1 Dec 2007

Hey Lady Fairwaters

30.11.07, 10:50pm
I fear as always your judgment is prone to bias. I have seen some rather juvenile back slapping from the other camp- but that I don't object to. People are apt to find their pleasures where they can and good luck to them whoever they are. My views are only dependent on my life experience which like everyone is not always a matter of choice but who I am. Calling my views into question or calling me a coward and a liar wont work as I have had the misfortune to know both. No insult on here will ever beat those I have endured at a very early age. If you wish to slate Viv/ Felicity go ahead we are big girls and know what we believe in.
• Posted by: plainwaters

Too right we know what we believe - the Portuguese Police! We dont like the idea of them finding Maddie's blood and hair near the sofa. Neither do we like the sound of Kate McCanns temper - we heard about her going into a rage at 3 am after she was made an arguida screaming and smashing things in that lovely villa. And as for her "mate" Jane Tanner - lady we are not impressed with your lies - shame on you!


josiepublic said...

Hi Viv! Hope your okay Hun. Keep fighting the good fight- feel like Billy no mates without you. I hope DE keep generously sharing the rope that Clarence is feeding them until they can get their teeth into them themselves. Think the war of words long from over. Hope the PJ keep at them and get their man- still hope they take Clarence as well as don't want to live in a propaganda led state. Love. Plainwaters XXX

felicity said...

Hiya Lady - how lovely to hear from you! I was really hoping you would pop in because you are one of my number one mates that I will really miss. I think I am not just fighting the good fight to ensure police action against Kate and Gerry McCann but as you say fighting people like Clarence Mitchell with his sickening maniupulation and lies and of course right wind money grabbing organisations like the Daily Express - no wonder they sympathise with Kate and Gerry McCann. They have the same mind-set decency and honesty come a very poor second best to their main interest - keeping the more powerful in society right there by any dishonest means = the ony thing that talks to their conscience is power and making money! No wonder Rosiepops comments never got moderated! She does have a journalistic talent for twisting the truth doesn't she?Love ya Loads Vivxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxor Felicity or whatever! :-)Please come back soon luv to read ya my intelligent friend!

josiepublic said...

Felicity, we are being told that the mirror forum believe the Pj have discovered Madeleine's body. You're the most sensible and trustworthy person I know. What do you think? If your not about I'll check back later. Love you Felicity. XXX

felicity said...

Hiya Josie I think the Mirron Froum is a very unreliable source of news! Until we see it somewhere more reputable like BBC Sky Reuters etc I would not believe a word of it! However, it would be really good if it is true so that Madeleine can finally be treated with dignity and respect and to assist the PJ with evidence - quite possibly I believe of a nasty head injury and maybe more as you have previously suggested.

josiepublic said...

Hey Felicity; what do you make of Sky news new format? Interesting editors statement- I wonder how many of the posts supporting the McCanns are real given what we already know about the DE forum- noticed the disappearing posts? Not just yanked and replaced by "this comment was considered inappropriate" not satisfied with the limited control that gave eh? Talking of which I cannot access my account- I feel better but not well enough to fight today but I will send e-mail tomorrow. Seems likely that I to have been silenced. Glad for the dedication of the PJ cant get here quick enough! Love plainwatersXXXXXXXXX

josiepublic said...

Whoever is e-mailing me Viv could you please ask them to leave me alone? If your reading this- you know who you are and Ive not done anything to you I closed my account to stop this nastiness. Go to the DE forum the people there wish to debate I know longer do.
Lots of love XXXXXXXXXXXXX Plainwaters.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone does anyone now what has happened to Alsabella's site iy has been in accessible since yesterday


eurekamano said...

Hi, this post from 'elibean' on 3As, veryn interestng re the questioning:

"Tanner and O'Brien were questioned yesterday and are back today again. About 20 detectives from Leicester are involved.

Other, less significant, people are also being questioned at this moment.

As for the request to return to PDL for a reconstruction, as arguidos they dont have a choice!

McCanns are with lawyers: expect the "Kate too fragile and mentally unstable to travel".

Might be a reconstruction next week. As previously stated, the McCanns are expected in Portugal over the weekend or beginning of next week.

CPS and Scotland Yard are watching interviews. SOCA are studying the files.

The interviews are done by two detectives. They are relayed live by video to another room on a large screen and immediately translated (about 3-5 second delay) where PJ, CPS, and Scotland Yard Serious Crime officers (two of them - one is Det Serg, who speaks Portugese, and has been involved since 5th May).