punishment, they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives...
May the PJ, which are good men, fathers of small children themselves, have the energy, good luck, and tenacity to solve this crime and may the perpetrators, whomever they are, see justice done.

And to all who have lost a loved one, may you find peace and strength during this holiday season.

felicity said...

Hiya Alsabella

Thanks for suggesting Anon take a chill pill but actually I believe he is using very clever satire to make a complete mockery of the Pro-McCanns and I find this absolutely hilarious!

I believe this person knows me rather well, understands my sense of humour and knows that I would find him very amusing which I certainly do!!!

I entirely agree with your serious sentiments. We cannot be sure of the full extent of the criminal conduct of the McCanns but we can be sure that but for them Madeleine would be with them right now, excitedly awaiting Santa's arrival. We can be sure of their immoral conduct ever since she went missing and form our own conclusions as to why they behave in completely the opposite way to normal, decent, loving parents.

We will all be thinking of little Madeleine at this time as as you say her parents will continue to get their just deserts.

Lovely to hear from you again, minha querider amiga and I wish you a peaceful, happy and joyous Christmas and New Year with all your loved ones.

Lots of Love
Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

docmac said...

Hi Viv, other Anon and Alsabella. You are correct, Viv. I made a very satirical post to see if there would be a reaction on the DE forum, as there seems to be whenever you post a particularly scathing article. I have seen none, so I now assume that all posts by the 'pros' on that forum alluding to your site are direct attacks on you personally. Nothing has changed then. I did not mean to offend any other contributors to your site. It seems easy to make a Pro post now, maybe I'll get a new ID after Christmas and join the DE forum as a McCann sycophant. Would be interesting to see the reactions. Would I be paid, do you think? I also knew you would see right through me, as your responses indicate! In addition to Rosiepips, Coldhippy and Tinkerballs, I am sure Blandz, Alcoroy, Bark and Maudlin7 would just love me ;-)

I would not want to be in the last-mentioned's shoes by the way. Do you know that both she and her son are disabled? Additionally she suffers from emphysema and heart failure and her son is diabetic too (on insulin). Her mom attends Warfarin clinic after having suffered obviously catastrophic medical problems. Her best friend in America is dying, though she never mentions this now and her 21! year old dog had to be put down recently. Worst of all, her husband shot himself in front of the whole family. What awful tragedies have befallen this poor woman. I can't believe she has the presence of mind to be on any blog. Really brave of her. I could not do it. I hope she is very well compensated.

Merry Christmas to you and all the contributors on your forum.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a different flavour in tonights programme than previously.

Mentioned JT taking 6 months to come up with better description and mention pink pyjamas.

Questioned the distance from Tapas to apartment with sound of Gerry in background with his famous like dining in your own garden.

Mentioned neighbour hearing Maddie crying on previous night.

Yes, definitely more questioning of Macs story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot............Docmac, Viv and everyone else (well almost everyone) Have a brilliant time!

felicity said...

Doc! You Naughty Boy! I am an old cynic and did see right through you and even correctly guessed it was you! I absolutely love "Bark" for Mark and "Maudlin7" for Maureen! In fact I am laughing again typing this!

I hope no one did take offence at your downright silly behaviour! but I just love a bit of downright silliness as you know!!

As for going back on the DE posing as a Pro - you really are the most terrible tease - I wonder how many are already doing that! Maybe you could get paid more as a "teamleader" to take over from Rosiepips? Could be a nice little sideline! and ColdHippy may get a little warmer...

I recollect on one occasion Maudlin said her husband was murdered - did he also commit suicide - that is quite bizarre! Nuh nuh cant get me I gonna beat you to it! Must stop this - crying again!

Have been out for a nice Indian meal and seen our old friends who run that restaurant. As they give us more than we can ever manage to eat I am going to waddle back downstairs and watch the Sky prog that I recorded.

Will come back up and let you all know what I think!

Dont know whether the real Anon will still be around or you Doc but if not have a fantastic time tomorrow!

Love Viv xxxxxxxxx