1 Dec 2007

Hello Dolores - the Truth - we are never going to hear that from Kate Gerry or Ludicrous are we?

30.11.07, 10:15pm
Maybe you were getting dangerously close to the truth,and someone here did'nt like it.Try and get back in or write to DE, I hope you succeed ,those who care value your input.Good Luck
• Posted by: Dolores

Yes I think the PJ/Leicestershire Police are dangerously close to the truth as well which restores my faith in Justice!


Anonymous said...

Viv/Felicity I knew it was you,no one one can stop our rights of freedom of speech although some try desperately to steer the few, away from it.The mind is like an umbrella ,it won't work unless you open it.We have witnessed that to many times on DE.I have yet to see anyone moving towards there way of thinking, in their desperate attempt to try and convince us, of G&K's innocence.I have noticed DE have lost a few very good posters.Lets hope they find their way here for rational debating and Justice for Madeleine. I will be back.

felicity said...

Hello - r u Dolores - I did not attempt to change myself even though being forced to post in another name. I hope that people will regularly come to this site and exercise their right to free speech which I consider a fundamental right. It is a real shame that people on the DE are prevented from doing that, constantly subject to ridiculous attacks from stool pigeons and having to watch their P&Qa. There are unexplained and very strange aspects about the Madeleine case that need to be aired. In September the Chief Prosecutor in Portugal commented in the Times that they already had a case against Kate and Gerry McCann amd yet they were allowed to run home. This is not fair on Madeleine and demonstrates one form of justice for ordinary parents who are immediately locked up. This has just happened in the Uk where a mom walked in with her dead child. True this was overwhelming but so, I believe is the case against Kate and Gerry. There should not be one law for those who do not have the power and political clout to fight back and another law for everyone else. It brings the legal system into disrepute and does not do what it sets out to do. In this case to protect children and punish guily parents. If we all protest enough the tide will turn and Kate and Gerry will face the due process of law without further delay. I believe the public have given their view and this is now happening but we must not be complacent about that!