12 Dec 2007


Whilst there appears to be a lull at present in bringing Kate and Gerry McCann to justice perhaps at this time of year, particularly, as we approach, Christmas - a time for PEACE maybe we could just pause and think of all the heartache and misery this couple have caused - all the victims they have created. First of all, of course, little Madeleine, a little angel, no longer with us. Then her little brother and sister now forced to manage without her and live among a family full of turmoil and chaos. Their future happiness and security blighted by uncertaintly. Then perhaps we should think of the people of PDL. They offered their warmth, their care, their concern, their love. Their belief in Kate and Gerry McCann. How have they been repaid? What has happened to the former happy Fr Panchecho lovingly tending to his flock - now tortured even by the mention of little Madeleine. What did these people do to have Kate and Gerry McCann and their brand of parenting thrust among them? Nothing. Let us spare them a thought as they try to rebuild their once happy community. Then let us think of all the friends and relatives of Kate and Gerry McCann. Emotionally torn between perhaps a perceived need to support them and a seething anger at what they have done. Then let us think of the policeman in Portugal who have worked long and tirelessly seeing to first recover our little Madeleine and then to bring to justice those responsible for what happened to her. Haunted everywhere they go by the image of this beautiful little child. How must they feel? Particularly when, at the same time, they have had to endure constant attacks from certain British Newspapers and selfish British people desperately seeking someone else to pin the blame on. How does everyone feel who desperately hoped this little child could be recovered and handed over their cash - no dount so many of them who had little to give, but still went without to do so. How do they feel to hear their Income Support perhaps has gone on frivolous "fraud investigators" or to pay the mortgage on Kate and Gerry's ostentatious property for which they owe a huge debt. I am sure I have hardly scratched the surface when trying to list the human misery this couple have managed to cause. Ordinary people who have sat and wept for this little girl they have never even met - confronted with parents who laugh on her birthday.

Let us spare a peaceful thought for them all and hope for closure and resolution of this sad and very sorry business as soon as possible.

Let us hope little Maddie's body is recovered so that in death she may be treated with the respect she did not get in life.

Let us hope we will see Justice for Little Maddie

God Bless our Little Angel!


docmac said...

Hi Viv

Those you have mentioned have all been led astray by this couple. There are also much wider implications which will flow from this sad case of course. Millions will have lost some of their faith in human nature for starters. I am sure many have become sceptical about doctors in general, too. But what concerns me the most is that the next time something similar happens (and I mean abduction, not what I believe happened in Luz)everyone who may have been of assistance will go scurrying off in the opposite direction, not wanting to get involved. These two have set the natural, instinctual safety nets that exist for the protection of children back by decades. They show no remorse either.

felicity said...

Hiya Doc

You are right to flag up the wider implications upon society after having Team McCann foisted upon us. I think it opens up a whole new level of depravity. How many killers in future will be thinking how can we "do a McCann" and make a fat profit from it as well! How many genuinely innocent parents will be viewed with extreme caution or even deep suspicion that they are just "doing a McCann". Others have written of new words entering the dictionary/new cliches as a result of the infamous and horrific behaviour - McScamming - just get yourself a pet Ludicrous if you want people to really hate you! The only way to have a good party with friends is to book a hotel, make sure you are wired for sound, get a couple of tame briefs to come and of course a pet Ludicrous - them it should really hum. ~A whole new season of cynicism and nastiness - do something dastardly, patent the image and ring Sky News and the News of the World - you are in business big time - find a catch theme - dont leave any stone unturned - set up a limited company - an online shop with cheap tacky merchandise can make you a miilionaire - what a throwaway society with throwaway morals!

Cynically yours!
Viv x